Picture of 5-minute Chocolate Cake
There are a lot of 5-minute cake-in-a-mug recipes out there, but I've taken the time to experiment with eight variations on a a recipe to come up with the best, tastiest, and most reliable 5-minute chocolate cake on the web.  This quick and easy chocolate cake recipe will change your life! Now you can have a rich, chocolate dessert in an instant.  So grab a big mug (I link to my favorite in the next step) and get ready to make new kind of cupcake - the cake in a cup!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

  • 4 tablespoons flour - make sure you measure it right - or the cake is a lie!
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa
  • 2 tablespoons whisked egg - 1 egg is too much, 1 egg white is too eggy, 1 yolk is too dense, but 2 tblsp is just right!
  • 3 tablespoons milk
  • 3 tablespoons oil
  • 3 tablespoons chocolate chips
  • splash vanilla or other flavoring - try peppermint or cinnamon
For a fudgier version, omit egg.
Chucky465 years ago
There are so many bad versions of this recipe everywhere but yours really works Thankyou :D
scoochmaroo (author)  Chucky465 years ago
Thank you!
I actually experimented with about 6 different variations of the recipe before I decided that this one was the best.

these things are optional

  • splash vanilla or other flavoring - try peppermint or cinnamon

For a fudgier version, omit egg.

Tarita2 years ago
for a first timer with zero baking experience, it worked like magic! thank you.
lakins13 years ago
yum! This recipe has come out great all three times I've used it. I love to add cinnamon, chili powder, nutmeg... whatever I have around.

I mix the batter in a small bowl and then pour it into two smaller oiled mugs and cook for about a minute.

In the picture below I added semi-sweet and white chocolate chips. Then melted a bit of the white chocolate and decorated the tops.
jakebaldwin3 years ago
After some instant microwave cake disasters, this recipe came out great! I've tried a few microwave treats, and this was the only one that came out on the first try. It was delicious! It also looked like it needed frosting. We didn't have any, so I used chocolate sauce.
mishoo3 years ago
Oh, this is terribly dangerously DANGEROUS to know. :-) My mugs are pretty small, so I made this in a bowl, which required reducing the cooking time to about 1: 45. I omitted the egg for a fudgier result, and it's a wonderful cake/brownie hybrid. I chopped up 3 tablespoons' worth of Hershey with Almond bar, since it's all I had; I also made a glaze with about 3 tbsp. confectioner's sugar and just a few drops of milk. DAN. GER. OUS. It's incredibly rich and I'm not sure I'll be able to eat the whole thing, but dangit, I'm trying.
I made this recipe using 6 tablespoons of hot cocoa powder in place of the unsweetened cocoa and sugar. IT TURNED OUT GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
suayres4 years ago
I'm playing with your recipe, for one very important reason: I'm a Weight Watchers member, and the recipe as you wrote it is 20 points (I have an allowance of 29 points per day + 49 extra discretionary points to use per week). That's more than I want to spend in one place. BUT the recipe is SO good, that I really want to fit it in to my program. So. A major portion of those points come from the oil (9) & the chocolate chips (3). I didn't want to completely eliminate the chips, but I could cut back to 1 Tbsp (1pt). And I cut the oil to 2 tsps, because I am required to have 2 tsps of oil daily. For the rest of the oil, I subbed--ta da! applesauce! Surprisingly, there was no difference in flavor, and the texture was still good! This knocked the points count down to 11, which I find a comfortable splurge evey now and again. Oh, and one other amendment? I a changed the 3Tbs of milk to 3Tbs of fresh-brewed coffee, for a nice mocha note. All in all, a happy dance for me! It also occurs to me that, for a nice nutty note, you could used toasted sesame seed oil.
I'm eating this right now... and I LOVE IT! I noticed someone else mentioned using a mashed bananna instead of oil so I tried it that way and used white chocolate chips... all I can think though is "this would be awesome with nuts". Not sure how well nuts would do being nuked. I also noticed other people mentioning the bottom of theirs being burnt and the top not being done. To make sure I didn't run into this problem I put mine in for 1 minute, then stirred it to bring the already cooked pieces up to the top so half of the cake wouldn't be burned. I also nuked it in short intervals (1 minute check and stir, another minute check, 30 seconds etc) to make sure it wasn't burning and also because i'm not sure how powerful my nuker is. When it was done I let it sit in the microwave for as long as I could stand (so the ambient heat would help cook anything that wasn't yet done without burning the rest). Mine didn't puff up out of the mug, but that could either be from the mug or stirring it after a minute of cooking. I think i'm going to try this again tomorrow and instead of a mug use a small glass microwave safe pyrex dish, I think that will help it cook evenly without having to stir halfway. Either way I can't wait to tell my mom-in-law about this she's gonna love it.
Tried it and it was excellent. Kudos for taking some very shady looking recipes from online and making it a sure bet!
P3T3765 years ago
bOOm! Or like the romans say: veni vedi vici - a total winner that lil' cupcake! Even I could do it - and that's nothing short of miraculous ;) I was able to use the microwave w/o causing radiationburns on the better part of northern europe AND got a super tasty result. I used 600 watts for approx. 4 mns - and YES - I will do it again... and again...and...

Cheers from germany,

warrnie75 years ago
My masterpiece I made 5 min ago! ta* da*

scoochmaroo (author)  warrnie75 years ago
That is truly a thing of beauty.
love this instructable, turns out awesome cake

i made one yesterday that rose to almost double the height of the mug, but was deflated by the time i got a camera. turned out nice and fluffy though

I experimented with this, and found that pudding mix works great! just substitute any pudding mix for the chocolate powder (and eliminate the chips, unless you want them in there). So far Ive tried strawberry, vanilla, and white chocolate. They tasted great

Made it, liked it. I need to try it a couple of more times and tweak things a bit.

I used egg whites, because I had them, and it worked well.

I want to try cake flour and maybe another teaspoon of egg white.

All in all this is great, thank you.

JadeV26 days ago

try spraying mug w baking powder first it sucks to clean

AdelaideP18 days ago

i really love this recipe, and it is so delicious! Instead of egg though, I found that 2 tablespoons of plain greek yogurt makes the cake much more moist, and is much easier than measuring out and wasting egg. I also use mini chocolate chips instead of regular, because then instead of having globs of chocolate in your cake, you have a little bit of chocolate in each bite!

T0BY19 days ago
Looks great, thanks for this.

This is an awesome idea for birthday surprises!

SethV21 month ago

I made it with Nesquik powdered drink, and it still tastes AMAZING! Thanks so much guys!

kikieats2 months ago

Yum. This doesn't exactly taste like the cake you're used to but more of a steamed cake pudding type of thing. It's great if you have a sweet tooth and not a lot of time - I would not skip using chocolate chips. I made this recipe exactly as written except I used only 1 tablespoon of oil which was plenty. I have a 1200 watt microwave and only nuked it for 1 and a half minutes. Inverted from mug to plate and the chocolate chips that had sunk to the bottom created a nice gooey frosting on top. Best with a dollop of whipped cream on top if you're into that kind of thing. I'll make it again for sure.

kikieats2 months ago
Boring Brooke3 months ago
If you have a 1200 watt microwave put in for 1:40 because it burned and almost caused a fire
tuns made it!3 months ago
cheers, made these at work on break and everyone who had one loved them. I then had to make them again fro the kids this evening. a lot quicker and less clean up then regular cake!
RubyS13 months ago
MenuCheenu4 months ago

but it was a bit hard but i dont know why!!!!!

MenuCheenu4 months ago
MarlynB5 months ago

I'm confused as to the purpose of the scale.

Allows you to keep track of your weight as you consume the cakes on a regular basis.

LilyR14 months ago

I love it! I adding in a vanilla butter cream frosting on it and it was amazing here is the link


Turned out first time YUM & YUM I used quioua, sorgum and buckwheat flour to avoid gluten and it tasted goooooood, thank you :)

mariyas made it!4 months ago

it was fun making it but the cake did not look beautiful the look of it was spoiled no idea why

LilyR15 months ago

I also made vanilla butter cream to put on it and that was really good. I just halved the batch!

FrankaH5 months ago

Should this be self raising flour? Mine did not raise using just flour....

GraviChan5 months ago
CatieA6 months ago

I'm almost afraid to ask this (afraid for my waistline, I mean) but… do you think you could incorporate peanut butter into this in some way? Like at the same time as the egg or instead of (some of?) the oil? Maybe someone's already tried but I can't find it in the gargantuan number of positive comments!

lillegardb10 months ago
Make sure you experiment with your microwave for cooking times and power level, it's can be a little tricky to get it just right.

I've noticed :)

I'm sure this cake would have been delicious if not for my microwave catching on fire. Nothing's better than the smell of burning chocolate when baking. 10/10.

I also recommend turning the microwave off when smoke starts coming out. Beginners mistake, my bad. -.- (Sorry, this is about as positive I can get while my microwave is literally pumping out smoke while my fire detector goes off.)

I would add an image but I was too busy freaking out to take a selfie with it.

Krasen made it!7 months ago

Here is my go! ;)
I used fresh squeezed orange juice instead of milk. I did not taste the orange :D
But was great, deffinlty will make again.

Zlammie7 months ago
Zlammie7 months ago
Tetsked7 months ago
This was so good for a 5 min mug cake also perfect with whipped cream and nice on a Sunday night thanks for this awesome recipe
davidbarcomb9 months ago

It tastes good for a 5min chocolate cake. Thanks for sharing

WOW! This turned out amazing, and I've made several 5 minute mug cakes before, and was happy with them, UNTIL I made this one about an hour ago. I added a pinch of salt with the dry ingredients, and right before I put it in my microwave, I added 1 Tablespoon of dark chocolate syrup and did NOT mix it in.

I baked it in y 900 Watt Microwave for 3 minutes and 40 seconds, which was perfect. I served it removed from the mug and put in a soup bowl, and put ice cream on it, the about 1/2 teaspoon of the dark chocolate syrup on top in a little swirl.

This is now the PERFECT recipe! I can't thank you enough for perfecting it!

alicef3 made it!10 months ago

Omg! So delicious!!! First try and it became so good! Thank you!

waldolc10 months ago
This is my favorite "quick" recipe. As long as the measurements are exact, it's always cakey and not rubbery. If there is too much egg, then you get rubber. Also, you can always omit the egg!

