Introduction: 5-minute Photo Booth

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With all the components ready, this DIY photo booth literally takes 5 minutes to set up. So what do we need?

• Android tablet or phone
• Standard camera tripod
• Tripod adapter for your Android device
• Party PhotoBooth app

Let's get started!

Step 1: Install Party PhotoBooth

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On your Android device, install the Party PhotoBooth app from Google Play. Launch the app to configure how you want your photo booth to appear.

Step 2: Configure Instant Upload (optional)

Picture of Configure Instant Upload (optional)

By default, photo strips produced by Party PhotoBooth are saved to your Android device and can be found in the picture gallery. You may optionally connect your Facebook and Dropbox accounts to have the photo strips uploaded as they are created, and guests can be notified of where to find their photos.

If a network connection is available when the photos are taken, the photo strips will be posted immediately. Otherwise, they are scheduled to be posted once a network connection becomes available on your device.

Step 3: Enter Kiosk Mode

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Set a passcode and enter Kiosk mode, which keeps the photo booth UI in the foreground, so your guests will not accidentally exit the app.

To exit the app, press & hold the top right corner and enter the passcode you set. If you forget the passcode, power off the device and reboot.

The software setup is done. Let's get to the hardware!

Step 4: Select a Tripod Adapter

Picture of Select a Tripod Adapter

A sturdy tripod mount is especially important for us since capturing of the photos is triggered by a touch on the screen. I have read through a lot of reviews about the many adapters on the market, then finally decided on the family of mounts made by iStabilizer. I purchased the Mount XL for my Sony Xperia ZL, and the tabMount for my 7-inch and 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tabs. Both are very well built and performed wonderfully with our setup.

For smaller phones, iStabilizer also makes the Mount. The choice of tripod adapter is up to you, you just need to make sure whatever adapter you choose does not cover the camera of your device ;)

Step 5: Put It All Together

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From your standard tripod, take the part that normally attaches to your camera and attach it to your tripod-tablet/phone adapter instead. Fit the assembly onto the tripod and your DIY photo booth is ready for use at the party!

Step 6: A Few Useful Tips

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1. Lighting. Make sure the area where you place the photo booth is well illuminated. In good lighting conditions, even that front-facing camera on your Android device will shoot great pictures!

2. Background. Wallpapers with subtle patterns illuminated with a spotlight work very well. If you find that at the venue, it will save you a lot of time making a background and figuring out how to stand it up.

3. Signage. It always helps to let guests know what this tablet on a tripod is doing here. Yes, putting a bunch of props beside it makes it pretty self-explanatory, but having a simple sign doesn't hurt. If your photo booth area is hidden at some corner, make signs that point to it or have your MC announce that a photo booth exists.

4. Power. Wouldn't it suck if the battery on your tablet/phone runs out halfway through the event? Keep your device plugged in, recharge it during down times, prepare two devices, or keep one of these portable batteries plugged in throughout the event. I am sure you can figure something out!


Finding Pie (author)2016-04-03

The source code of the app is now published on Github for anyone to freely customize.

Finding Pie (author)2015-01-26

Earlier this month, I have added integration with Google Cloud Print and uploading to a Facebook Page. Here is a summary of all the endpoints you can silently publish your photo strips:

1. Dropbox folder
2. Facebook Album from your personal Profile
3. Facebook Page you manage
4. Google Cloud Print for printing

For those who build their own Android apps, these picture-publishing features have been released as an open-source library that any app can use to publish photos to these same endpoints. The library is extensible, so you may create custom endpoints and still share much of the core logic like scheduling retries. Say hi to Wings on Github, or to us on Facebook.

LizG2 made it! (author)2014-11-20

THANK YOU so much for these easy instructions! I followed them all, plus a few suggestions from elsewhere, and this was THE HIT of my SO's birthday party! I used my Samsung Galaxy Note tablet, a $20 Charger City tripod converter bought off Amazon (already owned a tripod), and of course the Party Booth app. I'm especially grateful for your added tips. Based on the experience (which was just fantastic, really) I'd like to reinforce a few things as well as add my own hints:

- BACKGROUND: I created my own from foil curtains and party decorations glued to a piece of cardboard and then taped to the wall - worked superbly!

- POWER: I kept the tablet plugged in at all times by taping the charger in place to the tablet (painter's tape) and then duct-taping the cord and extension cord to the tripod and then the floor (so folk wouldn't trip over it). I then decorated everything with streamers to "hide" the tape - beautiful!

- SIGNAGE: I created a sign to hang on the back announcing what the whole contraption was, then created a simple 5-step "instructions" sign to hang in front under the tablet telling people what to do. Perfect!

- ADVANCE SETUP & PRACTICE: I grabbed a server and made her pose with me to finalize positioning, lighting, distance, etc. Once settled, I loosely duct-taped the tripod's legs to the floor.

- SPACE: I ended up roping off one side of the booth area with streamers in order to direct traffic/minimize jams. But be forewarned, if you have a lot of inebriated party-goers like I did who were fascinated by this setup, nothing short of a security officer will stop them from photo-bombing.

