In this instructable you will learn how to save water. Read this seriously or for pleasure it doesn't make a difference to me. P.S. this is my first instructable so it won't be great. P.S.S. I would enjoy your critism and ratings so please comment!!!

Step 1: 1. Rainbarrel

Catch the rain in a barrel. Usually people put them at the spout. The water from the roof rolls into a gutter. The water leaves the gutter through the spout. Use one of the many instructables on this site to learn exactly what to do. Use the water to water plants around your house.
How about water from the washer can u use it on the lawn
<p>use an Earth Friendly Soap and Fabric Softener and, as long as you are not washing poopy diapers, the 'Gray Water' is safe for your yard. Earth Friendly Soaps do not have phosphates in them and other nasty stuff that harms our ecosystem. When watering a Lawn, I highly recommend using laundry water, it is an excellent reuse of that type of water.</p>
<p>Oh, before anyone tries to start a controversy about mt comment. The simple fact of the matter can be discussed with your water district. They are only too happy to share their knowledge of such things. The same knowledge from which came the information I have provided! </p>
Rain water is almost distilled water, it is useful for car radiator, for hair washing, etc.
Hmm I didn't know that.
The rain might have been contaminated by polution. It might have become acidic rain.
but if it has been raining for more than 30 minutes, any acidity or crap in the air will have already been cleared and will result in water that is pretty minimally polluted if at all..<br />
Sure, but it might not be. The situation is not so terrible.<br/> <br/>I said &quot;Rain water is <strong>almost</strong> distilled water...&quot;<br/>
The bucket of water from the shower warm-up can also be used to flush the toilet.&nbsp; Just raise the seat and pour the water in fast.&nbsp; The toilet is probably closer to the shower than your plants. <br />
You forgot one of the oldest (from the 60s) conservation methods.... Save Water, Shower with a friend. ;)
Catch the water from the laundry rinse cycle and use it to fill the washing machine for the next dirty load.
This might be a problem, depending on the brand of laundry detergent you use. I saw a lot of stuff about this on the interweb. Search "biodegradable soap" or "gray water soap" to find more discussion.
I like your ideas. On the soapy water/plants thought, the soapy water can help a plant by killing aphids and such, though I'm not sure how much a plant can take... though it would be good for washing a car.
I didn't think of using on a car thanks!

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