This didn't work at all for me. I have a 800W microwave and set it for 4 minutes (left out the egg as some otherh comments said it's not necessary), and when I returned to the kitchen, everything was full of smoke.... 4min was way too long.

yoyolo1 year ago
Mine ends up in a rubbery consistency when it's done...
yummmy so good
I made it and it tastes AMAZING thank you soooo much for this instructable
itsarfuadi1 year ago
what if you don't have microwave?
dstech made it!1 year ago

This was surprisingly delicious even without chocolate chips! great recipe

2014-06-22 02.36.34.jpg
pglenn11 year ago
Hi. As in the mood for just a little bit of chocolate cake earlier tonight. This turned out perfectly!! I added a little canola oil to the mug so cake wouldn't stick. That added to the moisture of the cake. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.
paola011 year ago

OMG! It turned out GREAT! Thank you very much! :)

cherry81 year ago

what oil should i use? can i use canola oil? thanks.

Oh wow! This taste REALLY good! *shoves cake in face* Mpfh fow shwawing dis!!

knexfan1004 years ago
i added a full egg last time..... that explains why it didn't come out right! 8)

wow..... seeing this instructable again made me remember my old instructables username and password.....

welp, time to mess with the recipe to make lazy brownies.... i sucked at cooking anything 3 years ago.... this should be fun *rubs hands together evily*

mishagirl81 year ago

I made 2 of these, and I found out that if you want to make a chocolate chip-vanilla cake, just skip the cocoa, but add an extra spoon of flour. It turns out delicious. Thanks so much for the recipe. P.S. I also used my own olive oil from my own olive trees, that may make a difference in the taste, too. :)

kray101 year ago
Hey it is a cool recipe. However I didn't have cocoa powder. And I forgot to add vanilla essence. I used Cadbury hot chocolate powder. Instead of 3 spoon of sugar I added 2 spoon of chocolate powder and 1 spoon of sugar. It turned out to be quite yummy. This recipe is a hit

Tried this yesterday! Absolutely delicious! Thank you.

muddog151 year ago
My cake erm. Exploded :P
nvme1 year ago

Make sure to mix it well. doesn't taste as good if you mix it poorly.

lolota1 year ago
I skipped the egg for fudgy version, after i added the milk and oil, i added melted dark chocolate cuz i did not have chocolate chips. then i forgot to add the vanilla and mixed everything and put in microwave. when i took it out and tasted it, it was delicius.
mooster1 year ago

I see versions of these all over the place, and I'm sure yours is a most lovely cupcake, but wouldn't it be just as much trouble to get all this stuff out and measured and stirred and then do the clean up if you make one as it would be to make a dozen or two? Who wants just one?! Seriously, paper liners make a muffin pan easier to clean than this cup will be. I guess if you don't have an oven available, it's good to know about.

This is awesome! I'm gonna surprise the kids when they get home from school with 2 chocolate cakes!

This is my all time favorite five minute recipe I enjoy it every time I make its awesome
raulefe1 year ago
Pense que estaba en español, pero se entiende bien en Ingles, es decir hasta yo lo entiendo.
4 Cucharadas de Harina,
4 de Azucar...en mi caso hare una variacion y no usare azucar, sino panela es mas sano...es natural, organica y fuera de eso diracta de la caña... Si necesitan me dicen y les mando...
1 Cucharada de Cocoa, es la que viene en tarro o paquete con sabor a chocolate, pero es mezcla, en cada pais hay marcas diferentes...
2 Cucharadas de huevo batido con la llema (como para tortilla)
3 Cucharadas de lehce (yo prefiero sin crema)
3 Cucharadas de Aceite (Me gusta de oliva, girasol o maiz
3 cucharadas de chocolatina en trozos (se venden como chips en todo el mundo)
Una pizca o roceado de saborizante, lo ideal es natural, puede ser coco, vainilla, canela u uno de los miles de sabores conocidos
Vi que ella lo puso dos minutos y medio en el microondas, pero advirtió que hay que estar alertas para ver que no se salga del todo del pocillo donde se cocina.
Espero cuando lo hagan se lo comenten...buen animo.
Que bien que lo hayas entendido. Yo, como soy Espanola, voy a hacer algunos Instructables en Espanol, ahora que se que hay algunos Espanoles por aqui. ;)
sdoyle61 year ago
The steps for this recipe were extremely easy to follow and the finished product was better than others I have tried. This isn't a recipe I will use again though. To me, the cake tasted like chocolate flavored vegetable oil. It did bake up beautifully in my microwave, I had no problems with it being too over or under done, I just simply didn't like the flavor.
scoochmaroo (author)  sdoyle61 year ago
Good notes. I would suggest, if you did ever try it again, to reduce the oil, or try something with a more subtle flavor like coconut oil. Thanks for the feedback!
Danydh1 year ago
I think I didn't do it correctly
I followed the instructable but it doesn't look great, but it tastes amazing!
2013 09:26 PM.jpg
eo'bleness1 year ago
http://www.microwavecookingforone.com/Charts/ this might help everyone having trouble wih microwave times! :)
Turned out really good, but the chocolate chips that settled to the bottom burnt a bit. Next time I'll try mixing it separate and pouring into a butter covered mug to prevent stick/burning. Other than that, I love it!
I love this chocolate cake mix it's nice and easy that's good because I'm not really too good with the kitchen but I live the portion size but I found that its best to use sweetened coco so I don't have to add too much sugar so that the kids don't eat too sweet things thanks -princessofwhatever12
popeye12601 year ago
This recipe has never failed me. I have tried it with coconut shreds, Rum, Mint and a few other Spirits in place of the Vanilla. All variations came out wonderfully. Also If you are Diabetic like me....Replace the sugar with sweet & Low or any other sugar sub and it will still taste like you used the real stuff!
Huffington2 years ago
I have tried this exactly 4 times and turned out perfect every single time. Mum says I'm a pro now at baking haha. Credit goes to you. :)
enlimyror2 years ago
I have to triple the amount because british mugs are like 3 times bigger than the one shown in this :/
this tASteS Hip On Le E yea read the caps
Mine went dry and burnt. 5 mins way to long!!!
Nat_han2 years ago
Mine didn't turn out quite so pretty, it was really wet and almost like it didn't cook long enough. I'll try for 3 1/2 minutes next time. My problem was probably all the substitutions I made. I used cup for cup, or rather tablespoon for tablespoon, gluten free flour instead of flour, cinnamon applesauce instead of oil, almond milk instead of milk, and Splenda instead of sugar. I also didn't use as much egg as the recipe called for, I used about a third of an egg because we had it leftover from another recipe and needed to either use it or throw it out. I didn't have chocolate chips or candy bars so I skipped that part as well.

Nonetheless the cake still tasted good. It reminds me of the brownies that come in microwave dinners.
tdesmond12 years ago
omg so glad! i just did it now and my hubby was completely surprised as im not big into kitchen stuff. i did not use the egg and added less sugar and cadbury cocoa, which has sugar already, as well used self raising flour and no baking powder. my microwave is 800w so kept on looking at the mug while saw the cake growing out of it, it was amazing! it came out of the mug very easily. I jst advise people to wash the mug straightaway cus it get very sticky otherwise. 5 stars recipe definitely! :)
Phoghat2 years ago
I live in Mexico at an elevation of 9,800 Ft. and have a small-ish microwave, Even so, 3 minutes io high was just about right. Wife loved it BTW
crazylam152 years ago
Can I use mars instead of chocolate chips???? And can I omit the vanilla??
Looks great btw.
paxiuba2 years ago
Am just eating my first attempt now !! Yum! I didn't fuss too much about exact measurements, put quite a lot of vanilla essence in because I like it, & no choc chips because I had't got any ! My microwave is a 900 and I did it for 3 mins.
This is really bad for me - I wanted chocolate and 5 mins later I'm eating lovely cake out of a mug - help !!!
JesiSmith2 years ago
I just made this with almond extract and a mug big enough that it didn't puff over the top. Best cake I've had in a very long time, including one that my grandma gets the best comments on. I'm going to use this forever.
dianapham2 years ago
I substituted almond milk for milk and applesauce (sweetened) for oil just to see how it would turn out and it was great! A bit denser and more like an egg based cake, but still good topped with powdered sugar. I just wish I had some chocolate chips.
pollya2 years ago
I love this cake!! I put some cocoa powder mixed with some sugar on top, and then pour on some hot water before it goes in the microwave and it makes an awesome sauce at the bottom :)
This is delious looking! I must try it!
mely1232 years ago
do you use plain flour or self raising flour
Okay, this is my second time making this. The first time it was awesome, but this time I added a tbsp. of peanut butter and added more milk. Looks great. Once it cools, I'll see if it tastes great. i just discovered after I put it in the microwave that we don't have any Vanilla.
I tried this for the first time today, and it was very tasty! The only problem I ran into was it came out really hard on the top. I microwaved for 2-1/2 minutes in an 1100 watt microwave. Too much? I think I'll just do 2 minutes next time.
Raitis2 years ago
Well, I have actually done this following a recipe with no oil, but 1 whole egg, didn't have any issues with the egg and the thing turned out great more than once (~3min @ 800+ watt). Will try this one too, though, maybe it's better. :)
Oh and by the way, try adding nuts or frozen berries to this, it works too.
I just made this! It's awesome. Thanks for posting such easy instructions!
arubarb2 years ago
My cake became a bit hard... its not fluffy... Why is it?
LILLIAN-R2 years ago
I've made this too, but I found the recipe on another site! I've tried the chocolate cake and I also tried a coffeecake version! Both are sooooo good!
LILLIAN-R2 years ago
I've made this too, but I found the recipe on another site! I've tried the chocolate cake and I also tried a coffeecake version! Both are sooooo good!
could you just like multiply the recipe by like 10 and make anormal size cake
The only one who enjoyed the cake was the whole inside of the microwave.
We want the reimburse of:

4 tablespoons of flour;

4 tablespoons of sugar;

1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa;

2 tablespoons whisked egg - 1 egg is too much, 1 egg white is too eggy, 1 yolk is too dense, but 2 tblsp is not right!

