5 Minute Recycled Cardboard Kitty Condo

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Introduction: 5 Minute Recycled Cardboard Kitty Condo

This kitty condo will be adored by the cats in your home, believe me! It is easy for you to make, but the cats don't care! You will have lots of fun watching your cat play and knowing that you are doing something good for the environment by not buying something brand new made out of non-recyclable materials!

Step 1: Picking the Boxes

Although cats aren’t that picky, I like to use boxes that are made of thick cardboard so that they will last longer. If you go to a Costco, there is usually a giant bin of boxes that have not been crushed, I don’t know as much about Sam’s, but usually there are boxes throughout the store that are almost empty. Either way, there will be boxes. Start by getting a few (4-5) and try it out with your cats, if they like it, go back and get more.

Step 2: Putting the Boxes Together

This is the step that you will need the glue gun for. Lay out an old piece of paper or cardboard to keep glue from getting on the floor. Start by gluing down any loose pieces of the box. Next, stack the boxes in the order that you’d like them to be. Put glue in the top corners and edges of the bottom box. Push the bottom of the second box into the glue and hold firmly until the glue dries. Do this for the remaining boxes. Once you have reached the top, pick the cat condo up to make sure the boxes are secure. Move the structure to the spot that you would like it to be in. I like to put weights in the bottom so that the cats can’t knock it over.

Step 3: Have a Blast!

Have a great time watching your cats play in their new kitty condo and don’t be surprised at how much they will use it!

Check out my other instructable on how to make a bed for one of these kitty condos!



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    If the boxes look unsightly, painting the outside with an inexpensive latex house paint could make it look better. Spray paint could paint the inside of the boxes which you don't want.

    good suggestion. spray paint is evil.

    For lazier people, coloured paper, wallpaper or contact paper could be used.

    Nice condo. I built one for my cats and they love it.
    I made a 3 room condo for them.

    Using three cardboard sizes.
    The smallest box I cut an entry hole on one side.
    This box went into the largest box secured and sealed.
    The largest box has entry holes in front and top.
    The medium box has entry holes in top and bottom. The bottom hole lines up with the top hole of the largest box.
    The cats can sleep in the small "Bedroom" or the "Living Room". Or they can pop through the holes to get to the "Penthouse".
    I printed up a "Playhouse" sign and attached it to the front.
    The boxes don't look pretty in the living room but the cats love it.
    I'm considering taking it apart and wrapping it in brown wrapping paper.

    Steph's Playhouse before covering with brown craft paper.

    Stephs Playhouse.jpg

    That sounds really cool! More complicated than mine! Our cats are the same: they love it but it looks pretty bad, wrapping it in brown paper is a great idea!

    Lucky you you have so many cats! I have no pets...wish I did!...Cool instructable by the way!

    Thank you! Yeah, I love having so many pets!

    Here they are, enjoying their lookout!