Introduction: 5 Minute Thumbsaver

As seen on Youtube, here's the Thumbsaver!

Only, a more modest version... Cheaper, too!

This is another no-brainer, that will save you a lot of grief, a nail setter, for nails, of course, and other fasteners.

It's just a question of finding some tube, and then in 4 or 5 Steps:





-And cut, (if needed)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools

Simple, simple:


A Tube,

A Magnet

A Glue tube, like UHU, or any other


A Metal file,

A tube cutter, Or Hacksaw,

And a rod of some sort.

Step 2: Filing

Picture of Filing

The Metal file only has to file a V-shaped groove, like this:

Step 3: Place With Rod

Picture of Place With Rod

Position the Magnet at the bottom of that V-Groove, with the help of a rod, plucked from the other side of the tube.

Step 4: Gluing

Picture of Gluing

On the inside part of the tube, where the nails won't touch it, apply some glue.

Step 5: Bend

Picture of Bend

Then, bend it to your liking, I had this piece of tube already bent, by accident! :)

Step 6: Cut

Picture of Cut

If needed, cut the tube to size, and Voilá!


Step 7: How It Works

Picture of How It Works

The thingamajig works by setting the nails or other fasteners, into the V-Groove, pointing the nail, and have at it with the Hammer, without fear of nailing your thumb.


For nails large and small, the smaller ones, remember to have the part that sticks back well positioned.


Nancydd (author)2016-05-09

Awesome! Thank you, i will be using this from now on.

Edgar (author)Nancydd2016-05-09

I'm glad you've liked it! :D

AnubisAndIsis (author)2016-05-22

Perfect . . until you need aluminum or other non-iron nails. For that, split a dowel with a notch in it, put a rubber band down close to the split to pinch it just enough. :-)

Edgar (author)AnubisAndIsis2016-05-22

Good idea. :)

twighahn (author)2016-05-21

Rubber magnet, aluminum tube, file

Meglymoo87 (author)2016-05-19

Great 'ible!

Edgar (author)Meglymoo872016-05-20

Thank you!

CraftAndu (author)2016-05-11

Great idea! Though I Think I would not have enough patience for this.

Edgar (author)CraftAndu2016-05-11

Thank you!
You know, it's just filing a V-slot onto a tube, plug a Magnet, and glue it. Hot-glue will make it last forever.

CraftAndu (author)Edgar2016-05-11

Heh, I meant using it

Edgar (author)CraftAndu2016-05-11

Ok. You'll probably only need it for those pesky little nails, smaller than your finger's thickness, or for nailing outside, with gloves.

sukuakku (author)2016-05-08

Good Idea.

Edgar (author)sukuakku2016-05-09

Thank you! :D

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