3 tablespoons of milk;

3 tablespoons of oil;

3 tablespoons of chocolate chips;

Splash vanilla or other flavoring;

And a new microwave. Because it's impossible to clean this one.
nmax22 years ago
Need help to remove some rubbery feeling n porous look ... rest was good but at 2min baking
nmax22 years ago
N I 4got to add.... I had to give 2min time only to get soft cup cake.3 min made it too hard
nmax22 years ago
My cup cake
nmax22 years ago
Mine was good at 3rd attempt only when I added whole egg,but it seemed bit eggy so I used half egg n beated it well for about half a minute to ensure smoothness.it turned out to b a soft n fully baked one but don't know y it looked porous from inside(same in previous 3 attempts) n felt a bit rubbery
nmax22 years ago
Need suggestion...
iayu2 years ago
Can I use Wheat Flour instead?
Go for it! I used Wheat and it turned out amazing.
This was amazing. And I have tried changing the recipe and I think that you should use
5 Tablespoons of Sugar
2½ Tablespoons of Cocoa
and 3 tablespoons of butter instead of oil. That is the things I changed to make it perfect.
Boppylop2 years ago
Tried it LOVED IT, made it at least 5 more times. But 2 questions. 1, how do you keep the chocolate chips from sinking, and, 2, how do you get it to pop out of the mug? i just eat it from the mug itself.
this is an amazing recipe i made it and loved it. also check out my channel if you feel like you have time to waste
I was really bored so i decided to make one of these and it turned out really great! I'll defiantly be making them in the future thanks a bunch!
scrossing2 years ago
Incredible recipe! I omitted the egg, used 4 tbsp of milk and only 2 tbsp of oil, and substituted the chocolate chips with Skor bits (didn't have any chocolate on hand). It took only 2:30 min in my microwave.
We made this for fun at home it was so good but it's even better with some hot fudge on top and a scoop of vanilla ice cream yum
I wonder how scrumptious it would be to add caramel?? :)
kateypopsy2 years ago
how long can you keep it for? or do you have to eat it straight away?
Ikadeo2 years ago
I used natural cane sugar and it didn't dissolve. :\ it was still super tasty. :D
Renee!2 years ago
I made this for my sister today. It turned out awesome! She wanted it without the egg so it would be fudgier, and we used a tablespoon each of white chocolate chips, mini chocolate chips, and a broken up king- size dark chocolate bar. We didn't need the bigger mug because it didn't rise or expand much. She said it was great! This is the perfect recipe for those uncontrollable teenage cravings ;)
Wow, I have to make this!!
fretted2 years ago
Just tried this next one i have to tweek the flour and cook about 10 seconds longer went for 1:10 needs a !:20 i think overall it wasn't bad i ike cakey cakes not fluffy ones so this hit the mark great instructable too .

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my sister's thumbs are paralyzed, i swear to Moses. i think she just broke a chair.
i feel better when i burp BUT we're all dizzy!


i think im going to be paralyzed
You picked the wrong shrooms didn't you ?
Did you cook it. It does not look like you cooked it.
they didnt cook it cuz there is no step mentioned
probably you put some weed without realizing.... happened to me once, or twice.... I don't remember....... or maybe you just used old or non-fresh ingredients...
swright162 years ago
My take on it: I decided to omit the egg, and as I was making this on the spur of the moment, I did not have any chocolate chips about. What I ended up doing was just increasing the cocoa and sugar measurements by a little, and adding some almonds. It turned out good, but quite dense, so I just poured some more milk over the top and had a rednecked pudding cake. Delicious. Will make this again in different ways.
na ar ik2 years ago
yesterday was my sweetheart's birthday and i baked him a birthday heart cake first time in my life...... and thrown it as a surprize n u know what ?? he justtttttttttt lovd, lovd it so mucccccchhhhh..... it comes out great. thanks a lot for posting such recipe. im so haapppppyyy :) <3  i tried to post the pics but couldnt ....:( 
giike32 years ago
This looks awesome I crave choclate cake now thank you for making this cake now to make some chocolate cake in under 5 minutes
What about a 3850W???
ohh my gosh It works with a 3850W Microwave and tastes delicious :3
tasted bad :(
NAsszal2 years ago
I think I did something wrong :( mine came out a little bit chewy, what should I do?
But other than that I tastes amazing! :)
This is the best recipe for "cake-in-a-mug" I've found. I find it a bit big for one serving, so I multiply all the ingredients x 1.5 and put it in 2 mugs. I add some pecans for crunch instead of chocolate chips.

I nuked mine for 3.5 minutes (for 2 mugs, 1.5 recipes) and I'm not sure what wattage my microwave is. Just keep an eye on it and once it rises a centimetre or two above the mug rim, it's done.

edominguez12 years ago
Just a heads up: in the written recipe it calls for 2 TBSP of cocoa, BUT in the video it actually says 1 TBSP, so watch out! if you add the two tablespoons (like I did) your cake will taste bitter :(, good news? I took some of the bitterness by pouring french vanilla coffee :p
Hopefully the OP can see this and edit the entry ^_^ will definitely try this another time with the correct amounts!
scoochmaroo (author)  edominguez12 years ago
Good find! Updated.
gglg2 years ago
I suggest wrapping the mug with a 1" strip of parchment paper (like one does with the casserole when making a souffle).
SD4562 years ago
This is perfect if you're running low on ingredients, I'm going to try it tomorrow, I will give an update how it ended up! :)
How did you come across this? Seems to me like you thought " I want cake, but I want it now" Will try it, thanks for sharing
scoochmaroo (author)  carbon12 based6 years ago
Right? Who doesn't want cake RIGHT NOW?
I certainly do...

lactose intolerant tho =(


soya milk works right?
I tried it with soy milk. The problem with soy milk is that it doesn't allow the cake to rise. So, I added a little bit of baking powder and it turned out fine. The wattage of your microwave oven matters though.
Meh i gave up on cake after i found out the truth...
HL for the win
Erm... Its not Half Life, Its Portal o.o'
thank you! who would mistake that delicious piece of ASCII cake? :D
++ geek points
That's a very good attitude to have towards chocolate cake =D
jackle132 years ago
Mmmmmm this is going to be good
jackle132 years ago
Mmmmmm this is going to be good
Pretty yummy, but I think I'd add a little bit of salt to the recipe. Personal preference. Other than that, perfect!
susheel_962 years ago
Thank you very much.
My whole family loves it.
I made mine and cooked it for 3 min but had to cook it 2 more but then it was still liquid so i tried 1:30 and with 42 seconds left it was burning and smelled like really badly burnt popcorn. Any sugustions?
try 3:20 or leave it in the microwave for a minute, the microwave might be done but the heat in the cake and in the microwave will keep cooking it some.
see it depends on the microvave i use to do 10:00 min iam havin ifb
I found out the hard way that even if it *looks* liquid it could be done - maybe you can press on it with the back of a spoon at each stop to see if it's actually solid after all.
The same exact thing happened to me, and provided you used all the correct ingredients, I think the mistake happened to both of us. When we add the egg, we need to add it to the dry ingredients THEN add the milk and oil and stir again. I'm going to try this and see how it works!
I dont normally have coca around...anything else i can use? i have all the other stuff...
when i made this i didn't have coco either, so i didn't use it at all as long as you have chocalate chips in the cake it comes out nice and yummy. i did reduce some of the sugar though but i think that is prefrence
Well i'm not completely sure about this, but if your up for experiment then you could try using hot chocolate mix if you have any.
 whenever i see cocoa in a recipe i use hot chocolate mix- works a treat

buy some, it dose not go bad, and will make a boat load of these cakes. happy baking.
siamonsez2 years ago
Is this just a scaled down version of a normal recipe or is it tweaked?
I was wondering if cake mix would work, like make the box of batter and save it and just pour some when you want.
I need an instructables mug for this project
scoochmaroo (author)  jackjackboom2 years ago
http://store.instructables.com/ :D
This is a great recipe, me and my cousins loved it! The only problem was that I didnt mix it right and there was tons of flour at the bottom of the mug :( we could only eat half, but it still tastes great! :D
toezar003 years ago
This is a very good recipe. :) I can't wait to see more stuff from you,
klizkelman3 years ago
I made this a couple of days ago, I've made it before and was amazing. So this last time I made it, a couple days ago, I was already full before I was halfway through, so I covered it and put it into the fridge. (I had eaten a lot before, I just had a craving for it, like I said, I've had it before) So today, I pulled it out, put it in the microwave for fifteen seconds then twenty seconds more because it didn't feel warm enough, and it tasted better than when I made it fresh. I love this recipe. Oh, and before you ask, yes, I omitted the egg. I always do. Measuring egg: not my specialty.
Mauigerbil3 years ago
Mmm! Dangerous!
Josephineg3 years ago
Woow woow wow it was great!! The next day it was yummmmy. I am so excited I can't wait to try more variations.
looks delish must try it soon
mannon243 years ago
i just made this, but i didn't put the egg in because i like things that are fudge tasting. Like it said you could do, and it didn't rise at all, it started boiling at the end. But my sisters cooked it with the same ingredients as me, but used the egg, and it worked perfectly for both of them. So i guess that you have to use the egg, and cannot omit (leave it out) the egg. But my sisters said theirs with the egg tasted really good and tasty.
My cake was yummy, thank you. I mixed everything in a separate bowl, then cooked for 1:30 in my one cup pyrex measuring cup. PLEASE NOTE... some older mugs may contain metal, and most foods will catch fire if cooked too long! Please check every 30 seconds, and enjoy your cakes! (~.~) Grandma P.S. I used cake flour.
myjenny3 years ago
I threw everything into the magic bullet, except the choc chips. I used a knife-tip of baking powder, 'cause there's nothing in the recipe to make it rise except the egg. I then put half the batter into a Pam'ed coffee mug, stirred in half the chips, placed a mini Reese's PB cup on that, stirred the remaining chips in the batter and then poured it around and over the candy.

I had read some posts about burning, and I have a pretty powerful 'wave, so I cooked 1.5 minutes, checked by smelling, and then one more minute, for a total of 2.5 minutes. It was perfect, if a little dense. Chocolate chips evenly throughout and a gooey PB cup in the middle! My egg was just a few drops over the 2 TBSP so I did use the whole thing. Also, if this is analogous to a real cake, that would be a CUP AND A HALF of oil! Hence the denseness. So I am going to cut that to two TBSP next time, as it tasted just a TAD oily. Not bad, mind you, but I'll probably use a bit more milk to compensate.
just awesome!
iBake3 years ago
If I wish to add some baking powder, what would you suggest for it's quantity?? Quantity of baking powder in it. :)
Thanks! ''Be Nice" :)
scoochmaroo (author)  iBake3 years ago
Just 1/8 teaspoon will do!
Galanthus iBake3 years ago
I didn't write this article, obviously, but I've been using baking powder instead of eggs and I'd recommend you use no more than a teaspoon of baking powder.
after using the baking powder and baking it, what is the texture of the cake? is it fluffy or kind of dense? because when i was making a normal cake I subbed baking powder for egg and the cake was gross, so I just wanted to know if it would be the same for the cake in a mug.
beckyh173 years ago
hey really want to try this but if i have plain or self raising flour which one should I use? Thanks
scoochmaroo (author)  beckyh173 years ago
If you use self-raising flour, just omit the baking powder and you're all good!
Kenmeister3 years ago
Not bad!
It tastes better if you leave it a few minutes to cool down.

