Picture of 5 Minute Syringe Pen
This instructable will show you how to make a syringe pen in 5 minutes or less. The idea of making this just popped up into my head when I saw this syringe which was lying around in my house for a while (of course clean and without a needle). Please clean out the injections before using them for this instructable. These syringes were for pet use. Enjoy the instructable.
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Step 1: You Will Need

Picture of You Will Need
For this instructable you will need
1. scissors
2. epoxy
3. a small stick
4.a pencil
5.a syringe washed with soap and anti bacterial
6. a cheap pen which is easy to take apart
you usually get them in hotels and stuff.

Step 2: Take The Pen Apart

Picture of Take The Pen Apart
To get to the pen mine you will have to take your pen apart by either pulling the two ends
away from each other or if you have a different type you can just screw it apart. You will not need anything from the pen for this project except for the pen mine.

Step 3: Cut The Pen Mine

Picture of Cut The Pen Mine
The next step is to cut the mine closest to the ink. Dont cut it too close or the ink will spill.

Step 4: Push The Pen Mine In

Picture of Push The Pen Mine In
The next step will be to push the pen mine into the syringe as far as you can with the stick. Then lay the thing you push into it beside it and cut it to the length you want it to stick out the end.

Step 5: Glue It In

Picture of Glue It In
The next step will be to squeeze out a bit of epoxy and mix it hard. When you are done with mixing put a bit on the thing you push in. Dont use too much glue! or it will run down and it wont give the effect.

Step 6: Final Product

Picture of Final Product
Thank you for taking your time and looking at my first instructable! I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment if you have any questions about my instructable.
CSI worker2 years ago
Hey Jude2 years ago
Out of interest, does gluing the end of the biro stop it working after a while? I think I did something like this in the past (I wanted to make a mini pen to carry around when I was at primary school - as adult pens don't fit in kid's pockets)... I think it's probably to do with the ink still needing some atmospheric pressure to feed the ink out.

If I'm wrong, cool. If not perhaps putting a small hole further down the ink tube will equalise the pressure? Anyway - love the I'ble. Will have a go for sure! Great idea =)
Arabian Outdoors (author)  Hey Jude2 years ago
I found out leaving the pen mine a bit longer and then making a small hole in the side
works great. But also when the epoxy is nearly dry just pull the thing you pull up a bit so there is a small gap between the pen mine and the glue.

Cool. Nice work! Good luck with the competitions =)
x burn2 years ago
it is good for doctors and nurses
This is awesome!! I agree with Cheeseduck it would be an awesome click pen!
Cheeseduck2 years ago
This is really cool! It's probably possible to make it a click pen, but this way is so simple.