so these past 2 days have been just above freezing temp and raining: but, today it is 7 below, typical February Toronto weather. this morning I got to work and my constriction site was a big sheet of ice. I am not prepared for this sort of thing so I don't really have boot studs handy. 

I scrounged up some tie wire in my office and some pliers and figured out a quick temporary fix to give my boots some grip.

here is how you can iceify your steel toes without screwing into them or buying boot studs:

Disclaimer: this DIY is purely a convenience based utility and in no way should it be used as a safety device. ice is dangerous and by no means should someone walk on ice without exercising caution. if you are not capable of walking on ice this instructable is not going to change that.
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Step 1: Acquire tools and materials

Get these:
-> pliers with snips (as you can see mine are quite "broken in"
-> tie wire (easy to get, very common on most construction sits.) 
-> steel toed (or not?) boots
-> a cup of hot coffee (because if you need to make ice boots, its probably very cold out.)

Step 2: Prepare piece of wire

OK, don't blink this is going to be quick.

cut a piece of wire about 18-20" long depending on the boot, longer is better because you can always cut off excess.

starting about 1.5" in from the end of your piece twist 3 or 4 little loops about an inch apart (single twist don't go crazy, well tighten those later)

and now you are ready to install.
slick trick. i may try this next winter. i live in northern indiana, and work outside on a farm. mickey mouse boots are warm and dry, but kinda slickery on the ice. was going to buy surplus boot cleats, but this is cheaper, and less intrusive. you could leave these on permanently, without total floor destruction in your wake. well, not total anyway.
MR..1 year ago
Very Nice!
stefano007 (author) 1 year ago
yea, I guess I am due for a new pair, these ons are about 9 months old now, but rubber and ice don't mix, regardless of the rubber tread on your boots, ice is a real obstacle on the job site.
Great idea. I really like it. But Sir, you might not need this if your work boots had any tread left on them :)
Nice idea :)