My chocolate chunks all sunk to the bottom, so there was an extra tasty surprise waiting at the bottom of my cup :-)
if you don't want your chocolate chunks/chips to sink:

put the chunks in a bowl or w/e, put some flour, and mix the chunks/chips with the flour so that they are coated with the flour. just add those chunks in but don't mix them in TOO TOO much (and of course, don't put in the excess flour if there is any). enjoy!
Is there a specific type of flour you have to use for this? Please reply :)
all purpose flour works just fine with this (:
I don't like this recipe, it seems to go right for everybody else but I tried it twice but both times it ended up burnt, I have an 800 watt microwave and I was cooking it for 3 and a half minutes. The second time the cup was full of boiling oil and \I don't know what I have done wrong, can anybody help??
and also, maybe try on medium power if that's an option, not full power.
I know what you're talking about. I think it's a bad idea to put the full 3 1/2 minutes. Instead, what I did was heat the batter in time increments, like 30 seconds and check on it each time. 3 1/2 minutes is way too much, just make sure to mix the batter well enough (but not too much) before putting it into the microwave, and then microwave 30 seconds at a time, or maybe 1 minute the first time and then 20-30 seconds each time after that till you see that it's set.
Would there be a way of doing a brownie version? :O
i think if you omit the egg, it's a fudgier viersion, like a cake/brownie hybrid as someone mentioned.
jerives3 years ago
cake burned....being treated for smoke inhalation... ill try again once i get out of the hospital x.x i think i cooked it to long though i did it for 5 mins... damn micro waves... the batter tasted Yummy though
You actually did cook it for too long. It's 5 minute chocolate cake because it takes a total of 5 minutes to make, prepping and cooking. At first I thought the 5 minutes was for the microwave, but it's actually 2:30. I usually do about 2:10 in a bowl. I hope this heped!
i followed your recipe on youtube but you didnt say how many minutes so i thought it was 5 minutes
i burned my cake and smoke surrounded my house
my microwave is also broken THANKS ALOT!
actually, I watched her video too and in her video you can see her put 2 minutes 30 seconds on her microwave when she presses the numbers. (:
uramli3 years ago
mine didn't work out... it was burnt... then i realised i forgot to put vanilla essence.... it is wrong not to put it?
Forgetting to put vanilla essence is not the reason why it burnt. I never put vanilla in mine because I don't have it on hand. Maybe you cooked it for too long. It shouldn't be 5 minutes in the microwave, and you should probably try cooking in increments of time. Maybe do 1 minute, check on it, then add 30 seconds, etc. I usually do mine in a bowl and microwave for 2 minutes 10 seconds. So no, vanilla wasn't the problem. I hope it works for you, because it's delicious! (:
SFHandyman6 years ago
This isn't showing up in the Food section. It's Number 2 in the list of highest rated foods. Don't know how to get it there, if you just tag it or go through edit and republish. It needs to be in Food! It was great to meet you at the Maker Faire.
scoochmaroo (author)  SFHandyman6 years ago
Wow! (Are gummy legos #1?) I hope I've made the corrections to make it show up in food now! Good to finally meet you too!
Hey!Can you please help me?How would tthe recipie be in pints and ml because i got a UK measuring cup!!!!:(:D
rosec jxalxo3 years ago
Did anyone answer your question? If not I'll send you info after I get off work tonight.
Number 1 in Food by rating. They moved up to Number 4 on the rating list for ALL Instructables. Sorry Jessyratfink It just snuck above the Robot Plushie.
scoochmaroo (author)  SFHandyman6 years ago
Wow! That's awesome!
What if you dont like chocolate?Can you just skip the chocolate and add more
I've done one with substituting flour for the cocoa and it was really good!
Dang! i just tried it and it turned out perfect! Yum! :D
jjone5383 years ago
Looks Delicious Thanx! :)
jjone5383 years ago
YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! :)
Rosie3k93 years ago
FINALLY!! A really good recipe! I think the 2 tablespoons of egg is what did the trick. I've tried one before and it was way too eggy but this was just right. Even though I used different ingredients (unbleached flour, brown sugar, some really old swissmiss lol, and silk almond milk,) the proportions here are perfect compared to other recipes out there. I also added a little bit of baking powder cause I like my cakes really fluffy and it came out perfect!
I didn't like it. It was too spongey, and when i re-made it, the whole thing burnt, stuck to the mug (after i put oil around the mug). I didn't even taste it, so i don't know. This is NOT as easy as it seems.
ncdesigns3 years ago
I've tried this recipe three times now, each time altering a little here and there, and every time it comes out crumbly, dry, and not sweet at all. Also, if I follow the directions and cook it for 2 1/2 minutes, it will burn. 1 minute is plenty to get it done, but it's dry. So I follow the recipe as it says (minus the egg and the chocolate chips), cook for 1 minute in the microwave, then add just enough Very Vanilla soymilk and honey to make it moist and slightly sweet, and it's really good. This makes the consistency like that of the middle a sticky brownie (which is just how I like it). I haven't figured out yet how to make it come out moist without soaking it in milk, though. Will keep experimenting...
adamdundee6 years ago
just tried this today, cake rocks!! try using chocolate covered raisins instead of chocolate chips for much awesomeness!
scoochmaroo (author)  adamdundee6 years ago
Ooooh, good suggestion. Glad you like it!
Also for a 750 watt microwave how long do you suggest i nuke it?:):DI'm sorry but my cakes are always a disaster and i wan't this to come out right...:D....and can you help me out with the measurements i got the uk measuring cup:(:(:(it measures in pints and ml....can you please help me?:D
My mom and I wanted something sweet, but didn't have anything like ice cream or cake mix. I had watch the video before, and said, "I'm going to try this when I have cocoa powder", since we didn't have any at the time. We got some for a school project. So, I tried it. Oh my gosh, it is great. I made it, and it came out perfect, but I think the mugs were too big, because the big poof didn't happen. :) I added some cookie icing, since I had if from previous cookies. Oh my gosh. It was party in my mouth. :) I will be making this again.
mrsthursday3 years ago
Don't have a microwave, long story- it blew up, so do you have a recipe like this I can make in a regular electric oven? It sounds heavenly.
bigwhitebob3 years ago
I have been returning to this recipe for at least a year now, I like the t tbs of egg comment (very Goldilocks). Love the recipe and wanted to say for thanks for saving my marriage by making cake readily available.

scoochmaroo (author)  bigwhitebob3 years ago
What a compliment! Thank you so much :D
I attempted to make this without the egg. After about 2 min I looked in the microwave and found the milk boiling and everything spilling out. When i was cleaning I noticed the flour was untouched and perfectly fine and wasn't mixed around. Just remember to stir everything together before nuking,
TZero3 years ago
Great recipe, I find that it's less gooey and more like a real cake than other recipe. Instead of vanilla I added some lemon zest which worked great.
MissBBD3 years ago
This is an amazing recipe! I've made it multiple times now and I can't get enough! I used it for a school project and I got an A! Thank u soooo much! Haha.... It's sooo simple.... I've made it 4 lots of ppl and they have never said anything bad about it:)
Does splenda work?
soso23 years ago
Can i use sweetened cocoa?
Renatuh3 years ago
Can you also use olive oil instead of canola oil?
icual Renatuh3 years ago
Hello. I haven't tried this recipe yet, but I don't think substituting olive oil for canola oil is a good idea. Olive oil has its own flavor, more suitable for salty foods.
Renatuh icual3 years ago
I didn't use any oil but I still liked the taste. The only thing that happened was that it burned while the inside was still dough kind of so next time I will put it in the microwave longer on a lower wattage
jhenry33 years ago
i followed the recipe swapping measurements to English...3 tablespoon = 1/3 cup.
took out the egg
the mix
makes 1 mug or 4 muffins
i nuked them each for 1 minute and got the perfect consistancy

Hey peoples. I'm 10. Made this. Easy. LOVE IT!!! I made 3 servings by myself it was SO EAST I LOVE IT!!! I HAVE NO BAKING EXPERIENCE THIS IS SORT OF WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE:
Patjoe993 years ago
I didn't have any cocoa so i did what someone else in the comments did, used 6 tablespoons of hot cocoa mix in place of it and sugar, i added a bit more then a "splash" of vanilla ha ha so it was bubbling and i had to wipe up the microwave but it tasted great! my Dad decided we should go above and beyond and ate it with mint chocolate chip ice cream whipped cream and some fudge like you get in a bottle to make chocolate milk. It tasted great! the cake was a bit harder then i was hoping for but my 700 calorie cake (estimate) was great! since sharing is caring me and my dad ate half of it with all the good stuff piled on and my mom and sister ate the ther half by itself and one serving was enough for all of us! over all in case you skipped to the bottem of this its a great recipe
Calories Carbohydrates Protein Fat cals. per gram
1111 110 13 71 4

Is the nutrion facts fro one serving of the cake without adding anything like i did (good thing i only ate a quarter of it)
sbajwa13 years ago
It was absolutely fab and quick !! Just need to adjust my time as put 3 cups in together ..was over by 30 secs ..still was very delicious and edible ;)
I just made this, doubled the basic recipe, using 1 egg instead of measuring it, and micowaved it in a smallish round Pyrex bowl for 5 minutes. It came out perfect! I was wondering about icing... but it didn't need it; the chocolate chips throughout serves and acts as icing. Quick, easy, and sooo tasty... using ingredients I always have on hand anyway! Thank you very much for posting the recipe!!!
i made this cake today.it was so quick and so tasty,it was AMAZING!!!also, i added chopped walnuts instead of chocolate chips.BEST CAKE EVER!!!!!!!!!
Mine turned out incredible and delicious! I love it! Im 13 and havent baked before so this was great!
GOHOKIES!3 years ago
Someone please tell me if I should use all purpose or self-rising flour? Text doesn't specify & video shows all purpose bag so thats what I used. Gotta say it didn't rise at all and was quite blah. I really, really, really want this recipe to work for me. I'm tired of searching for a good cup recipe. Thanks!
gavox GOHOKIES!3 years ago
DO NOT use self raising with this recipe. It will go EVERYWHERE
brittier3 years ago
This recipe didn't work for me at all. I omitted the egg and cooked it for 2.5 minutes in my 800 watt microwave. Basically, the batter caught on fire and the kitchen filled up with smoke. Ruined my favorite mug and now there is an awful smell in my house that I cannot get rid of. Probably won't make this again...
shwets3 years ago
Luvd d idea.. just tried it.. bt mine was a big blunder :( nt sure wat was wrong.. i used baking soda, no eggs. maybe soda should be less.. will try again.. really want this to work!
flumble3 years ago

I didn't have a tablespoon so used the coffee grounds scoup that came with my coffee machine.

