5-minute Photo Booth





Introduction: 5-minute Photo Booth

With all the components ready, this DIY photo booth literally takes 5 minutes to set up. So what do we need?

• Android tablet or phone
• Standard camera tripod
• Tripod adapter for your Android device
• Party PhotoBooth app

Let's get started!

Step 1: Install Party PhotoBooth

On your Android device, install the Party PhotoBooth app from Google Play. Launch the app to configure how you want your photo booth to appear.

Step 2: Configure Instant Upload (optional)

By default, photo strips produced by Party PhotoBooth are saved to your Android device and can be found in the picture gallery. You may optionally connect your Facebook and Dropbox accounts to have the photo strips uploaded as they are created, and guests can be notified of where to find their photos.

If a network connection is available when the photos are taken, the photo strips will be posted immediately. Otherwise, they are scheduled to be posted once a network connection becomes available on your device.

Step 3: Enter Kiosk Mode

Set a passcode and enter Kiosk mode, which keeps the photo booth UI in the foreground, so your guests will not accidentally exit the app.

To exit the app, press & hold the top right corner and enter the passcode you set. If you forget the passcode, power off the device and reboot.

The software setup is done. Let's get to the hardware!

Step 4: Select a Tripod Adapter

A sturdy tripod mount is especially important for us since capturing of the photos is triggered by a touch on the screen. I have read through a lot of reviews about the many adapters on the market, then finally decided on the family of mounts made by iStabilizer. I purchased the Mount XL for my Sony Xperia ZL, and the tabMount for my 7-inch and 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tabs. Both are very well built and performed wonderfully with our setup.

For smaller phones, iStabilizer also makes the Mount. The choice of tripod adapter is up to you, you just need to make sure whatever adapter you choose does not cover the camera of your device ;)

Step 5: Put It All Together

From your standard tripod, take the part that normally attaches to your camera and attach it to your tripod-tablet/phone adapter instead. Fit the assembly onto the tripod and your DIY photo booth is ready for use at the party!

Step 6: A Few Useful Tips

1. Lighting. Make sure the area where you place the photo booth is well illuminated. In good lighting conditions, even that front-facing camera on your Android device will shoot great pictures!

2. Background. Wallpapers with subtle patterns illuminated with a spotlight work very well. If you find that at the venue, it will save you a lot of time making a background and figuring out how to stand it up.

3. Signage. It always helps to let guests know what this tablet on a tripod is doing here. Yes, putting a bunch of props beside it makes it pretty self-explanatory, but having a simple sign doesn't hurt. If your photo booth area is hidden at some corner, make signs that point to it or have your MC announce that a photo booth exists.

4. Power. Wouldn't it suck if the battery on your tablet/phone runs out halfway through the event? Keep your device plugged in, recharge it during down times, prepare two devices, or keep one of these portable batteries plugged in throughout the event. I am sure you can figure something out!



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Earlier this month, I have added integration with Google Cloud Print and uploading to a Facebook Page. Here is a summary of all the endpoints you can silently publish your photo strips:

1. Dropbox folder
2. Facebook Album from your personal Profile
3. Facebook Page you manage
4. Google Cloud Print for printing

For those who build their own Android apps, these picture-publishing features have been released as an open-source library that any app can use to publish photos to these same endpoints. The library is extensible, so you may create custom endpoints and still share much of the core logic like scheduling retries. Say hi to Wings on Github, or to us on Facebook.

Hi, this question was already asked but never answered so I'd like to come back to it. Is there a way of getting single photos instead of photo strips? Would be glad for an answer! Thanks.

can you increase the seconds before it takes a picture

Has anyone used a remote with this app? Was it successful?

That has auto print?

Downloaded app & been playing around with it. Had hoped that I could print 2 copies on a 4x6 sheet of paper on Canon MG3222, no luck! Am I doing something wrong? Gonna use it for a big benefit next weekend. Thanks!

Downloaded app & been playing around with it. Had hoped that I could print 2 copies on a 4x6 sheet of paper on Canon MG3222, no luck! Am I doing something wrong? Gonna use it for a big benefit next weekend. Thanks!

I was wondering if you ever did the instructional video on how to print these strips out? I want to do this for my kids school and be able to hand the pics out to the kids. Thanks so much!