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Introduction: 5 Simple Battery Hacks

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Hello everyone, this is the science brony. I will show you a few innovative ways to use batteries for different things. They require very little tools and will save you money. As Pinkie Pie says: enough chit-chat! Time is candy!

Step 1: Getting Some Aaaa Batteries From 9v Battery

You will need a multi tool, a 9v battery, a multimeter, and some tin snips.

From this tutorial, I will show you how to get some small batteries (slightly smaller than aaa) for projects or in case you are lazy to get some small batteries at the store.

Step one) use pliers on multi tool to undo fold at the bottom of the battery. If necessary, a blade or a flat head screwdriver can help pry the metal a bit before using the pliers to open the metal casing.

Step two) use tin snips to cut the metal casing. It helps to use the knife blade or screwdriver to pry the metal casing before cutting. You may need to wear gloves here to avoid getting cut from the battery or the knife blade, they are sharp.

Step three) now, you will see a plastic wrapped battery pack. Using knife blade, cut the plastic and test batteries with multimeter. Also, the batteries will be connected in series. Just use scissors or tin snips to cut the little metal leads.

As you can see, the multimeter reads 1.42v per battery. This 9v battery was not new, but was not yet dead. You will probably get a bit more voltage in a new 9v.

These batteries are a bit smaller than a standard aaa battery, making them perfect for small projects.

Step 2: 9v Battery Clip for Projects

If you noticed from step one, you will probably have this little part laying around:

This can be used to hold 9v batteries in place and for easy replacement.

Suggestion: apply solder to the metal contacts at the back of the clip to attach leads

Step 3: 12v Battery Button Cell Hack

12v batteries are nice: they carry 12 volts (duh) and they contain some nice little goodies inside. You will need a small flathead screwdriver, a multi tool, a multimeter, and some tin snips.

Step one) instead of using pliers at the bottom of the battery, use the blade on your multi tool, or the screwdriver, to open up the fold of metal at the side. BE CAREFUL!!! you can get cut during this process.

Step two) pry open the metal case using the pliers on your multi tool. If necessary, use tin snips to cut the metal.

Step three) test button cell batteries for polarity and voltage. I found these button cell batteries for around three dollars each at walmart, and the 12v batteries were about three dollars for two. In one 12v pack, you get 16 button cell batteries for the price of one! The fun has been doubled!

Step 4: AAAA Battery Hand Warmer (no, It Will Not Blow Up, I've Tried It)

If you are like me, you like to huddle around the fireplace with a good book, preferably with spike... oh wait, thats Twilight... uh, never mind. Anyway, in winter, it gets cold. With those aaaa batteries, you can make a simple hand warmer that will ensure your hands stay toasty and nice. DO NOT TRY THIS WITH LI ION BATTERIES!!!

You will need: some aluminum foil, two aaaa batteries, and some tape (optional).

Simply connect the two batteries in series, then wrap the aaaa batteries in tinfoil and tape if you'd like.

Will produce nice heat within a minute or so.

Step 5: DIY Winter Phone Toucher Thingy

Using an aaa battery, you can use the negative side to touch your phone screen while wearing gloves! Try it with a button cell from the 12v hack!



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    Wow Wee!! I'm a finalist in the hack your day contest?! Thank you all for making this possible!! I never could've gotten here without all of your support!!

    Thank you Johny ! I got it ! :-)

    LOL a winter phone toucher thingy
    that's a hell of a title for it.
    I think the thingy your thinking of is called a stylus :)
    great instructable though
    you should check out a rechargable NiMh 9V battery
    they have a few little 1.2V NiMh cells inside which may be useful for
    small projects

    i think this instructable was to give people ideas, and not to list every possible application. Smart people like you found other ways this can be applied :)

    It allows you to usevyour phone while wearing gloves

    Oh. Never thought of that. Thanks.

    can you make something original? not just post a bunch of stolen stuff?

    Ok. I give up. What is the winter phone toucher thingy actually do?

    allows you to touch your screen without taking off your gloves or buying touchscreen gloves