It yielded a larger batch (probably double) so used a large deep soup bowl to cook it in... and a 700w microwave and 4 minutes on the timer.

It was delicious and the most cakelike microwave cake I have ever made.

I couldn't be bothered with the egg combinations - so left that out.


Blue Mist3 years ago
im going to try this yet im gonna use white chocolate cocoa powder, peppermint flavouring and dark chocolate chips. then im gonna melt some dark chocolate on top to decorate it.
scoochmaroo (author)  Blue Mist3 years ago
That sounds brilliant. Be sure to let us know how it is!
It will probably be extremely unhealthy lol
tzinno3 years ago
Thanks for the recipe. I did a search for "chocolate mug cake" on Google, and yours came up first.

I made several changes, which, if you're watching calories, these changes are pretty "standard" exchanges in the baking world:

I doubled the recipe and made it in a Pyrex 4-cup container, which was more than large enough - I didn't have to worry about it spilling over the sides. I cut it into 4 servings, which in my opinion, were substantial servings. I can't imagine making one recipe of this and eating it all myself - it's alot. I mean, I COULD eat the whole thing, but......

I used whole wheat flour, which I try to substitute as much as possible. It's heavier than regular flour, but my family is used to it and we thought it was fine. Using 3 T. of oil (or 6 T. in a double recipe)???? No way. I used NO oil at all, and instead replaced the oil with 6 T. of 2% Greek yogurt. The cake was dense, but plenty chocolate-y, which was my goal. I didn't even measure the egg, but I used an entire egg since I doubled the recipe. I liked the fact that even without using any oil, the cake nicely pulled away from the side of the container and only stuck a little to the bottom. I didn't add in any chocolate chips or other add-ins. Taking out all of the oil severely takes down the calories and fat in this recipe, and makes this a reasonable dessert to have more frequently. Next time - I will toy with decreasing the sugar and maybe replacing some of it with an equal amount of unsweetened applesauce or mashed banana.

I don't know what wattage my microwave is, but I cooked it on full power and stopped it every 30 seconds or so, didn't even stir it - and it did not burn. I would recommend the glass container - cooked very nice in it.

We topped ours with a dollop of marshmallow creme, and drank lots of white milk!
Mmmm.... I just made a chocolate and peppermint one - no egg, but an extra tablespoon of milk to keep it sticky... Awesomeness!
Pacificasue3 years ago
I made it with a cup of chocolate cake mix, an egg, small amount of oil, little water and chocolate chips, made it in a glass bowl. Way easier than getting out all of the cocoa and flour, etc. now I have sealed up the mix and can make at least three more cake. It was huge and served two but probably could have served four.
lkcm3 years ago
I love this recipe. It is really good topped with whip cream, vanilla bean ice cream or rainbow sherbret. Enjoy
This is just amaaaziing, I tried it with out the eggs, and it turned out great. :)
lbentall3 years ago
Sneaky tip: if you have an oversized/ bigger than standard mug, it doesn't puff over the top and all is well.

I tried this for the first time today, I'm glad I searched around and found your recipe as I think the proportions were just right. The chocolate chips kinda disappeared, but then I think I made them a bit small. I ate it as soon as it came out of the microwave, it had a nice crumbly texture and tasted delicious :) There's nothing quite like fresh cake.

In my 700W microwave on full power it didn't burn and was fine.
santy223 years ago
Made this today, didn't have chocolate chips, used almonds. Out of curiosity, added a spoonful of dulce de leche (milk caramel).
Amazing. Incredibly sweet.
Second try at half power came out great. I may have to try something like this at my restaurant.
Medium, Medium, Medium, Medium, Medium, Medium, Medium, Medium! I didn't read the comments. I got a tasty tough cake with a charcoal center. Going to try again on medium power. (brb)
tcalvin453 years ago
hello, me and my daughter just tried your recipe and it came out great. we have a 1200w microwave and we reduced the temp to med. we also used chocolate/pb chips and we only had wheat flour. we will be making this recipe more often with regular flour. thanks again for this recipe it was great.
Groovy girl3 years ago
I love this recipe because my whole home ec. class made this and it was delicious
rebecca_3 years ago
can i use self-rising flour?
and i wonder if any kind of oil is okay to be used in this recipe. i hv only corn oil at home:(
joleanrook3 years ago
My comment got deleted. Let me rephrase. This cake is DELICIOUS!!! REALLY SUPER TASTY, HONESTLY. I just think it's fair to mention that the recipe = 965 calories, 76 grams of sugar, 59 grams of fat, and 109 carbs. That being said it really did taste great.
joleanrook3 years ago
WHOA!! WATCH OUT!!! I entered in all the ingredients as shown on the list into my nutrition calculator and this cake is WAY HIGH in calories, sugar, fat, and carbs!!! See for yourself...
Screen shot 2012-01-29 at 6.15.06 PM.png
Galanthus3 years ago
Made one today with baking powder instead of egg. I also added vanilla and rum extract and chopped almonds. It was great!
hey i am vegetairian from India and i can not add egg but i want to try the reciepe so what is the best substitute of egg.
A little bit of baking powder will do the trick. Don't add too much baking powder though, unless you want cake all over the inside of your microwave :-)
craft.girl3 years ago
can i add nuts?
Yep! You absolutely can.

I've been making this delicious cake plenty of times. Today I tried adding chopped almonds along with the chocolate chips and it worked wonderfully!
Use half of the ingredients, cook, add cream, icing sugar, and a tiny amount of salt (stops it freezing too solid), and pour liquid nitrogen (tiny amount) into the top! The fastest most wonderful cake and icecream EVER!
I read the comments expecting for a nice little chocolate cake, I watched the video and did the recipe exactly as described, without the egg though because I didn't want to risk getting hurt. I put it in the microwave for 2:30, and when I opened the microwave door I was attacked by smoke, coming from my brownie which was now burnt and it hadn't even rose. I used a non alcoholic based vanilla as well. What happened? :/
Try checking the wattage of your microwave, if you have like a 1750 watt set on high power then your lucky the things didn't light up like a molotov cocktail. If you have a microwave with high wattage then set the power level to medium.
I haven't tried this recipe yet, but when I make cake in the oven I put a little flour on the chocolate chips to make sure they don't sink to the bottom. I'm not sure if that happens here, but I thought that since there is space for the chips to sink, I might as well give you heads up.
the first time mine burnt but that was my own faukt i have a 1750 watt microwave and it was set on high power the second one turned out great though. IT'S DELICOUS AND NUTRICOUS!
MrSinene3 years ago
This was so good. My mom thought it was going to make my sick until i showed he what i created. Delicious with cold vitamin D milk. I made some for my 1 year old sister and she loved it! Thanks for posting this. When i search "chocolate cake in mug" on Google your recipe is the first the pop up.
kicksledkid3 years ago
love the recipem a little dry but still awsome! i used bakers chocolate for a extra kick :)
djhusi5 years ago
Wow this is awesome.
The first time I tied my 700w microwave was set on high and the cake burnt like the Reichstag under 4 minutes :D
Next time I tried it on medium and it turned out to be perfect, comme il faut.
Thank you very much. Great work. A couple of ideas like this and you'll rule the World :)
Mine was also a burning ball of smoke with my 700w. The smell was really awful and it lingered way too long. I hope my next try will be better, I'll take your tip with medium!
This just happened to me. I would like to describe it as, "A molten ball of death and decay." I think I'm gunna be sick... DO NOT OVERCOOK!
Mmm. Another smash hit! I can't wait for the kids to get home from schoolmaroo to try it! The first one turned out great.
Sulfurite3 years ago
what kind of awesome sorcery is this?!
:D going to try it tomorrow ;)
cadia3 years ago
Blueberry Muffin cooked in a toaster oven

A "few" changes
2 TBL milk with 1 TBL yogurt whisked together with
2 TBL egg and splash vanilla
4 TBL WH WH Bread flour
2 TBL sugar
2 TBL coconut oil mashed into dry ingredients
Cinnamon a few shakes
2 TBL toasted coconut mixed into dry
2 big TBL frozen blueberrys mixed into dry ingredients right before mixing dry with wet
After dumping into mug I sprinkled raw sugar on top :)

Cooked at 375 20 minutes ( might be higher temp next time)
Finlay Page3 years ago
this is great. worked very well
i cant wait to make it with my friends next week i hope it works :D
bladenomics3 years ago
Doing an all night study, I was really excited about this. First trial = 2 tbsp nesquik and 1 tbsp Cadbury's Cocoa and 1 tbsp less of sugar (since nesquik has sugar).

I also added a pinch of baking powder and a pinch of baking soda (which I think caused the end result to be too more dry than the moist chocolate cake I was hoping for.

Also it had risen within 2 mins and was looking moist. I m unsure whether letting it cook further by a min or the baking soda made it a lil dry.

It was edible and I guess the next time I try without alternating the instructions it ll come out fine.
bladenomics3 years ago
Should keep these ingredients in my office pantry than run down to costa for that sudden dessert craving!!!! AWESOME!
mgates13 years ago
I love this recipe. So perfect for a single person who has a sweet tooth like me. Tonight I hit a snag when I didn't have any cocoa powder. So I just used Ovaltine malt powder instead. It turned out great!
geoper23 years ago
This was good i just made it and ate it all haha nom nom nom. I think the chocolate chips made the difference!!
I tried to make a now coco or extract version because I have none. I added an extra teaspoon of flour, vanilla bean, and flour. Nuked it for 4 minutes and it was a little dry but still pretty tasty. I would suggest a teaspoon more egg, but I like really moist cake. Also, unsweetened chocolate works great, made kind of a chocolate chip cookies cake. I would suggest taking out the chips, adding pineapple extract and drizzling it with cherry grenadine for upside-down mugcake.
no coco*
Buzzsushi5 years ago
I did the no egg version and my cake lit on fire after 1:20.... any suggestions? it was a large mug and the cake mix barely filled 1/10th of it.
We both Seem too attract trouble, Buzzsushi. After my first one didnt work out, my dad told me to experiment. I did. With baking soda. It ended up looking like this:P
Add a little more water. It's probably too dry.
That is weird
hehe.. use a smaller mug ;)
=3 CodeKid10014 years ago
Try using Baking Powder instead of Baking Soda.
Buzzsushi =34 years ago
Mine worked after removing some vanilla extract... The recipe was perfect.
scoochmaroo (author)  Buzzsushi5 years ago
lit on fire.
i wish you had been taping that!
i do not know what to suggest.  if you mug is that large, perhaps you need to double up your recipe, or halve the power on your microwave?
you like portal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
perhaps you used to much vanilla extract wich could ignite because it has a alcohol base?
Props to u... lol. I tried it again with less vanilla extract and it worked. perfectly.
You can try it again with the same amount of vanilla if you use vannilin instead of vanilla extract. Vanillin doesn't have an alcohol base, so no ignition.
 Flambee microwave cake!
cake lighting on fire? XD
finally someone more "baking-challenged" then me.
that is truly epic.
It was epic, but my house smelled for like 2 days after that.
hahaha, bummer!
 lol, it lit on fire xD
Uhm, don't know anything about what the eggs do exactly, but try putting them back in if you can, and check your power rating on your microwave and adjust time accordingly. Best of luck to you :)
The eggs set the cake. They keep it from falling once the egg has set. It's important.
patapitsa3 years ago
I would like to know if I can use a regular oven. I really want to try it but I don't have a microwave...
You would need a leavening agent if you made it in an oven, either chemical or biological. Chemical is what is generally used for cakes--baking soda or powder, versus biological--yeast. The only reason the microwave works without these is because the microwaves hyper-excite the water molecules, leading to lots of hot steam--rapid cooking, caramelization of sugars, and quick-setting protein--egg.
kangelus3 years ago
SO AWESOME I cant explain!!!!!!
psekar3 years ago
can i do it without a microwave oven ? pls reply
Mine did not go very well at all...
There was smoke coming out of it, and after 40 minutes of chipping away at the surface, I found it to be charcoal inside...
meagahan3 years ago
I'm actually terrified. It's in the microwave right now but I have marshmallows and.. I'll keep you updated. It's beeping. oh man.

