Step 2: "Listen to Me/ Watch Me"

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This is the attention getter.
When your dog hears this his ears should go up, and his eyes should be on you; waiting for a command.
Most people will use their dog's call name for this. I think the the call name is for getting your dog to come to you and this command is for getting your dog's attention. 

This command is easily taught with a small reward. Give the dog the command to "Watch me", "Listen up", "Listen to me." (i've also heard people who have multiple dogs use their names in the command, EX. "Rover listen up!")
(never alternate between the three, simply pick one; don't confuse your dog.)
Then once the command is given put the reward to your eyes until your dog makes eye contact, even if it's just for a moment. 
Then reward with dog with a big "YES!"