- WIRELESS REMOTE: You can buy a wireless (Bluetooth) shutter release for tablet cameras for super cheap on Amazon. Didn't think of this until it was too late, even with prime shipping, and none of the local stores (incl Best Buy) carried them. I'm going to buy one and tether it to the tripod so it can be used to trigger the pictures (and the tether will ensure no one walks away with it accidentally...especially if you have inebriated party-goers like I did).

- SHARING PICS: I had the pics automatically sent to my Dropbox account, but since I had everyone's email address because the invitations were sent via and I already use Google Albums, the next day I loaded them to a Photo Booth album and sent everyone the link. I didn't want to deal with printing, and this way everyone can see them all and print whichever ones they want.

Anyway, you can see from the pictures how this worked (there's the picture from my phone of the booth being used and then there's the resultant strip of that particular group... had to preserve privacy so sorry for the blue faces). I can't say enough good things about how awesome this was. It provided hours of entertainment and will provide my SO with memories he'll cherish. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THIS INSTRUCTABLES!

mfern4 (author)LizG22014-12-18

If you don't have a wireless remote how does each person take a photo? I've seen and used other programs that just allows the person to hit a start button, it takes three or four photos in three second intervals. That is what I'm hoping for. I don't have someone to man a photo booth for 300 people :(

Finding Pie (author)mfern42015-01-26

There is a on-screen button that starts a 3-second count down. It's meant to be self-serve without a remote. The remote feature was only later added because some users wanted to not press the on-screen button at all.

There is an option where the user would press a button after each photo, and one where the next count down automatically starts.

better.l.out (author)mfern42015-01-26

"simple booth" for apple products!!

this works for the photo on interval that you are talking about, but you'd still need someone to man it though, sorry

Finding Pie (author)LizG22014-11-20

Wow thanks so much for sharing! Always love to see pictures of people using this :) Do you mind if I share this comment + pics on our Facebook page? I think the group there would really appreciate your experience and tips.

You should check out our page too, we were just talking about remote shutters and printing, among many other features.
LizG2 (author)Finding Pie2014-11-20

Absolutely! Share away! (I'm sure some of the guys from the party have already posted their strips to FB anyway!) This was such a hit and everyone's been so impressed that I'm convinced there's gonna be a grassroots DIY party booth movement...LOL

Guddi11 (author)2017-12-09

Hi, this question was already asked but never answered so I'd like to come back to it. Is there a way of getting single photos instead of photo strips? Would be glad for an answer! Thanks.

instructablesbwuser (author)2016-09-11

you should also check out PG Booth for this. its all in one booth with remote connections allowed by other devices running the same app.

mlisabug (author)2016-06-03

can you increase the seconds before it takes a picture

MeaganJ1 (author)2016-04-17

Has anyone used a remote with this app? Was it successful?

JulioC52 (author)2016-01-23

That has auto print?

alicebparker (author)2015-12-03

Downloaded app & been playing around with it. Had hoped that I could print 2 copies on a 4x6 sheet of paper on Canon MG3222, no luck! Am I doing something wrong? Gonna use it for a big benefit next weekend. Thanks!

alicebparker (author)2015-12-03

Downloaded app & been playing around with it. Had hoped that I could print 2 copies on a 4x6 sheet of paper on Canon MG3222, no luck! Am I doing something wrong? Gonna use it for a big benefit next weekend. Thanks!

LindaM104 (author)2015-11-28

I was wondering if you ever did the instructional video on how to print these strips out? I want to do this for my kids school and be able to hand the pics out to the kids. Thanks so much!

denisd12 (author)2015-10-22

Hi there,

This looks like the business but the printing is a problem for me. Are there any plans to incorporate direct printing to Bluetooth or WiFi direct enabled printers?

issacbrown21 (author)2015-10-09

It's a great moment of charm and enjoyment with friends and partners. The main point is that for a short moment of time we became a hero and it feels as if we are in a photo shoot clicked by our icon man. The icon man or dream man clicks the photos;it's just dreamy feel like!!!. One month before we had arranged a couple party and we called up the creative event services company to arrange this cool photo booth. They charged less amount of service tax and gave the photos which was outstanding and glamorous.

photoboothbiz (author)2015-08-16

If you are using an iPhone then you can use this app

I wrote an instructable on how to use it as well :)

NadiaA2 (author)2015-06-07

Is this app compatible with the zink happy smart printers?

ashley.m.quinn.5 (author)2015-04-08

I am new to this but would like to set this up for my daughter's upcoming surprise party....I don't have dropbox (don't really know what it, so what are my other printing/sharing options before I go and download this...Thanks@

phill.feldman (author)2015-03-13

so I'm wondering do the pictures have to be saved in the photo strip format? Can I just set it up to save every picture but itself?

chris.sosa.54 (author)2015-02-23

I have a question. when using a device like an iPad or something does it have an option to save the original images without the film strip presets?

elizabethannehermann (author)2015-01-24

So, before buying this app can someone answer a few quick questions?
-does it automatically take a sequence of pictures or do you have to hit shutter multiple times?
-does it have to use front facing camera or can i use regular one too? - does phone beep or flash letting people know its taking a picture? All the other apps ive looked at beep once but then not between each picture.
Sorry for all the questions, im a photographer and have studio lighting equipment, I am trying to avoid having to use my good camera with a trigger for my wedding this summer and looking into using an app.

