Here are 5 effective ways to get funky smells and odors out of your Klean Kanteen, or any other water bottle for that matter.

Klean Kanteen has a website that covers these methods - some of the suggested tactics work better than others.  Check out the following methods and learn which ones work best.

Step 1: Take me to funky town

Funky water bottles can happen any time you put anything besides water into them.  The equation for the perfect funky water bottle storm is something like this (+/- a few variables):

juice and or coffee + hot car + time = FUNK 

In the image below we left this insulated Klean Kanteen in the car for a few days with tea in it.  When we opened it up there was mold everywhere growing on not only the tea bag, but the walls of the water bottle themselves.
<p>Bleach. </p><p>I use copious amounts of bleach,and hot water, let it sit for a looooong time, then scrub with the soapiest of hot water.</p><p>Because germs must <strong><em>die</em></strong>. </p>
<p>Careful with bleach and stainless steel... it will pit and corrode the stainless, leaving pockets for the nasty's to take up residence...</p><p>http://www.cemag.us/articles/2014/09/are-your-stainless-steel-surfaces-being-corroded-repeated-bleach-use</p>
Thank you! I'm aware. It hasn't happened yet, that I've notices.
<p>The problem with bleach however, is that I always manage to ruin whatever I'm wearing even if I try to be very careful. I do like vinegar and baking soda though. And boiling water. And Clean &amp; Simple.</p>
<p>If all else fails, a quarter teaspoon of clorine bleach will kill most anything still living in the bottle. rinse well and air dry.</p>
<p>Strong bleach will etch stainless, so be careful... <a href="http://www.cemag.us/articles/2014/09/are-your-stainless-steel-surfaces-being-corroded-repeated-bleach-use" rel="nofollow">http://www.cemag.us/articles/2014/09/are-your-stai...</a></p><p>Once in a while won't hurt, though...</p>
<p>That's great for stainless and glass but, do not use chlorine bleach in plastic.</p>
<p>When I want a sparkly clean Klean Kanteen, I use PBW (Powdered Brewer's Wash). It's used to clean beer brewing equipment where you don't have physical access to what you're trying to clean; things like hoses and insides of valves. It's environmentally friendly, and doesn't leave any smell whatsoever.</p><p>I normally put 1/2 teaspoon in my 12 ounce kanteen, fill it up with hot water, and let it sit for an hour or overnight, depending on the stains inside. No scrubbing, just rinse it out well (5 times according to the instructions).</p><p><a href="http://www.amazon.com/PBW-Five-Star--1-lb/dp/B0064O7XBA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1464551678&sr=8-2&keywords=pbw" rel="nofollow">http://www.amazon.com/PBW-Five-Star--1-lb/dp/B0064...</a></p>
<p>Brilliant! PBW is great. You can make your own from Washing Soda (which can be made by heating baking soda) and Oxy-Clean... Lots of DIY options...</p>
<p>PBW is simply buffered alkaline detergent of which there are many in most stores, varying mainly by alkalinity. The bio-safe variety do less harm to the environment.</p>
<p>Thank you for this tip. I just bought some and can think of so many uses for it already!</p>
<p>I have found that prevention is part of the solution. I add a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to the contents to kill most of the creatures that might decide I'm making them a smoothie. It doesn't affect the taste.</p>
<p>I don't think hydrogen peroxide is good for you unless its diluted a lot</p><p>http://www.poison.org/articles/2012-jun/hydrogen-peroxide</p>
I see your site reference, and raise you mine:<br>http://wakeup-world.com/2012/07/09/27-amazing-benefits-and-uses-for-hydrogen-peroxide/<br>Using a cell phone causes brain tumors. Try to put things in perspective. It has NO carcinogens, you know, the things that cause cancer that are contained in most of the food you intake, and in at least some of the air you're forced to breath.<br>But I guess it's your choice: kill the germs now, or possibly intake chemicals later that didn't completely rinse out of your bottle after that 'thorough' rinsing. But wait, you probably already drank some. Too late to worry about it.
<p>I'm pretty forgetful, and can't carry much, anyway - so things get left in the car, often. I use denture cleaner tablets. Fill the bottle with hot tap water, drop in a couple of denture tabs, and let it sit over night. In the morning, Voila'! clean and fresh - just rinse well, fill and go.</p>
<p>that works! I've also used them to clean old thermos bottles. </p>
I started doing it after reading something about using them to clean vases. Now, i use them for anything with a very narrow &amp;/or very long neck that a brush can't get into our down to.
<p>Someone might have already mentioned it but when I worked in restaurant 30 years ago, we used ice and salt, and swirled them around the coffee pots, the ice broke down with the salt as it swirled and the salt killed any bacteria, and was abrasive enough to take any grime with it, larger salt like sea salt works best, but table salt will do the job, something everyone should have easy access too. Once you rinsed it out everything was very shiny and clean. </p>
<p>Yes, ice, salt and lemon juice from half a lemon.</p>
I just said the same thing. Didn't get this far in the comments and wondered why no one mentioned it. One of the 'secrets' of the food industry.
<p>So the easiest way I have found to clean my thermos and cycling water bottles is just to get Denture Cleaning tablets and dump them into the container then fill with boiling water. Let sit overnight then repeat. When I was in the army I used this method for my canteens which were a plastic. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 times but has never failed me yet. For larger containers give it 2 tablets. Even with the canteen I lost for 3 months with who knows what inside it. You do need to repeatedly rinse the thing afterwards but it works.</p>
