When you’re packing it’s tempting to get everything you can into appropriate boxes for the Kitchen, Bedroom, Dining Room etc. After all, you want to make sure everything ends up in its appropriate place, right?

However there is one box that you absolutely need to keep separate from everything else – your emergency box. Try as you might, the odds are you will not be able to get everything unpacked the moment you get in through the door, and there are things you are going to want urgently which you won’t be able to pick up if they’re buried at the bottom of a box full of pans, or clothes or glasses wrapped in newspaper. To avoid that, keep one box to one side that will have all the most essential elements inside, the things that you cannot live without, like:

Step 1: Tea Making Things

Trust us, when you get to your new home the first thing you are going to want is to sit down and have a nice cup of tea (or coffee, or hot chocolate, whatever your chosen poison is).  So make sure the emergency box contains teabags, milk, sugar, your kettle and enough mugs for you and anyone who is helping with the move (if they came with you this far they have definitely earned themselves a cup of tea at your expense!)
<p>Thanks for sharing this useful moving tip. I always have an emergency box nearby even when I&rsquo;m not moving out. I store things like a first aid kit, sewing kit, and some general pain relief medication. I will add more stuff to this box should I be moving out anytime later.</p>
<p>I'd agree with this list although in a better phrase - your emergency pack should really be an overnighter bag! When having moving and removals services come through, just make sure you label everything else clearly and you'll be getting settled in in no time!</p>

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