Front camera can trigger automatically after each photo, but when using back facing camera, the only option is to trigger manually after each shot as you'd expect someone to be operating the booth when the people in the photo cannot see the screen. There is a beep during each step of the count down, and a shutter sound plus flash of the screen, which you can optionally turn off by muting the system sound. You can also trigger with a Bluetooth remote.

MarilynS1 (author)Finding Pie2015-01-28

Just as a thought... with the Chromecast screen mirroring just becoming available (still in BETA), self-service with the back-facing camera would be nice for those that are using a large screen for "setting up" the picture. Not sure if that makes sense.

MarilynS1 (author)2015-01-28

I just bought this, and was hoping that the pictures would also be saved individually (not just as a strip). Seems like a simple option/enhancement. Would that be possible? Otherwise I would have to do a lot of copy/pasting.

mfern4 (author)2014-12-18

Does this program allow the guests to touch screen and take the photos themselves or does there need to be an operator? I would really like to see this in action on youtube

Finding Pie (author)mfern42014-12-20

Both are available. Self-serve touch screen mode using front-facing camera, and having an operator using back-facing camera. Remote-trigger is coming out in a few days. We don't have a video, but you can find more information on our Facebook Page.

tdhg (author)2013-08-27

It sounds like u can't print them at the party. Is that so? Sorry I not real computer savy.

Finding Pie (author)tdhg2013-08-27

Yes you can!

Basically, you will have to bring to the party a computer and a printer, along with the items listed in this instructable of course. Then both your printer and your phone need to be connected to the internet, while at the party.

I promise to post another instructable on how to set that up within 2 weeks!

Hi Finding Pie, Just wondering if anyone knows how to print at the party?? Thanks!

Any follow-up on the computer-printer setup? Any recommended printers? Did you get Google Cloud Print working seamlessly?

Also -- any great iOS (iPhone) recommended alternatives to Party PhotoBooth?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, have been busy, still haven't had a chance to write up the Instructable for setting up print via Dropbox. For now you can follow "THE UNOFFICIAL PRINT FEATURE" section in the Google Play description. I got it working on a Mac and one of the users told me they got it working on Windows. Please message me if you have any trouble setting up.

GCP is being worked on, but no ETA so far. Also exploring alternative print solutions.

I know that there are iOS photo booth apps, and at least one is for events/weddings, but I have never tried any of them, so can't make a recommendation.

nsabine (author)2014-04-02

Can the app make audible cues? It seems like it should beep or something as it counts down, and then a shutter sound when it's taking pictures.

carletoncraigjohnson (author)2013-08-28

Security Download Failed:
Error message was:
:Virus Scan Failed"

This is a Windows Security message =
"Antivirus software failed unexpectedly while scanning this file. As a result, the file you attempted to download was removed by the Windows Attachment Manager. Find out what can cause this error below"

The file seems to be associated with "zipopenersetup."
Is your download a compressed file?

See info about zipopenersetup.exe


Hmm... why are you running a Windows virus scan? There is no file to be downloaded on Windows. The only item that needs to be downloaded is the Android app, which you would get from the Google Play store from your Android device.

fstedie (author)2013-08-28

Yeah, this is not a "real" photo booth until you can print them out on site.

Finding Pie (author)fstedie2013-08-28

Wow, printing seems to be the in-demand feature here. I have received numerous emails (+ the above comment) to add Google Cloud Print support.

I promise to look into it soon based on the high demand. However, printing on-site, instantly, is currently possible with the Dropbox solution. I will post an instructable for that setup in 2 weeks!

Really appreciate the suggestions and feedback by the way :)

yonut98 (author)2013-08-25

it might get pricy but you can buy one of those mini-printers to have the pictures printed immediately like in the real photobooths

Finding Pie (author)yonut982013-08-25

It is possible to have the photos automatically printed as the photo strips are created. I am making another Instructable on how to set that up. Basically what you need is a computer + a printer + internet connection + a Dropbox account.

Hopefully someone setting this up already owns the expensive pieces (Android tablet/phone, computer + printer if printing is needed) and the rest of the components (tripod, adapter, Party PhotoBooth app) cost less than USD50 in total.

Cloudprint -

Hello robotwearswingtips, GCP was actually the first thing I looked at 12 months ago, before the Dropbox idea came up. At the time, there was little information on how to integrate GCP natively into an Android app, and when I finally got my phone to print, it would work only sometimes. I think it was failing to wake my computer/printer from sleep during those times... I decided to drop the idea until GCP becomes more developed.

It's been a year now and Google finally put up an official app on Play, I will definitely start looking into GCP again. Thanks for reminding about it!

carletoncraigjohnson (author)2013-08-28

Hi All -
Finding Pie please note - your file failed virus scan when I tried to download.
Can you clean-up your file....?

Hey, thanks for letting me know. May I ask which virus scan you are using and whether it has a message that tells you why it failed the scan? Appreciate it!

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