5 Hiding Places





Introduction: 5 Hiding Places

I saw the hiding places contest, so I thought up 5 simple hiding places.

(5) = easily accessible

(1) = not easily accessible

Step 1: Pencil, Paint Brush, or Makuep Brush Hiding Place (3)

You will need:





1. Put the object(s) you want to hide in the bottom of the container

2. Pour in the rice so the container is 3/4 full

3. Stick in your brushes

To access your object, take out the brushes and pour the rice into the bag.

Step 2: Hairbrush Hiding Place (5)

Some hairbrushes (Tangle Teezer in the picture) have a compartment when you take the bristles off.

Step 3: Tape Measure Hiding Place (4)

This is to hide a message on a small piece of paper.

You will need:

Tape measure

Masking/washi tape

1. Using a small amount of tape, stick the note on the end of the fully extended tape measure.

2. Check that everything is smoothly down and that the tape measure can wind up easily.

3. Wind up the tape measure.

Step 4: Cushion Hiding Place (5)

This is a really simple hiding place that lots of people probably know of.

Just unzip the zip of the cushion cover, put in your object down the back, and zip it back up.

Step 5: Sticky Notes Hiding Place (5)

You will need:

Sticky notes

Craft knife

1. Open the sticky notes fully to the middle so the sticky bit peels off, but do not take the glue off the back.

2.Cut out a rectangle (or any other shape) using a craft knife.

3. Take out the paper in the middle making up the shape.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have reached your desirable depth.

5. Put in your object and close the sticky notes shut. It should look like a normal block of sticky notes.

When you use the sticky notes on top until it reaches the secret compartment, you will have to make a new one and you will be left with really cool cut out in shapes sticky notes!

Step 6: Thank You!

Thank you for reading this and if you want to you can vote for me in the contest, but you don't have to, it's your choice. Feel free to comment! Thanks



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So cool I love those ideas these are some pretty cool life hacks.

cool....iis it hard to do post it one??

No, it's actually not that hard to make. It takes about 2 minutes, although if you want a deep hole in a book or something then it would take longer. You can probably use one scissor blade instead of a craft knife, but it might be harder.

Maybe put your specially-cut post-it pad into a plexi-glass holder (verticle rectangle) with other post-it books above it? The 'rainbow' effect is pretty to view (and commonly done already) and it will be much longer before someone goes for the bottom pad. Also, if the pads all fit into rectangle neatly, but not too snug, you might be able to 'unpack' the pads for the bottom one when you need to access your 'treasure', then just replace them all, with the special one on the bottom.

Awesome ideas! Then you wouldn't have to cut out more holes, that's a great idea. I must buy some more sticky notes as I am running very low on them, then I could just ass the compartment notes on the bottom, thanks for the awesome idea :)