Picture of 5-minute Boomrang

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Step 1: Pick a boomrang

Picture of Pick a boomrang
- What is a antenna's boomrang ? - Please see the picture , then :

1. Find a obsolete antenna .
2. Find the boomrangs on it .
3. Pick them ! (Pick all , you may lose your own !)

Step 2: Paint it !

Picture of Paint it !
It's optional for you . You may use your boomrang without any color .

1. Paint the boomrang with a spray color , for example I use Red . Remember the best distance for painting : 25-30 cm .

2. Wait until your boomrang be dry .

Step 3: Throw it !

Picture of Throw it !
Find a open place and throw your boomrang !

  WARNING : Don't throw your boomrang indoor , it may be danger for people ,
            or break the around things .

optox4 years ago
i think that maybe, just maybe, throwing a thin piece of metal around in the air is not a very good idea...
haha yes!
Matt428 optox2 years ago
i agree BIG TIME
farzadbayan (author)  optox4 years ago
If you test it , your view will change .
Matt4282 years ago
Without painting it wouldn't it be like a 5 second boomerang
does it work
guy255903 years ago
It seemed to me too risky and not safe to deal with the antenna
EnigmaMax4 years ago
have you ever caught it?
It'd cut right through your hand lol!
ha ha ha, LOL