Step 3: Voice Box Removal

Inside the chest cavity there is a miniature circuit board with a rubber pushbutton switch. Attached to this circuit board is a small speaker connected via two short wires and a set of three button cell batteries. This entire assembly is held in place by two white plastic posts. Use your handy narrow blade straight screwdriver to gently pry the circuit board up and off of these two plastic posts.

Note: the three button cell batteries could "spring" out of the circuit board's battery clips. Don't lose these batteries. Keep them together with a short piece of transparent tape.

REAL:Y REALLY REALLY< OH THATS AMAZING(*sarcasm).... i never heard of it.
This is kinda cool. But what would be really cool is if you could hack the guts and record your own message on it and leave it in the bot body. I have a bunch of these "talking" toys around that my kid doesnt play with. It would be cool to record my own messages on them and have them hang out in my cube at work to entertain me.
You could easily get a voice recorder from radio shack and hack it in. Make it record <em>clean up your toys</em> for your kid then they will listen. <br/>
ooooooooo!! but you'd have to get MORE special stuffs.. hehe.
its kinda hard.. i mean, you have to get special things & stuffs.
Good use for MD stuff :)! As you have some free buttons on your WowWee, you can add a small LED+switch circuit and have a small torch.

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