I had to put it in for another two minutes (total: 6 min) because my microwave is old and stupid. Anyway, from what I've tasted it's fine, just super hot so it's in the freezer right now. I seriously tampered with the recipe. I didn't have any chocolate whatsoever in the house so I added extra sugar and cocoa. Also I left out the egg and put some marshmallows in. It seems fine :)
help.wanted3 years ago
just adding a photo to my last comment :)
help.wanted3 years ago
yumm! just like a real cake! mine is a bit on a dry side though, could use another tbsp of (soy)milk :)
Oh scoochmaroo, I think my cake was a lie (although I'm not quite sure what that means) ;) It's not as high as yours. It was so exciting watching it grow in the microwave!
jgray183 years ago
Just made it! Tasting really good so far, except i just forgot the vanilla and chocolate chips but still is amazing :D
WhiteTech3 years ago
I skipped the egg like you said added a tablespoon of peanut butter, caramel flavor, and shoved a piece of dark chocolate into the center and cooked it! Amazingly good!
aortiz153 years ago
Hello! I put my cake in the microwave 2:30 minutes but the top is very tanned and oil down a bit to do? :) Thanks!
dseal3 years ago
Hey. Thanks for posting this recipe/video. I plan to use it for Christmas happies for my co-workers (if I can get my issues worked out). I used this recipe and my cake was.... for lack of better word, gummy. Any suggestions?
asundin3 years ago
I gave it a whirl, since i was craving chocolate cake. It was good, I could have probably put a touch more vanilla in for me, but it was still good. I paired it with some ice cream, definitely hit the spot. Thanks for the quick recipe.
Worked out perfect without vanila, chips. And used one egg
tonyb47103 years ago
I have tried the 5 min Cake in a Cup 3 times and every time it was rubbery and as far as my grandson and I are concerned inedible. Either I am doing something wrong or there are a lot of people who have never tasted a good chocolate cake. This may not be in agreeance with your "be nice" policy, but I would be delighted if someone could tell me the secret step to success.
scoochmaroo (author)  tonyb47103 years ago
Start by cooking it for half the time you currently are. See if that helps!
Khloey3 years ago
I just tried this and though it tasted really good, its kind of dry. Do you think perhaps my microwave is too powerful? (1200 watt) Maybe next time I'll cook it 2minutes 30 seconds.
nfisher23 years ago
it is delishis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
octae3 years ago
This is a very great recipe. Thank you. I'm just afraid I'm gonna get fat 'cause it's too easy and too delicious.
merci beaucoup.
ps: I tried this with salted butter instead of oil and it's very nice too, you just have to melt it by 20 sec in the microwave.
dwillyarms3 years ago
I tried this twice and something is going wrong :( the cake isn't binding, and inside both times there was this charcoal, rock solid burnt heart! Made the whole cake taste of burning. I tried, the second time, nuking with less power and at intervals but the same happened. :(
Jedrokivich3 years ago
Of the many ways I've found to find out that your microwave is 1200 W and you shouldn't treat it the same way as a 1000 W, this is my favorite. Anybody want a cooked mug?
krodney3 years ago
this is awesome! I am lactose intolerance so I used soy milk instead of regular milk.. and I didn't have any regular flour so I used cornflour, still this was great! thank you so much! really needed that chocolate dose for the day :)
mbainrot3 years ago
Ping from Australia :)

Was really nice, though I forgot to add the vanilla extract prior to nuking :( oh well better luck next time :)

I found the 4 tbsp of flour to be about 65g (correct me if I am wrong) 

Though it seems like you Americans have coffee cups the size of swimming pools :) 

Though them choc chips really made it something nice :) should've added more than I did in hindsight.

Thanks for the recipe :)
dolankp3 years ago
I LOVE this! Felt a little naughty making a cake for just me (that made it taste all the more delicious). I might add a pinch of salt next time around though.
could use a foam or plastic cup instead
no you will get poisoned be careful that you only use microwave save products
alfamc23 years ago
i laughed when you said 'NUKE IT' (=
acosully4 years ago
i wasnt too sure of this recipe until i read 'the cake is a lie'. anyone who knows that phrase must know what theyre talking about [<3]
Agreed. However, now, on top of taking a break from laundry and homework to make cake in a cup, I must now go play a few minutes of Portal.... Ah well. :)

Also, in case anyone should read this that gets it.... You just lost the game.

You're welcome. :)
i got it. now i hate you. but just a little.
skarum acosully4 years ago
i ate the cake
lilith793 years ago
Replaced the milk and oil w/ heavy cream...lovely! PB chips work too.
alauzon3 years ago
I just took mine out of the microwave,
it smells amazing!
I can't wait to add some icing and dig in.
aarpaia3 years ago
I just made this. I added tart cherries in the batter before I heated it. Yesterday I tried a recipe that called for 2 tablespoons of sugar and a whole egg, but it was too dense. This was perfect!
jameseyboy3 years ago
you did it again scooch
cmarquez23 years ago
asdfghjkl; this is AMAZING. ahh but now i have a chocolate headache.
clp7723 years ago
I just made this with the following changes: used 1 T of applesauce/2 T oil, did not use egg, and added (and I think this is VERY important) a couple pinches of salt. I think all sweets need a bit of salt to bring out the sugars and the flavors in baked goods. In my 1000W microwave, I only cooked mine on high for about 3:30 minutes. I also used a wider, shorter mug so while the cake didn't rise over the top, there were also no issues of anything being uncooked in the center.

I topped mine with a bit of chocolate ice cream (may as well go all the way, right?) and it was pleasantly and surprisingly delicious.
istoian3 years ago
i tried it too and it's deliciouuus! i'm a mess in the kitchen but i succeeded with this one:))
seraphale3 years ago
To avoid trying to mix in baking powder, just use self rising flour, not all purpose flour.
wdalagan3 years ago
i make it and it's good but it doesn't expand. it's still the shape but it's good me and my brother found it good!
mde laat4 years ago
Thank you for the 2 tablespoons egg change you've made. I have a 700watt and did 3 min and it came out smashingly perfect. Thank you very much
what change ? can u tell me ?
tusui3 years ago
Hi. I am a student who is going to take a cooking exam in school soon. is there any way where i can improve on its presentation like putting it in a bowl or something? Do i need to increase the ingredients?
katiemb3 years ago
I do believe you just changed my life. This must be what heaven is like.
chercher523 years ago
could i use 2 tbs of egg beaters instead of whisking an egg and having leftover ?
oanderson4 years ago
I tried this but it didn't come out so well, my brother did one too a couple of years ago, it was sort of rubbery, I'm sure it's our fault and not the recipe but has this happened to anyone else before and what's the problem?
What I did was just omit the egg and it made it fudgier. Also - play around with the microwave time because what hte microwave can (and will) do is suck the moisture from the recipe.

But my suggestion was to omit the egg, watch your measurements, and cooking time. At first I was thinking, "This recipe is a bunch of crock!" then I did that.

Another thing is, I added a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and it turned into a nice warm pudding like thing.

same here. I would appreciate any problem solving, since (apart from the consitency) it tasted quite good, for a microwave dish.^^

My best guess would be that, because I'm german and there are several different food regulations between here and america, some ingredients used over there have slightly different properties (one wouldn't think that would be a problem but it already was with a recipe a few months back, where the german counterpart of one ingredent was missing a key property.)
I suppose that's probably it, I'm in England so it's the same thing, Thanks, now it's just to refine it :)
Lkholla3 years ago
I made a white cake similar to this and had a spongy/lighter texture, but every time I make this one it comes out kind of hard. Taste is excellent though so I just douse the cooked cake with a little some milk and it's great!
Alexvolos13 years ago
That Instructableble was fantastic.Here my Chocolate Cake.I cut the cake into slices.
bsktype3 years ago
Following these instructions this was terrible. I believe baking powder has been left out of the supplie list. mine did not raise all it did was burn
hey scoochmaroo does baking powder go on the cake or the cocoa already comes with the baking powder if not tell me if it has to put baking powder and do i have to use Herseys Cocoa?
darockerj4 years ago
for some reason, whenever i make this recipe it never brims over the top. does anyone know why? :\
kvnfln90004 years ago
cool portal reference
mbrownley4 years ago
Mine looked good and tasted terrible. I think 4 mins was too long and must have burned the chocolate. When it comes to chocolate cake, i'm usually not hard to please, but i would suggest testing it after 2 mins
mr.noris4 years ago
amazing just made it its hard to belive this only took 5 muinets
sbrooker4 years ago
THAT WAS DELICIOUS... Om nom nom nom nom! This is a GREAT instructable, but I think I burnt mine a little around the edges. 3 minutes might've been a little too long in my microwave. I'll try 2:30 or so next time.

