Step 7: Questions?

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If you have a question post it or message me!

I have trained for Greater Lincoln Obedience club, also i train dogs in the foster program for shelters. 
I am pro spay and neuter.
I am anti breed specific legislation. 
And i love dogs!!
smalltowne3 years ago
Thank You for your quick response to my concerns about my boarder collie/kelpie pup. Just to assure you we have 1 1/3 acres of property for her to run on and being kelpie she requires at least 4 hours of "Play with ME". Her favorite toy is a tether ball that we have put a 6 inch rope through so she can return it to her playmate. She gives our customers hours of entertainment. Thank You again for your service!
smalltowne3 years ago
We have a 15 month old boarder collie/kelpie that is very smart but also very hyper. She wants to jump up on us and even worse our guests. I don't know how to break her of this. We own a RV Park and can't have her jumpng up on our guests! Thank You for your help.
Dogs and Songs (author)  smalltowne3 years ago
Well being a border collie mix she will have a natural need for excercise. I hope she is getting that need met. If she isn't you will need to find an activity for her to do.
Otherwise this is fairly simple. When you meet her or whenever she would normally jump on you. You should remain calm and have her come towards you, until she is at your legs. You can pull her towards you by using her collar, then kneel down to her level. That's what a lot of people don't understand your dog is jumping on you because she wants your face next to hers. It's a sign of respect in dogs to nuzzle eachother. If you watch how dogs greet eachother it's always face first.
Meet her like this until she no longer feels the need to jump up on you, because she knows you will come meet her when you are able to. She just needs to learn that you will pay attention to her, when you are ready. And it's important to remember to say hello or else she will jump more to get your attention.

Never say no to jumping. She just doesn't know another way to greet you and so jumping seems like a good idea.
sherms6673 years ago
I live in the city and would NEVER walk a dog, no matter how well behaved, without a leash. This is not just for others protection, but my dog's protection as well. I have seen dogs off the leash dart, bolt, spook and be hit by cars. Yes, even VERY well trained dogs. I have seen this happen. Sometimes our commands are not fast enough to halt a dog when danger appears. I have also seen dogs accused of biting when such an incident never occurs. If your dog is on a leash, you reduce your liability, "I had control of my dog, your child misbehaved and got too close and stuck her finger in the dog's eye." Your dog is also less likely to get hurt by other untrained dogs. If you are attacked, you "keep control" of your dog again. You and your dog are less likely to get hurt. I have also seen dogs put down for being too aggressive in the opinion of a vengeful neighbor. A leash, again settles the issue of control. You are right-- you control the dog, not the leash, but given the circumstances, I would rather keep my dog on an "unneeded" leash and keep her, than risk OTHER drivers and dog owners hurting or separating us.
Dogs and Songs (author)  sherms6673 years ago
Yes you are right. Do not walk your dog off lead in the city, i live in country. Please keep your dog on lead in the city