I tried making bread and I didn't let it rise, I used gluten-free flour, and it was burnt. I messed it up. If you do this, these are some ways to make it more edible.

Step 1: Chop Off the Burnt Ends

If you use a bread knife to cut the burnt parts off, you will make it easier to digest. I am left-handed so I can't use a knife correctly, but right-handers shouldn't have a problem.

Step 2: Cut It Into Pieces You Can Choke Down

It will help if you cut them into about 1cm pieces. Then you can just choke them down.

Step 3: Butter It to Death

Use butter liberally. It will mask the burnt taste.

Step 4: Salt It.

If you ran out of butter and you don't feel like making it or buying more, salt it to death

Step 5: Jam It, Peanut Butter It, Almond Butter It, Put Something on It.

If you are to this step you are almost out of options. Put something on it.

Step 6: The End

If one of these work, great. If they all failed, throw the poor thing away. You've done enough to it. You did your best. Just don't screw up next time.

<p>This had me thoroughly entertained. Thank you ?</p>
<p>Your welcome ?</p>
<p>I usually use the butter method.</p>
<p>So do I.</p>

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