Step 4: Experiment!

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Some people have had mixed results with the final texture of this cake.  

This cake is tricky mostly because of people's microwaves all being different.  I experimented a lot with the amounts of different ingredients. 

I think if it's something you're going to make quite a lot in the future, it's worth fussing around with!  Try just a bit less time in the microwave (you can always put it back in for more).  If that doesn't help, try a little less egg, or a little less flour. 

Keep notes on what you're trying each time, and eventually you'll find the cake that's perfect for both you and your microwave!
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Krasen made it!7 months ago

Here is my go! ;)
I used fresh squeezed orange juice instead of milk. I did not taste the orange :D
But was great, deffinlty will make again.

pglenn11 year ago
Hi. As in the mood for just a little bit of chocolate cake earlier tonight. This turned out perfectly!! I added a little canola oil to the mug so cake wouldn't stick. That added to the moisture of the cake. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.
kray101 year ago
Hey it is a cool recipe. However I didn't have cocoa powder. And I forgot to add vanilla essence. I used Cadbury hot chocolate powder. Instead of 3 spoon of sugar I added 2 spoon of chocolate powder and 1 spoon of sugar. It turned out to be quite yummy. This recipe is a hit
eo'bleness1 year ago
http://www.microwavecookingforone.com/Charts/ this might help everyone having trouble wih microwave times! :)
Nat_han2 years ago
Mine didn't turn out quite so pretty, it was really wet and almost like it didn't cook long enough. I'll try for 3 1/2 minutes next time. My problem was probably all the substitutions I made. I used cup for cup, or rather tablespoon for tablespoon, gluten free flour instead of flour, cinnamon applesauce instead of oil, almond milk instead of milk, and Splenda instead of sugar. I also didn't use as much egg as the recipe called for, I used about a third of an egg because we had it leftover from another recipe and needed to either use it or throw it out. I didn't have chocolate chips or candy bars so I skipped that part as well.

Nonetheless the cake still tasted good. It reminds me of the brownies that come in microwave dinners.
dianapham2 years ago
I substituted almond milk for milk and applesauce (sweetened) for oil just to see how it would turn out and it was great! A bit denser and more like an egg based cake, but still good topped with powdered sugar. I just wish I had some chocolate chips.
scrossing2 years ago
Incredible recipe! I omitted the egg, used 4 tbsp of milk and only 2 tbsp of oil, and substituted the chocolate chips with Skor bits (didn't have any chocolate on hand). It took only 2:30 min in my microwave.
jackle132 years ago
Mmmmmm this is going to be good
jackle132 years ago
Mmmmmm this is going to be good
Pretty yummy, but I think I'd add a little bit of salt to the recipe. Personal preference. Other than that, perfect!
TZero3 years ago
Great recipe, I find that it's less gooey and more like a real cake than other recipe. Instead of vanilla I added some lemon zest which worked great.
Patjoe993 years ago
I didn't have any cocoa so i did what someone else in the comments did, used 6 tablespoons of hot cocoa mix in place of it and sugar, i added a bit more then a "splash" of vanilla ha ha so it was bubbling and i had to wipe up the microwave but it tasted great! my Dad decided we should go above and beyond and ate it with mint chocolate chip ice cream whipped cream and some fudge like you get in a bottle to make chocolate milk. It tasted great! the cake was a bit harder then i was hoping for but my 700 calorie cake (estimate) was great! since sharing is caring me and my dad ate half of it with all the good stuff piled on and my mom and sister ate the ther half by itself and one serving was enough for all of us! over all in case you skipped to the bottem of this its a great recipe
Calories Carbohydrates Protein Fat cals. per gram
1111 110 13 71 4

Is the nutrion facts fro one serving of the cake without adding anything like i did (good thing i only ate a quarter of it)
Mmmm.... I just made a chocolate and peppermint one - no egg, but an extra tablespoon of milk to keep it sticky... Awesomeness!
the first time mine burnt but that was my own faukt i have a 1750 watt microwave and it was set on high power the second one turned out great though. IT'S DELICOUS AND NUTRICOUS!
djhusi5 years ago
Wow this is awesome.
The first time I tied my 700w microwave was set on high and the cake burnt like the Reichstag under 4 minutes :D
Next time I tried it on medium and it turned out to be perfect, comme il faut.
Thank you very much. Great work. A couple of ideas like this and you'll rule the World :)
Mine was also a burning ball of smoke with my 700w. The smell was really awful and it lingered way too long. I hope my next try will be better, I'll take your tip with medium!
This just happened to me. I would like to describe it as, "A molten ball of death and decay." I think I'm gunna be sick... DO NOT OVERCOOK!
Finlay Page3 years ago
this is great. worked very well
Kenmeister3 years ago
Not bad!
It tastes better if you leave it a few minutes to cool down.

My chocolate chunks all sunk to the bottom, so there was an extra tasty surprise waiting at the bottom of my cup :-)
Mine did not go very well at all...
There was smoke coming out of it, and after 40 minutes of chipping away at the surface, I found it to be charcoal inside...
alauzon3 years ago
I just took mine out of the microwave,
it smells amazing!
I can't wait to add some icing and dig in.
mde laat4 years ago
Thank you for the 2 tablespoons egg change you've made. I have a 700watt and did 3 min and it came out smashingly perfect. Thank you very much
what change ? can u tell me ?
darockerj4 years ago
for some reason, whenever i make this recipe it never brims over the top. does anyone know why? :\
sbrooker4 years ago
THAT WAS DELICIOUS... Om nom nom nom nom! This is a GREAT instructable, but I think I burnt mine a little around the edges. 3 minutes might've been a little too long in my microwave. I'll try 2:30 or so next time.

Seriously, that was a great breakfast! :D
jlasher4 years ago
I got all the way to the end and realized I didn't have any chocolate chips, I'm sure it would have tasted much more chocolaty with them. I wasn't crazy about the taste, but I don't like to waste food, so I put peanut butter on it and it tasted much better. I'll have to try it again sometime when I have chocolate chips.
mstorck4 years ago
The instrucable is aweessome, but didnt worked well for me, hahaha
2011-07-28 22.02.24.jpg
hthompson54 years ago
Oh my goodness, this was DELICIOUS. I added a little squirt of chocolate syrup in the mix, as well as crushed dark chocolate. I topped it with the syrup too, and it came out delicious. My only complaint was that it stuck to my mug; should I have sprayed it first?
kwolfgang014 years ago
I attempted to halve the recipe. Originally nuked it for 2:00 but it didn't look done so I went another 30 sec and it turned out really dry (except the bottom). Also I used peppermint extract instead of vanilla. The taste was good, so I guess I'll just keep experimenting...
ORJANA5 years ago
I love it!!!. I put the mix in small bowels and came up with good results!!. Thanks..
Small Bowels, who's bowels? Did you ask them before you shoved the mix in their intestines?
lol. butt cake
nimrodel4 years ago
Nice recipe. A suggestion, if anyone dislikes the taste of oil, use melted butter. The texture will change a bit, but the taste is nice. Add fresh cherries inside for heavenly taste.
I followed the recipe and it was great! I have been experimenting with substitutes while baking and another substitute for the oil could be applesauce. Not sure if it will work in this but maybe worth a shot?
Sounds interesting. It might add moist without the extra fat.
moisture lol spelling fail for me XD
courtzandme4 years ago
I Love it
Beanie104 years ago
I am going to have to try this. Thanks for the recipe! It looks great!
Shany1204 years ago
I LOVE IT!!!! :D
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