Step 3: Fry Pies

Picture of Fry Pies
Carefully lower the pies into the oil with forks or slotted spoon.

Fry for about 3 minutes total. If you're frying in a shallow pan, you'll need to flip the pies half way through. If you're deep frying (yeah baby!), then just let them float about until they're golden brown and delicious.

Drain hot pies on a rack over paper towels (or just paper towels if you don't have a rack) and sprinkle with sugar. Powdered sugar is yummy too, and cinnamon sugar is my favorite!

These are good right away, and also store nicely wrapped in paper towels in the fridge. The instructables crew all thought they were just as good the second day!

PJEC4 years ago
If you had leftover meat, gravy and vegetables could you bake it and turn it into a pasty?
ttaylor10 PJEC4 years ago
PJEC, you are so right, pasty's are so good! You should do an instructable for the pasty deprived. :)
YAY! 5 minute apple turnovers! WIN!
Galahir9505 years ago
Is there another way to make them without frying them because that is way too much fat.
I agree, there has to be another way =(
Come awn! That takes all the fun out of them!!

If you really want to, fry them in canola oil to make them crispier and delicious (nom nom) :[]
I would love to but medically I can only have about 30 grams of fat a day.
Get your oil the right temp before you put the pie in there, and don't let it sit too long and there will be very little fat added.
luisazmouz4 years ago
That looks like an Empanada :-D
In holland, we fill these with apples and raisins and call them "appelflappen"
Am I the only one who grins about the name "appelflappen"? :D BTW, I think I'm gonna try these if I ever get a pie-lust.
Hmmm! Appelflappen! Delicious!
jep, very delicious :P
I have made these in the past and sold them at events for around a dollar and they are a crowd pleaser when they are hot hot hot
mmmmmmmpiemmmmmm what temperature do you keep the oil?
You should have the oil no lower than 375, because the temp will drop when you put them in. In this case, if you can do it, more is better, because the more oil, the quicker the bounce back and the less oil absorbed by the pie.
maxman5 years ago
Can you use eggroll wrappers for fruit pie? I use them to make chili rellenos. Put cheese and chili peppers in them and fry away! There is an Instructable about it.
adribarse6 years ago
Hi everybody. I´m from Argentina; and this is a traditional food from here. We call it "empanada"; and there are many ways to do it, and even more recipes (sweet or salty) to fill it; like meat, chicken, cheese, corn cream, fish, or vegetables. Many people prefers to cook it in the oven instead, for health or taste reasons. Anyway; thanks for your post. A few tips : - If you moist the inner edge of the dough before fold it and seal , it will be better sealed. - The oil MUST boil before fry the empanadas. Be careful when you´re frying, and keep out the children!!! - This is a 5 minutes recipe, but it requires a lot of work folding and sealing if you want to make many. You can save time doing all the job (before fry) and keep them without frying on the refrigerator for a few days, or froze them and keep in the freezzer for even a few months. (Excuse my poor english)
Mmmmm...gimme some of that corn cream
I just don't fry things because of the mess as well as the fat. 
At what temperature and how long would you bake individual size empanadas?
loricollins6 years ago
What a good idea to use the pre-made pie crusts. My grandmother made these little pies for us all the time. She mostly made peach ones because that was the fruit most readily available. But she did make some with apples, sand pears, and I think even a few with plums she picked from her tree. She always called them fruit turnovers. Good job!
"sand pears"?
TopJimmy6 years ago
Looks like a nice fall treat. Nice!
jdock956 years ago
looks absolutely delicious!! good job!!