<p style="margin-left: 20.0px;">I also use denture cleaner. A little hot tap water and three or four tablets, depending on the size of the thermos and how much water is added. DO NOT tighten cap. Shake it slightly and let it sit a little bit. When it cools, shake vigorously, upside down over sink, until empty. Rinse as needed. I still use mostly glass thermoses.</p>
<p>For those who can't find (or won't use) sand, crushed egg shells are a good substitute.</p>
<p>The methods below will help loosen real funk but the hard dried on petrified funk takes some serious scrubbing that none of these methods can provide. For metal containers a half cup of water ans a table spoon of non powdered silica sand and determined shaking will get your thermos into shape. After that you will not forget to rinse out your sippy cup again. Sunbaked milk fuzz is the worst.</p>
I used to work at restaurants, and we would use ice and salt to clean glass coffee pots. Put salt in the bottom of the pot, add ice about 1/4 full, a very little bit of water, swirl, or shake with the waterbottle, rinse. Repeat if necessary. It's a mild abrasive, no chemicals, environmentally safe, and quick and easy.
<p>if u want to use denture tabs, they sell them in Dollar Tree for you guessed it, $1.</p><p>I have this problem with lemon and teabags. What I now do is rinse out and keep the stainless in the freezer. Then when I make tea, the cold makes it more quickly drinkable. Also do this with my coffee stainless cup. Don't put the caps in the dishwasher, they sometimes lose their seal integrity depending on the design.</p>
<p>Thanks for the good idea! I have one thermos/mug that I can't make tea into directly because it's too hot for hours. Into the freezer it goes! (I don't mind non-steaming tea. Better than a burnt mouth.)</p>
i have a large 24 oz tumbler so that makes it real cold but you might have to toss in an ice cube, that's what I used to do.
<p>Thanks! Mine is about 16 ounces. I only need to tone it down a little to make it drinkable. I appreciate the tip, this will save me some time on days when I find myself in a hurry.</p>
<p>I don't see why you'd do this. The simplest way there is, is pour boiling water into it, some disinfectant and then plain old sand. Shake the bottle for a couple of minutes (do not close the lid/cap entirelly before shaking, that would just result in hot water spraying everywhere) and pour it out. If it is still dirty repeat it and shake longer but usually that's enough.</p>
<p>Because &quot;plain old sand&quot; isn't something many of us have lying around our kitchens... or even gardens, come to that!</p>
<p>This is a very strange idea to me. One could get a bunch of different chemicals but don't have access to sand? I mean don't you have those playgrounds around where kids play? Those are filled with sand. Beaches. Pine forests. I could think of so many places just within a five minute walk with sand.</p>
<p>Nope. No easy access to sand. But I will check out a few playgrounds to get some for gardening. That's a good idea, thanks! I hadn't thought of that and didn't really want to purchase a 50 pound bag at Home Depot.</p>
<p>don't use the neighborhood sand boxes, way too many animals like to use the sear's catalog in them.</p>
Another person with common sense here
<p>Because the local sandbox is where all the stray cats go to do their business in. You want that taste in your canteen?</p>
Hahahaa! I think you won that argument. Very good point indeed.
<p>if your using detergent along with the sand there is no worries of the sand being contaminated. all will wash and rinse well. After all we are talking about removing mold.</p>
<p>I run a relatively chemical free home; I use castile soaps and vinegar mostly. I very occasionally use a 5% bleach solution. I don't have kids - so no sand pits. I live in a Developing Nation in a rain-forest type area, lots of leaf mould, but not over endowed with sand in this area. Furthermore, many of the beaches here can be polluted with sewage run-off, so that sand is not going into anything in my home. There's always builder's sand, but why? I can get things scrupulously clean without it, and I'd prefer not to foul up my waste-water lines and septic tank.</p>
<p>use some uncooked regular rice for the same effect. If things are really icky I put it in with white vinegar. This works well with my hummingbird feeders.Just shake and let soak for a few minutes. I dump this in the compost pile. </p>
<p>I might have missed it, but I didn't see white vinegar listed here. It's one of the best cleaners and is about 3 bucks a gallon. You can also make a real good window cleaner with it. Fill a spray bottle about 2/3 full of white vinegar, a couple drops dawn and fill the rest with water. </p>
For the love of God! Step 6!
<p>I might have missed it, but I didn't see white vinegar listed here. It's one of the best cleaners and is about 3 bucks a gallon. You can also make a real good window cleaner with it. Fill a spray bottle about 2/3 full of white vinegar, a couple drops dawn and fill the rest with water. </p>
<p>Step 6.</p>
<p>crushed ice works as well for scouring the gunk off. Best not to use it in conjunction with the boiling water. That tends to diminish the effectiveness...</p>
<p>I was going to say this too. Sand has helped and worked wonders for my soda stream bottles that have set for awhile.</p>
<p>Rice or pebbles work, too. Rockhounds usually have some small rocks - we have a ton of little agates and I use them to clean the hummingbird feeders since we can't use soap or baking soda or vinegar in those. For my thermos', I use hot soapy water then follow with an overnight soak of just boiling water. All these suggestions work well.</p>
Oh! I'll pull the Box O' Sand out from the cupboard and get right on that!
<p>Denture tablets work a treat, too, plus have the added benefit of disinfecting. I use them on my tea Thermos- 4 tablets, hot tap water, and then I wash it after leaving it overnight. Takes the hard water scale off, too! :)</p>
<p>Good idea! I use them to clean my toothbrush and tongue brush once a week.</p>

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