Picture of 5 min. 007 Exploding Pen
Here is an incredibly easy project that takes less that takes less than 5 minutes! The more exploding party poppers you put in, the bigger the bang!
Warning: Do not use in a disorderly manner.
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Step 3: Finishing your Exploding Pen

After you have put your desired amount of party poppers in, put the clicking end, or cap, back on the pen.
If you cannot, however, put the cap back on because the party popper(s) is/are holding it back, then cut more of the ink dispenser off.
A quick fix to that is to just use a little tape and tape the cap to the pen underneath the clip that holds the pen to a shirt pocket.
In Actuality (author) 2 years ago
Right now for 4th of July stores everywhere are selling those popper things at most stores. get em while they last!
Noxia2 years ago
its funny because i made a better version a while ago but good job....its safer than far
Dude, this is how people acquire the name stumpy.

Not cool.
it's safety freaks like you that ruin instructables. You make the editors afraid to feature any 'ibles with even the lowest risk factor like this one. IT'S A FRIGGIN GROUND SNAP! just sayin
I'm no were near what you would call a safety freak. I just find that a pen bomb could result in some lost appendages. Probably not with ground snap though.
In Actuality (author)  The Cartographer2 years ago
Actually, it can't hurt you. the party poppers i used didn't even make much of a sound when it "exploded".
A video would be nice too. :]
thats cool