Step 5: Care and feeding

There are more complete care and feeding descriptions elsewhere, I'll be back later to tell what I know.
Meanwhile, if you have a good source for trays, worms or other information, please post it here.

reighmey153 years ago
i say do the book and do you recomend this for florida or somthing else
LynnieC6 years ago
I saved the round, stackable dehydrator trays after my first dehydrator motor went out. You can buy the plastic screens that fit the trays perfectly if you want a smaller screen. The bottom is already solid eliminating the need to line with plastic. It comes with a lid that is flat. Perfect idea to recycle something that otherwise would be thrown out.
LynnieC LynnieC6 years ago
-The holes are triangular and large enough for my worms to pass up and down on the various levels. - The edges are smooth...to make my trays deeper (because each dyhydrator tray is only about 2 inches deep) I actually cut the bottoms out of every other tray, used my dremmel to smooth the edges and glued the empty ring on top of the tray with the aerated bottom to make three levels. -The dehydrator I have has the motor/wires/electrical unit in the top and that I discarded when I burnt up the motor. There are no electrical wires at all in my worm farm. -And no...it is not more efficient to replace the motor...it was just as cheap to buy a new one and save the extra trays for rotation of dehydrating when I had my children at home...they are grown and gone and it was nice to find a use for the extra trays I had taking up space in my pantry. -Finally, I want to thank you for your web site as it was the only one that actually gave the "details" as to what it takes to have a worm farm. This is so fun! :0)
Marcos (author)  LynnieC6 years ago
It sounds like that could work. If: - the holes are big enough for adult worms to get through. about 3/16" (a little under 3mm) or larger. - the edges of the holes are not sharp. No sliced worms please. - The holes for any screws or electrical wires in the solid bottom don't leak worm juice. And it might be more efficient to replace the motor on the dehydrator and keep using it! ;-)
Thank you so much for this! I have been wanting a worm bin and couldn't understand why they were all so expensive. This is the perfect solution! I can't wait to get started. Where do you place your worm bin trays, out of the direct sun? Are they sensitive to temps?
Hi, I just made my own bin last week using empty baby-wipe containers. Used 2: placing one with some drainage holes inside the other one. Worms have been doing well there for the 2nd week. I am using a combination of backyard warms (about 120 of them) and red wigllers (60). So far so good :)
Marcos (author)  Kelly Williams6 years ago
You're welcome. It's great to have this project still being appreciated after several years. (hm, I wonder if the I-robot will notice if I enter into the laser cutter contest? ;-)~ I keep my worm bin on the floor of my garden shed, where the worms have been doing fine for 10 years. They are sensitive to both heat and cold extremes. Definitely keep them out of direct sunlight, especially since they are in a black box! I've been thinking that I should write a little book about making a worm bin, and care and feeding of the worms. What do you think, Instructables makers?
CarolynW6 years ago
You asked about what other people use in other countries, I lived in SA for 2 years and used old bathtubs (with legs), the drain hole provided the drainage for the worm tea, and I piled stuff on one end (ie 1/3 of the tub) then move to the next 1/3 and when i get to the last 1/3 I harvest the first 1/3. Its a good capacity bin!
SA being South Africa
micorneus6 years ago
Good Stuff! Some questions, tho. I see 5 trays in your pics, bedding on the bottom and food on the top, what about the middle trays. Do you put anything in those? Also, the food on the top is not covered? How do you harvest the castings on the bottom if the worms 'like that area for a living room'? Or did I miss something?
blyther7 years ago
Thanks for the great info. I could use some more, though. Do I put the worms in the bottom bin? Where do the food scraps go? How do I harvest the worm castings? I couldn't find these answers, but maybe I missed a step . . .