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Introduction: $5 Wooden Nunchakus

So recently, me and pretty much everyone I know is obsessed with ninjas. Everyone claims that they're a ninja, but that just tells you they aren't (Ninja Rule #1: Keep your identity secret.) Most of us know it, and even though we refuse to admit it to ourselves, we aren't ninja. So I figure that it might be helpful for those people to have nunchakus. Even though they aren't ninjas, maybe they can make people think they are by jumping out of the shadows at them dressed all in black and holding nunchakus. If you only have PVC nunchakus though, those don't quite have the same effect. So in this instructable I will show you how to make realistic, wooden nunchakus with only a few basic tools and $5 worth of parts from OSH. That, along with some time, and you'll be the most respected ninja at your school, or at least until the real ninjas show up during Pre-Algebra and eliminate you.

Step 1: Legal Crap

 Okay, let me get this out of the way. Nunchakus are a weapon, an awesome weapon yes, but even though they aren't as dangerous as a gun, sword, or the Twilight book (that book is DEADLY!), it can still hurt people. And even though that (insert dirty word here) who you go to school with deserves to be taught a lesson, that does not always make it right. In court, you could tell the judge, "I'm not guilty by reason that he had it coming!" but that usually doesn't go over well. So be careful, and I accept no responsibility for anything bad that happens as a result of this weapon. I MIGHT however accept responsibility for anything good that happens as a result of this weapon... Anyways, on to the instructable.

Step 2: Retrieving the Materials

 You could make like a real ninja, getting some metal wire and bending it using your bare mind into the desired chain shape to attach your two pieces of wood that you got from deep within the forests of Indonesia, or you could just go to the nearest ninja mart (under the guise of a hardware store) and buy all the stuff you need for pretty cheap. You will need the following materials:
- A wooden dowel that you can get your hand around pretty easily (I used a 4 foot 1 inch diameter wooden poplar dowel, but you might need yours thicker or thinner depending on you hand size)
- Metal chain (I bought six inches of single jack chain in case I wanted multiple nunchakus)
- 2 eye screws (I used large 1 1'16 inch but slightly bigger or smaller could work)

You will also need the following tools:
- A pencil (This might be hard to come by)
- A ruler (And the ability to use one would be nice too)
- A saw or something to cut the dowel (Your teeth will work in a pinch, but they're not recommended unless your Jaws from the James Bond movies)
- A pair of pliers to open the eye screws (mine also had a thing that let me cut the chain, but if yours don't have this, you'll need to cut the chain some other way)

Step 3: Cutting the Dowel

 Measure out and cut your dowel. My dowel was 4 feet long, so I made a 10 inch pair of nunchakus, and an 11 inch pair. Don't forget, for each nunchaku, you will need two dowel pieces of the same length. Measure these out and cut them. I also had six inches of dowel left that I used to make a kubotan as described in this instructable.

Step 4: Screwing the Eye Screws... Into the Wood

Take the eye screws and screw them into one end of each piece of wood. After you do this, use pliers to open the eye screws so you can insert the chain. Cut the chain to the length you want. I cut it down to four links which was almost three inches. Put one end of the chain in one screw and close it, and then do the same thing with the other end. Ta-Da! You're done! You now have an awesome pair of nunchakus to help in your ninja training or to make people think you're a ninja. Get as much use in with them as you can before a real ninja comes and exposes you as an impostor by killing you. Yay!

Step 5: Extra Stuff

If your reading this, that means you're alive and a ninja hasn't killed you yet. You're lucky, so use this precious time to train. I suggest the following sites to help in your ninja training or nunchaku building. If you get really good with your nunchakus, you might survive a few seconds during the ninja uprising, but you'll probably still die really, really fast. There are also some sites to help brush up on your ninja knowledge if your interested. Please rate and comment, I really appreciate it. ALso if anyone has any ideas of projects for me send me an email.

Nunchaku Training:

Ninja Information:

Nunchaku Information:



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    I want to make this!!!

    Regarding the ninja thing, half the time it's pathetic people who think they know martial arts, and their definition is skewed due to westernization of the ninja and shinobi. No one today is actually a legitimate ninja, but there are some very serious ninjutsu practitioners who have a lot of the same skills and abilities.

    It's so stupid that things like this are illegal. Almost any Joe off the street could go to a gun store and buy a handgun or worse, but I'm not allowed to carry two sticks tied together. Same with concealed carry of a knife, in CO anything longer than 3.5" can't be carried concealed, which is even more idiotic because (A), I'll carry a 10" Bowie under my jacket if I really want to, and (B), is a 3.5" blade going to do that much less harm than a 4 or 5" blade? Please reply if you agree, disagree, or just think I'm crazy.

    I used to make them the way you have here and they are dangerous!

    You need to pre-drill a hole in the top of your Nunchakus so as not to split the dowel rod and I would use bigger eyelets and heavier chain because the chain and eyelets are WAY TO WEAK and during use could break and or (strip out) send the chuck flying when being used and could hurt somebody by accident (I SPEAK FROM FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCE & ALMOST HURT SOMEONE WHEN IT HAPPENED TO ME).

    nun chucks are illegal in the state of California.

    Whoops (I live in California)

    XD guess its a good thing I said something XD

    Meh, I don't really care, some laws were just meant to be broken.

    The only real thing that is "illegal" is getting caught. You never go to court over doing something, unless you are caught. Therefore just don't bust a cop over the head with it and you don't have an issue... otherwise you "could" not saying you "should" get away with murder as forensics would just show blunt trauma... idk, maybe I am just thinking too far into it... NEVER LET THE GOVERNMENT SAY WHAT YOU CAN AND CAN'T HAVE!

    Now that the rant is out of the way I think your instructable was great and that you should do a few on other martial arts tools. Perhaps a little on the sturdier side though, my first time sparring with these... well let it suffice to say they broke a little too easily.


    Idk you can by butterfly knifes where I live even though they are illegal here. just a cops not really caring thing.