Step 3: Nuke It!

Picture of Nuke It!
  • Microwave for 3 minutes in a 1000w oven, or 4 minutes in a 700w oven.
It will start to crown over the top of the mug. Don't panic! It will collapse once the heat stops.
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This is the best recipe for "cake-in-a-mug" I've found. I find it a bit big for one serving, so I multiply all the ingredients x 1.5 and put it in 2 mugs. I add some pecans for crunch instead of chocolate chips.

I nuked mine for 3.5 minutes (for 2 mugs, 1.5 recipes) and I'm not sure what wattage my microwave is. Just keep an eye on it and once it rises a centimetre or two above the mug rim, it's done.

siamonsez2 years ago
Is this just a scaled down version of a normal recipe or is it tweaked?
I was wondering if cake mix would work, like make the box of batter and save it and just pour some when you want.
jhenry33 years ago
i followed the recipe swapping measurements to English...3 tablespoon = 1/3 cup.
took out the egg
the mix
makes 1 mug or 4 muffins
i nuked them each for 1 minute and got the perfect consistancy

Mine turned out incredible and delicious! I love it! Im 13 and havent baked before so this was great!
flumble3 years ago

I didn't have a tablespoon so used the coffee grounds scoup that came with my coffee machine.

It yielded a larger batch (probably double) so used a large deep soup bowl to cook it in... and a 700w microwave and 4 minutes on the timer.

It was delicious and the most cakelike microwave cake I have ever made.

I couldn't be bothered with the egg combinations - so left that out.


I don't like this recipe, it seems to go right for everybody else but I tried it twice but both times it ended up burnt, I have an 800 watt microwave and I was cooking it for 3 and a half minutes. The second time the cup was full of boiling oil and \I don't know what I have done wrong, can anybody help??
I read the comments expecting for a nice little chocolate cake, I watched the video and did the recipe exactly as described, without the egg though because I didn't want to risk getting hurt. I put it in the microwave for 2:30, and when I opened the microwave door I was attacked by smoke, coming from my brownie which was now burnt and it hadn't even rose. I used a non alcoholic based vanilla as well. What happened? :/
mgates13 years ago
I love this recipe. So perfect for a single person who has a sweet tooth like me. Tonight I hit a snag when I didn't have any cocoa powder. So I just used Ovaltine malt powder instead. It turned out great!
I tried to make a now coco or extract version because I have none. I added an extra teaspoon of flour, vanilla bean, and flour. Nuked it for 4 minutes and it was a little dry but still pretty tasty. I would suggest a teaspoon more egg, but I like really moist cake. Also, unsweetened chocolate works great, made kind of a chocolate chip cookies cake. I would suggest taking out the chips, adding pineapple extract and drizzling it with cherry grenadine for upside-down mugcake.
no coco*
Buzzsushi5 years ago
I did the no egg version and my cake lit on fire after 1:20.... any suggestions? it was a large mug and the cake mix barely filled 1/10th of it.
We both Seem too attract trouble, Buzzsushi. After my first one didnt work out, my dad told me to experiment. I did. With baking soda. It ended up looking like this:P
Add a little more water. It's probably too dry.
That is weird
hehe.. use a smaller mug ;)
=3 CodeKid10014 years ago
Try using Baking Powder instead of Baking Soda.
Buzzsushi =34 years ago
Mine worked after removing some vanilla extract... The recipe was perfect.
cake lighting on fire? XD
finally someone more "baking-challenged" then me.
that is truly epic.
It was epic, but my house smelled for like 2 days after that.
hahaha, bummer!
meagahan3 years ago
I'm actually terrified. It's in the microwave right now but I have marshmallows and.. I'll keep you updated. It's beeping. oh man.

I had to put it in for another two minutes (total: 6 min) because my microwave is old and stupid. Anyway, from what I've tasted it's fine, just super hot so it's in the freezer right now. I seriously tampered with the recipe. I didn't have any chocolate whatsoever in the house so I added extra sugar and cocoa. Also I left out the egg and put some marshmallows in. It seems fine :)
mbrownley4 years ago
Mine looked good and tasted terrible. I think 4 mins was too long and must have burned the chocolate. When it comes to chocolate cake, i'm usually not hard to please, but i would suggest testing it after 2 mins
lol when i did this it raised up so much it almost fell out of the mug so i had to stop the microwave, when i did it was like some one let air out of a balloon.
did it fart or just psssssssssssssssssssssssst?
Does it work in a normal fan-forced oven?
gunspyop24 years ago
just me
gunspyop24 years ago
gunspyop24 years ago
done smells good
Sparticles4 years ago
Just a question, are you sure about the "4 minutes" at 700W ? At about 2 and a half minutes, a small mountain appeared in the middle of my cake and spewed smoke trough 3-4 small holes. (quite impressive actually, it was like a miniature landscape of an early planet (or comet near the sun)) And when I got it out, it continued to do so for about a minute and a half till I submerged it wit a little water.

But then I retried and got my cake out at almost 2 minutes and it was fine.

Just saying.

Thank you for the instructable!

lol mine first was a stone after then i tried it with 1:30 then it stayed same, unfortunately in 5:00 it was perfect then i did "mini" versions, they are like cookies and i cook them 6 at once :D
BodenM4 years ago
This is made of win :D I made it in my trusty oversized Top Gear mug, and it turned out great :D Thanks for the recipe! Might try it with Nestle Alpen Blend hot choccie powder instead of baking cocoa and see if it's any different :)
dodo914 years ago
Is there such thing as a microwave over 1000w. I microwaved it for 2:30, and it burnt to a crisp (well... almost)
My microwave is 1250 so...yep :)
dodo914 years ago
The no egg version burns to easily. I need a new time for the no egg... because when i microwave for 2:30, my house began to smell like fire.... and I knew what it had to be!
egibbs4 years ago
That was the BEST chocolate cake I've ever had in my life!!! It tasted even better than it looked!!!
ChrisDandy4 years ago
I overcooked mine a bit, so it turned out a little dry... So at the end, I added a splash of milk and stirred it into the cake. It didn't look as nice, but it was moist and delicious! Thanks for the recipe.
TheJames5 years ago
I put in 2 1/2 tbs of sugar, 2 tbs of chocolate and microwaved it for 2 minutes. It came out Fan.Tas.Tic!
technoguy945 years ago
A microwave or a microwave oven?
covey125 years ago
accidently put almond extract instead of vanilla, its really dry i guess it burned 
bilham5 years ago
I love this. But, since I didn't have any unsweet cocoa, I used fudge brownie mix. I also didn't know what my microwave was. So I did the 4 minute thing, and it instead of a delicious chocolaty treat , I got a mug that was broken down the middle. I'll try again when we get the right info and ingredients!
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