Introduction: 5 Best Places to Hide Your Valuables

This instructable will show you 5 of the best places to hide your valuables weather it's bills, bars, or coins.

Step 1: The Picture Frame

For this place simply find a picture with a frame on it. I have this cute one of my dog bear and it will work perfectly for this project. Simply thane the back off of the frame,mouth the money in, put the back back on and return the frame to its original position.

Step 2: The Nerf Gun

For this place simply roll up a bill so it will fit into the barrel of your nerf gun, then put it in. This works with almost any gun.

Step 3: Jar of Shells Part One

This one works with things like coins or bars witch are genrilly hard to hide because of their size. This is a two part step. For this part place some shells at the bottom of the jar and stack some coins in the middle of the jar on top of the shells. Then cover them up and you are done.

Step 4: Jar of Shells Part Two

For metal bars, what you do is lay the jar on its side and fill it half way with shells. Then lay the bar on the shells and finish filling the jar. Once the jar is full you should be able to stand it up without the bar being exposed. If you can't then just add more shells.

Step 5: Battery Case

This place will work with just about anything that takes a battery. Just take off the battery cover and place the bill inside the cover, then close it and put it back where you got it.

Step 6: Coffee Maker

Most coffee makers have a slotted slate at the bottom that is used to catch drops of coffee. If you take off the slate and place something like a coin in a plastic bag, then put thr slate back on.


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