Seriously, that was a great breakfast! :D
mstorck4 years ago
The instrucable is aweessome, but didnt worked well for me, hahaha
2011-07-28 22.02.24.jpg
did it taste good?
Yesss, tasted really niice, hahaha
Epic fail!
ohhh yeah, hehehe
Alx_xlA4 years ago
I just made this and it came out excellently. My only suggestion: With a 1000W microwave, I moved the mug after 1 minute, and cooked it for 1:30 after that. 3 minutes would too much.
when you stick a skewer in it make sure it comes out a with a little bit of batter ,let it cool and the inside will be moist
lol when i did this it raised up so much it almost fell out of the mug so i had to stop the microwave, when i did it was like some one let air out of a balloon.
did it fart or just psssssssssssssssssssssssst?
Does it work in a normal fan-forced oven?
hsfilmwala4 years ago
just wanna know that without mixing baking powder into cake batter how it will be rise up ? it wouldn't rise without mixing baking powder.
gunspyop24 years ago
just me
gunspyop24 years ago
gunspyop24 years ago
done smells good
gunspyop24 years ago
about to microwave hop its good
sinofvalex4 years ago
nom nom thanks! my mums been fasting while she was asleep... i made her a coffee cake i used coffee instead of coca and no choclate chips as she does not like them THANKS! + they're nice and fudgy
heheheq4 years ago
Well, good recipe, I did it once and it turned out alright
However, I tried to make a shortcut; I used chocolate syrup instead of cocoa mix and milk...yea....
Don't do that, it starts smoking profusely after about 2 minutes in the microwave, and gets extremely lumpy and kinda disgusting.
jlasher4 years ago
I got all the way to the end and realized I didn't have any chocolate chips, I'm sure it would have tasted much more chocolaty with them. I wasn't crazy about the taste, but I don't like to waste food, so I put peanut butter on it and it tasted much better. I'll have to try it again sometime when I have chocolate chips.
Pyrophoric4 years ago
Add a packet of instant coffee to the mix. Good way to start a day...
BodenM4 years ago
This is made of win :D I made it in my trusty oversized Top Gear mug, and it turned out great :D Thanks for the recipe! Might try it with Nestle Alpen Blend hot choccie powder instead of baking cocoa and see if it's any different :)
BodenM BodenM4 years ago
I remade it today with vanilla essence and coconut essence, and it was SO good. It was so good I forgot to take a photo XD!
Lissastrata4 years ago
OMG!!! Love this!!! I teach a local "Roundtable" (Cub Scout leaders attend to learn how to run meetings) and fully plan on teaching this exact recipe to folks! I have already had my kids and neighborhood kids make this and it's been fun!!!

I can't thank you enough.
tigerbomb84 years ago
this is a test to see if will post to my FB wall if i leave the box unticked.

P.S BEST tasting recipe out of the 10 i have tried
gelise4 years ago
I'm sorry but omitting the egg does not make it fudgier for me, it actually creates a smelly combination that every time I've tried it without egg the cake blackens and burns. I don't know why, I do exactly as you say- and the other people's cake looks so goooood.
St Jimmy4 years ago
I made this with whole pieces of caramel dark chocolate instead of chips, and my mouth has maladjusted to the level of deliciousness, so nothing will be good again. (For those of you in New Zealand, I used Whittakers' dark caramel)
Mrs.Padfoot4 years ago
Oh my, I'm going to be making this all the time! I made a few changes to this cake, to make it healthier and fit what i had at home.... I used whole wheat flour, which did change the texture a little, but not by much. I also used 5 packets of splenda, because i did not have any sugar. I don't know how much 5 packets equals, but i'm guessing around 2 - 3 tbsp. Also, i did not have unsweetened cocoa powder, so i used chocolate milk mix. I omitted the egg. I microwaved it for 2 1/2 minutes, but I'm not sure what power my microwave is. The only complaint i had was the cake did not rise... maybe it has something to do with the flour or the splenda or the milk mix or not using the egg? But it was still GREAT. Thanks for sharing!
do u know how many calories it has?

Sparticles4 years ago
Just a question, are you sure about the "4 minutes" at 700W ? At about 2 and a half minutes, a small mountain appeared in the middle of my cake and spewed smoke trough 3-4 small holes. (quite impressive actually, it was like a miniature landscape of an early planet (or comet near the sun)) And when I got it out, it continued to do so for about a minute and a half till I submerged it wit a little water.

But then I retried and got my cake out at almost 2 minutes and it was fine.

Just saying.

Thank you for the instructable!

falcon624 years ago
I reduced the oil from 3 tablespoons to 1 and it tastes the same to me. Actually I think it tastes better. Less greasy.

Now I need to find a good Chocolate Mug Brownie recipe!
rskyrme4 years ago
I cooked it.. It looked sooooooo Beautiful.... Until i tasted the bitterness inside of the teensy weensy cake. Any Suggestions on what i did wrong? (I followed the recipe... and it looked better than all of the other "Mug cakes" I baked, but tasted the same. :'( )
cj723964 years ago
I just made this! :) It's absolutely delicious, other than being a tad too dry. But I may have just messed up the ingredients, haha. I was going to upload a picture, but then I realized... I ate it all. Haha. Thanks so much for this!
sarahopal224 years ago
So, I must say I was disappointed with this recipe.. I didn't add the egg for a "fudgier" cake, but it was a dry cake that was too sweet with sugar rather than being chocolate. I had it in the microwave for almost 2 1/2 mins barely done and it tastes burnt, like a raw cocoa powder. Not good, sorry.
I think that you made it wrong or some thing because mine was fine and so were a ton of other peoples.
No, actually, I made it exactly the way the recipe called for except for the cooking time, which would have resulted in an even poorer outcome because 2 1/2 mins was almost too long. I made it with all quality ingredients and followed the recipe. It just didn't turn out for me.
lol mine first was a stone after then i tried it with 1:30 then it stayed same, unfortunately in 5:00 it was perfect then i did "mini" versions, they are like cookies and i cook them 6 at once :D
hthompson54 years ago
Oh my goodness, this was DELICIOUS. I added a little squirt of chocolate syrup in the mix, as well as crushed dark chocolate. I topped it with the syrup too, and it came out delicious. My only complaint was that it stuck to my mug; should I have sprayed it first?
HamenChips4 years ago
I made it for my Mom, snacks for her to eat at hospital.
gogglecrab4 years ago
Great recipe! Any other ones I've tried just tasted very bland, But you're recipe taste great! 5 stars *****
nimbo3434 years ago
I love you. I have yet to try this, but believe me, this will make one happy teenage boy. Me, if that was not too clear.
Thank you soo much!! This made my day...who knew browsing instructables and the iBooks app on my iPod would make my family so happy? I used Ovaltine mix instead of unsweetened cocoa and it was muy delicioso! I served it with ice cream because it was a little dry...does that count as a tip? ;)
sanyogita4 years ago
Thanks a ton !! I used ur instructions and tried the cake twice .It turned out gr8 .So I went ahead and ued the same in a kids summer workshop. the kids were so happy. the parents were happier. the only change i made was we used bowls insted of mugs!!
dodo914 years ago
Is there such thing as a microwave over 1000w. I microwaved it for 2:30, and it burnt to a crisp (well... almost)
My microwave is 1250 so...yep :)
uspolia4 years ago
jadeebabe4 years ago
i LOVED it my parents hate me making a mess when i cook but they didnt even know i made it for them and OMG THEY LOOOOOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my parents too but they loved this one
lmeijer4 years ago
it's amazing, i'm going to try it right away!
But do you know how to make a 5 minute apple pie??
Really an amazing instructable!!!
scoochmaroo (author)  lmeijer4 years ago
Like this one? http://www.instructables.com/id/5-Minute-Pie/ Ha!
suayres4 years ago
I just made this, and, wow! Yummy! I made two minor adjustments to the recipe--first, I added just a pinch of salt (a little pinch), and then, I added around 1/8th tsp of baking powder, to give it a little lift. I think if I were going for brownies, I would have omitted the baking powder. Believe it or not, that little bit of salt actually makes sweets taste a bit sweeter, and amps up flavors like chocolate. Also, next time, I think I will spray the cup with Pam--I know that some of it will get scraped off in mixing the cake, but that cake sure does stick. I'm soaking the cup even as we speak, er type.
sasizzle4 years ago
LOL! Portal reference in the recipe! I wasn't expecting that... this cake looks delicious and I'm going to try it as soon as I get an egg. :) thanks!
kmoorefield4 years ago
My daughter and I tried this recipe and found it was very dense and rubbery. I added about 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of baking powder and it fluffed up like a normal cake! Very good recipe tho! I will make it over and over for my kids!
OrIsIt4 years ago
I have done this today and it tastes great! It was extremely tasty after dipping it in milk, the problem i had was no eggs and it still tasted great like fudge the other problem was getting the cake remains of the cup? How do i get them off?
kff964 years ago
I tried this just 6 minutes ago, and at least it taste good. I didnt have any chocolate chips, so i used a kind of thinly sliced chocolate you put on bread. It baked quickly (2 min) and didnt burn the least, BUT when it was baked all the way through, the whole thing rose. And it rose! it came out of the cup like a cylinder. All the way. Of course this left out the hassle of taking it out of the cup, but as i found out, i now had a microwave plate covered in chocolate. Great recipe, next time ill leave out the extra chocolate.
Cheers from Denmark! :)
This recipe really works!!.. thank you, absolutely delicious ;)
dodo914 years ago
The no egg version burns to easily. I need a new time for the no egg... because when i microwave for 2:30, my house began to smell like fire.... and I knew what it had to be!
tinker2344 years ago
wow lovely
kelseymh4 years ago
I just love inverted translations.

From you, to Russia (published 13 Feb 2010 by Spava Baranski), and back again. Twice!
imanyanga4 years ago
Hahaha!, our first attempt to try, we halved everything down, buuuut.....we forgot to reduce the oven time as well, (though we sensed the smell that it was ready, but we kinda waited for the timer)... which led to this.......! (lmao)
egibbs4 years ago
That was the BEST chocolate cake I've ever had in my life!!! It tasted even better than it looked!!!
I just made this and it was delicious! I made a few changes. No chocolate chips, extra liquid added in the form of 1/4 cup strong brewed coffee and when it was done, I added 2 TBS of Adam's crunchy peanut butter and 1TBS of milk and stirred it all up. It looked pretty and tasted like a Reese's peanut butter cup in cake version! I cooked it for 2:35 seconds in 1200 W oven and it was done! Yum!
kwolfgang014 years ago
I attempted to halve the recipe. Originally nuked it for 2:00 but it didn't look done so I went another 30 sec and it turned out really dry (except the bottom). Also I used peppermint extract instead of vanilla. The taste was good, so I guess I'll just keep experimenting...
Oh so yummy! Just made this, left out the egg, used soymilk instead of milk, substituted 1T of brown sugar for white sugar, added a dash of cinnamon. It was so yummy. actually cooked it in a small pyrex bowl and cut into 4 small pieces to test it out. Even that little bit was perfectly delicious and almost satisfying, of course I want more but it was an easy way to give kids a little treat and not have to police the rest.
I have made this before. This is the same recipe all the others have except for the egg. I tried it and it turned out okay, but a bit dry -- so next time less time in the microwave. Also I will be adding about a 1/2 tsp. of instant coffee, which brings out the chocolate flavor more. This is a great recipe all-in-all.

