Introduction: 5 Minutes DIY Hanger

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This is a very easy to make project that can also be a cool DIY gift.

Step 1: Things You Need

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1. A piece of wood, i used a 400x150x20mm piece of scrap wood i had home but you can use any size that fits your project.

2. 3x10mm bolts (i used 50mm long).

3. 2 Hanging Hooks.

Step 2: Drill and Paint

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Use a 10mm drill bit to make holes in the piece of wood. Paint the piece of wood and bolts with any colour fits your project. I used matte finish paint because it dries fast and i did not want the hanger to be shiny.

Step 3: Finish

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Use some screws to atach the hanger hooks. Put the bolts inside the holes (add some superglue or epoxy if you want to be sure the bolts never come out).

Done :).


mrsmerwin (author)2017-11-27

Does paint peal off of the metal? What kind of paint do you recommend.

ImpactDIY (author)mrsmerwin2017-12-02

Hello. Paint may come off the sharp corners of the metal but It looks cool with this time patina. To avoid this try to use many thin layers of paint. I recomend you use spray paint for thin layers.

mrsmerwin (author)ImpactDIY2017-12-02


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