This is a little M & M catupult that anyone can make. I use it to throw M & M's into mine and my friends mouths but you could use it to throw at a target, into a cup, at your little brother/sister, etc...
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
1. Icebreakers tin (To Share, Not to Share)
2. 2 popcicle sticks
3. Glue gun
4. Hot Glue
Images are a little blurry sorry

Step 2: Take off the label

Picture of Take off the label
Take the label off and then take the top off

Step 3: Remove the Not To Share piece

Picture of Remove the Not To Share piece
Cut the Not To Share piece off with a knife

Step 4: The arm

Picture of The arm
Glue one of the popcicle sticks to the bottom of the not to share piece.

Step 5: Make room for my stick

Picture of Make room for my stick
Cut the to share piece so that there is room for the popcicle stick.

Step 6: Glue the arm on

Picture of Glue the arm on
Glue the arm onto the to share side.

Step 7: The last steps

Picture of The last steps
Glue a popcicle stick to the other side of the to share part.
Put some glue where the line is on the not to share part.
giike33 years ago
I made one out of a fork and tape it works great
giike33 years ago
Wicked it looks awesome
Mac19974 years ago
attached rubber band on and its amazing great design. i chipped a tooth when i flung a tropical sour into my gob
Saldan6 years ago
simplest catapul yet :D. Gotta try this one soon*favs*
striker1876 years ago
I cut the large flap off but tape fixed that
striker1876 years ago
kinda late I am done with my catapult
striker1876 years ago
very hard to see what to cut but nice catupult!
hikinotimasha (author)  striker1876 years ago
you cut the little edge that holds the flap down, you could also file it down
awesome im making one with a green container.
Maximous6 years ago
You can also reatach the lid to the base so you can hold M & M or Mints in it. Just put a piece of tape or something over the not to share hole and remove it when you need to get at the contents. This was a very creative way to use an object that has so many capabilities!
Wafflicious6 years ago
added to group. thanks, worked great
Big Bubba7 years ago
looks fun and creative. Good job!
Garthummn7 years ago
If you have it lying around epoxy or latex put in it and the bottome left on will make it sturdy and have more weight. Also you can launch the mints that come inside. Mine worked fairly well with the mints.
Haha, looks cool, I will have to try this when I buy those mints. (favorited)
hikinotimasha (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Kevvixx7 years ago
Very cool and i bet it is entertaining. Cool Instructable.