Step 1: Pick a Boomrang

- What is a antenna's boomrang ? - Please see the picture , then :

1. Find a obsolete antenna .
2. Find the boomrangs on it .
3. Pick them ! (Pick all , you may lose your own !)

Step 2: Paint It !

It's optional for you . You may use your boomrang without any color .

1. Paint the boomrang with a spray color , for example I use Red . Remember the best distance for painting : 25-30 cm .

2. Wait until your boomrang be dry .

Step 3: Throw It !

Find a open place and throw your boomrang !

  WARNING : Don't throw your boomrang indoor , it may be danger for people ,
            or break the around things .

<p>it may cause injury I think!</p><p>sharp blades</p>
<p>it never comes back</p>
i think that maybe, just maybe, throwing a thin piece of metal around in the air is not a very good idea...
haha yes!
i agree BIG TIME
If you test it , your view will change .
Without painting it wouldn't it be like a 5 second boomerang
does it work <br>
It seemed to me too risky and not safe to deal with the antenna
have you ever caught it?<br>
It'd cut right through your hand lol!
ha ha ha, LOL

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