If you leave out the chocolate to make another flavor, you should add in an additional tablespoon of flour to make up for not using the baking cocoa, as it is a powder.

Also, I have Celiac disease and cannot use regular flour. I made mine with a rice flour blend and that worked great.

Now we can all easily gain 50 pounds - LOL
uspolia4 years ago
what to use instead of egg in cake
ORJANA5 years ago
I love it!!!. I put the mix in small bowels and came up with good results!!. Thanks..
Small Bowels, who's bowels? Did you ask them before you shoved the mix in their intestines?
lol. butt cake
nimrodel4 years ago
Nice recipe. A suggestion, if anyone dislikes the taste of oil, use melted butter. The texture will change a bit, but the taste is nice. Add fresh cherries inside for heavenly taste.
I followed the recipe and it was great! I have been experimenting with substitutes while baking and another substitute for the oil could be applesauce. Not sure if it will work in this but maybe worth a shot?
Sounds interesting. It might add moist without the extra fat.
moisture lol spelling fail for me XD
maxim19144 years ago
i followed this recipe to the letter but i added m&m's instead of chocolate chips and then i put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, it was so good! Thank you!
GaryMeow4 years ago
Nom nom nom nom
Eating my delish cake-in-a-mug :D
Thank you for a lovely instructable!
courtzandme4 years ago
I Love it
l8nite4 years ago
When my mom came to visit she was all enthused about making these cakes, there were 20 of us, after about the 10th one she was like whooaaa but soldiered on. A suggestion was put forth and tried the next night, mix a large batch and pour in a glass baking dish that fits the microwave, extend the cooking time a couple of minutes and VIOLA' it was as good as the cup version although it WAS a little difficult to scoop out and serve
sram?ez4 years ago
I've just made it... it went out perfectly :D... I read a comment of someone who used smashed banana instead of oil and I did the same cause I like healthy food. It was really good.. nice texture, almost duplicated it's size and just so quick.. the only mistake I made was that I added two TS of sugar instead of 4 'cause I didn't payed attention while reading the recipe LOL so it wasn't really sweet.. the next time I will add 3 ;)

thanks for the recipe, and i will do it again without a doubt!!.. I definetly recomend it to everyone.. and one advice to all of you guys.. do it in a pirex.. in one of those who are for measuring one cup.. and I put it for three minutes, actually 2:50 minutes in the microwave and it was perfect. Good luck with it :)

PD: I would post a pic but I just can't find my camera usb :/

Sara (Peru)
I tried the recipe this morning with our 9-year-old son, just for fun. It turned out fine. I used only 2 T sugar (4 T is just too sweet for us, especially with the added chocolate chips) and only 2 T of mini chocolate chips. I used a mug that holds 350ml (about 1-1/2 cup); put in a 1300W microwave at 80% power and nuked it for 2:30. Came out perfectly. Ate it with homemade strawberry/banana ice cream; tasted more like brownie than cake but was still good. Most importantly our 9-year-old thought it was very cool. Now I just have to play with the recipe to come up with something a bit more waistline friendly. :-)
zdw14 years ago
I tried it so many times and I cannot get enough of it!!!
onepiece944 years ago
love this instructable although iv'e known this before.... but your variant is the best iv'e seen.......i made a whole cake like this once but instead i used the oven
Beanie104 years ago
I am going to have to try this. Thanks for the recipe! It looks great!
crystol4 years ago
I just saw this recipe in the FoodNetwork magazine, heres a link http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchens/instant-chocolate-cake-recipe/index.html

a beleive they stole your recipe, but just made it a little bigger
wow i made this immediately after i saw it thanks
lol well done
ChrisDandy4 years ago
I overcooked mine a bit, so it turned out a little dry... So at the end, I added a splash of milk and stirred it into the cake. It didn't look as nice, but it was moist and delicious! Thanks for the recipe.
iyoung4 years ago
I tried this and it exploded all over the place.... All i wanted was a nice little mug cake *sigh*
Shany1204 years ago
I LOVE IT!!!! :D
ahollenbeck4 years ago
Just made this loveliness but subsituted powdered chai spice tea instead of chocolate powder. I also added a bit of homemade buttercream on top. Yum!!
lucasgui4 years ago
If i dont have any chocolate at home, will it become good anyway?
kadenbohn4 years ago
this is to die for i LOVE it!!!
joel.riley14 years ago
i do this without egg most of the time, and with dessicated coconut and its ace! 2 minutes (although the microwave isnt great) and its nice and gooey. supremely good!
thanks loads for the recipe! its fantastic!
I don't know why everyone says it was rubbery i heated mine up in a coffe mug for 400 minutes in my 750 watt microwave pulled it out and tasted it. It was a bit hard but i just reached back into my fridge and pulled out the chocolate syrup and milk and poured a little of both onto my cake-in-a-cup and it tasted awesome. Oh and thanks to whoever posted the nutritional info really makes me feel swell about eating em. (sarcasm if you couldn't tell)

400 minutes was a bit much which is why your "cake in a cup" turned out hard.  That's almost six and a half hours.  Perhaps you made a typo and it's four minutes.  If this is the case, try a shorter time.  Maybe three and a half minutes.  As a rule of thumb, when you touch the top of the cake, it should flex under your touch and return to the position it started in before you poked it.

BTW I meant 400 minutes.
LOL, I looooove this and should NOT have run it thru a calorie calculator....I did not need to know the stats :) It's so awesomely worth the 900+ calories though :)
WhyHello4 years ago
rawr, i cant find cocoa
Can this be made in a large coffee cup made from cardboard or paper? I think I've seen a coffee cake instructable that's similar.
jec044 years ago
Worked beautifully on my first try. Thanks for the recipe! It's yummy.

2011-02-08 22.10.19.jpg
:O I don't believe it. I logged into instructables just now to make an instructable for 5 minute chocolate cake and see this on the front page!
seamaas4 years ago
I tried this 3 times.The first I didn't use egg and it turn out really bad.It was hard and all the oil floated to the top so it sorta fried.The 2nd&3rd times I use the egg and was one the best cakes I've ever had.

you write wonderful instructables
thank you,
Absolutely fantastic, and really easy! The 3 mins/1000 watt recommendation is right on. My husband and I have these often....would even more often if we weren't trying to lose weight, ha ha.

5 stars!
mar64 years ago
i made a vegan version by adding hald a mashed banana instead of the egg and it tastes DELICIOUS.
Atifsaqlain4 years ago
Hey This is Awesome!! Made my own an really liked it!! thanks!!!
catiehade4 years ago
I suggest not to use peanut oil, I figured that you should use vegetable oil, or oil you normally cook with. Go figure when I want to make this we have none, so just to tell everyone DO NOT USE PEANUT OIL!!!!!!! It tastes funny.....
I just made this and I absolutely love it :D
Great for when I want some cake but don't feel like making a big one (:
It tastes like brownies, so yummy!
anres3214 years ago
Best recipe ever !!! I made this so many times... But it takes me about 8 minutes :D 5* !!
Fimbulveter4 years ago
Mmm. Just made it! It was sooo good!
Picture 022.jpg
leokho4 years ago
I've seen this somewhere before, but tried just now and it was AWESOME :) Btw, I've added up a bit more ingredients, made in a small bowl (good for microwave) instead of a cup for two ppl :)
johnomi4 years ago
I added nearly the whole egg and self rising power. It looked good but didn't taste good. It was still cool anyway ¦¬)
Neon Panda4 years ago
Going to try this later, Just what i need on a cold day like today. (=^.^=)
Mmmm! That was muy good. I used pre-prepared baking flour and I used water in my whisked eggs.
Seleziona4 years ago
I tried the "fudgier" version, put it in for 3 minutes, and brought it out, and it was smoking, and it wouldn't stop.... I don't know what was wrong.
alix-cool4 years ago
lovely idea me and my sister made one each... didnt seem like it was gonna turn out right at first but it did- it was brill, mine was slightly dry but we left it in a little bit too long hehe heres our pics
kayeramirez4 years ago
HERE'S THE TRICK TO AVOID A DRY CAKE: more chocolate chips! Pour a layer (1/2 inch) of the cake batter into the mug, add a layer of chocolate morsels (about 10-15 chips), pour another layer of cake batter, add another layer of chocolate morsels, pour a layer of cake batter, then top it off with a generous amount of chocolate chips! Not only was the cake moist, but it also had a molten chocolate center!

Yes, you will have to mix the batter in a bowl (hence, having another dish to wash) but isn't that worth a rich and moist cake? I made this recipe without eggs and plenty of chocolate chips, and it was absolutely delicious. The cake did not reach the top of the mug but rather 3/4 of the cup - but I did not mind. (In fact, it made me feel less guilty eating it.) Also, I microwaved it for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Please try layering chocolate chips between the cake batter before giving up on this recipe. This absolutely works and I recommend it to anyone having trouble with the dryness of the original recipe.
My nuker's 1000w - first try I went three minutes and never saw it rise, plus it looked liquid still, so I put it on a fourth minute - at thirty seconds I smelled burning and yoinked it out. Pretty dry with a burnt center, but not horrible around the edges. Luckily I was making a second (for my hubby) - set it on 70% power for the full 3 minutes - the top part was perfect, the bottom was a bit dry.

I think the mug's shape and size might have a big impact on done-ness. Also I wonder if leaving it in the mug to cool has a bigger impact on moist/dry qualities - if turning it out immediately causes it to dry out too much.

Anyway, it was absolutely delicious! Will be making it again!
Ortzinator4 years ago
Mine got really tough. :( Cooked too long? (3:00)
fire1light4 years ago
I just made this and it was great!
Like all the other people said I nuked it for only 2:30.
I also used left over halloween M&M for the chocolate chips.

When I go to college I'm definitely going to make this is my dorm!
Thank you for sharing this great recipe!!
doesnt this come out a litle dry?
tpwitte4 years ago
I love cake so I was sooo excited to try it! I have a 700w microwave so I put it in for 4 minutes like it says....WAY to dry. Start with less time and add time if needed. I think it would have turned out ok...I guess ill try it again some other time!
sharjunkies4 years ago
I tried it without the egg and it was extremely fudgy, moist, and delicious!!! Now I don't have to worry about making a quick sweet treat that involves washing bowls, pans, mixers, etc. Quick and easy!! LOVE IT!
shimmerpole4 years ago