5 in 1 Knex Weapon




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Introduction: 5 in 1 Knex Weapon

About: Hi everyone! I'm Aleceatsfood also know as Alec. To start off I've been a knex'er for quite some time. Although I've come up with dumbsquat for knex, I've built many things. I'm done with knex and moving on...

Hey pretty much my last knex ible...not like many people care but I got bored so I made this and kept finding new ways to use it.... well here it is.
1. 1 sword
2. 2 swords
3. numchuck type things
4. dual sided staff (2 swords side my side connected)
5. Bow and arrow



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    6. a club to beat someone with...

    really? I didn't think it was to good but I might--MIGHT try!

    haha sry I dont think I will... but look up "knex katana" same thing but I little bit different. I think you should get it...

    omg i totally get how to make this im making it

    sweet glad u like it tell me how it turns out

    i dont have enough gray rods :P

    oh that stinks. You can make it a little shorter if needed.

    yeah i tried to use bendy rods but that would fail XD

    ah kk didn't really care at the time.

    cool.have u found your utube account yet