Step 4: Ready for worm move-in

Picture of Ready for worm move-in
Worms, not just any worms, red wrigglers are recommended. These are a few of mine in the bottom of my bin, just after cleaning out the castings (worm poop), that goes for about US$10 a pound in gardening stores.

They are available to buy, for an equally costly ~$20 a pound. Given my Scottish ancestry and small bank account at the time, I decided to go foraging on my own. There's a horse racing track nearby, and the manager gave me permission to dig around in their old manure piles. I felt a little, er, sheepish, but swallowed my pride and commenced to digging my own pound or so of worms. That was almost ten years ago, and their descendents are happily munching away on my lettuce scraps, banana peels, and mango seeds. Yep, the seeds, which eventually soften up and become cozy little hideaways inside.
callorama6 years ago
I just bought a container (45-55) red wigglers from a pet shot for about $4.29 USD- There was about 60 worms inside and many were about 1-2 inches long. May be 2-3 that were about 3 inches. Near a pond, a live bait seller sells 15 for $3 but they are much larger that the ones I bought. Just my 2 cents! :)
You can also get red wigglers for a lot less at the a pet store. Usually near the live fish and lizard food.