This knex gun is 5 feet long has two triggers and two barrels and two 40 round magazines. It shoots yellow rods. If enough people leave comments that i should post a instructable for it i will. This is my first instructable. I am thinking about modifying this gun to make it have four magazines two on each side so it can hold 160 rods. Do you think i should try?
WOW!! this gun looks amazing!! how long did this monster take to build? :D just for this im going to follow you, this is amazing, if only i had more knex pieces '-.- keep up the good work :D and remember bigger is usually better lol
i would but i took it apart like 1 week after i posted this i am making a better gun that i might post.
When are you going to post!!!! It has been 2 years!!!!
Sorry i probably wont post instructions of it i made it 2 years ago and took it apart a week later.But if i do it will probably be during summer when i have more time. And if i do the insides will be different since this was made using knex triggers/designs from 2 years ago so if i do make it again the new one will be much more power full.
too bad, this gun is soooooo cool. i like how large it is
That's what she said.
Dude. Necro'ing. Stop it.
it looks awesome can you make a double barrel sniper riffle next???
Post.  how far does it shoot?
lol it's a little bit...MASSIVE
do this \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/
Do you like it?
It's cool but it's HUGE.
I think that thing is the same size as me
40 round? kool! how heavy is it?
yea its realy heavy i had to make a realy sturdy bi-pod for it.
well its realy 80 rounds but each magazine holds 40.
nice gun dude but I don't like the desing
cool but...wheres the handle?
the handel is built into the gun in pic 5 you can see.
that gun is lush
well...it's big...
Thats NOT what she said =P<br/>
WOAH!!! Dood if you have more pieces you should add a scope!
I have about 6 thousand more pieces after this gun so i do have enough for a scope so i guess when i post a instructable for it i will add a scope
dood that would take hours to get all the pics and stuff but it would still be cool
JESUS CHRIST! THAT THING IS ****ING HUGE!!! ~ My last gun was like a little bigger than this but that's why i dis-continued building that gun. I'm tired of trying to make replicas so im making my own design in fact im designing my own gun. I like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SoC game so my ideas as in like its futuristic kinda with Gauss guns and cool looking scopes so that keeps my motivated on my gums.
whwhwhoooo this is cool!!!
dang that hing is massive! it's not too often I say this ,but Nice Gun I'm hoping to see some instructions.
but the 2 barrels and 2 40 round mags give you a huge advantage in knex battles
So 80 rounds total? Do you ever have problems with them jamming?
it only jammed 1 or 2 times at first but you cant put a lot of rubber bands on them i put the rubber band on the blue piece and on the first white piece so there isn't much fore and it works great. and they are pritty big rubber bands.
yes total 80 rounds.
AWESOME, DUDE!!! POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
in a battel you can just take off the barrel. And it is heavy
Who made the best double barrel knex gun so i can see how they made theres and compare it to mine
How many people made double barrel knex guns on this site? Because if not many i will post a instructable for it
prob about 20 good ones.
Don't shoot it... Bench press it!! Lol good work. A little impractical for battles as its prob about 20 pounds but... cool!

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