Picture of 5 minute electric bicycle

* Since you asked, here is a link to a video of the bike in action.

this is my first instructable so please point out any mistakes.

For this Instructable you will need the following materials

-a bicycle
-a cordless drill (any voltage will work but the bigger the better. I got mine from harbor freight for $15.)
-lots of zipties (how many you will use depends on your type of bike and/or drill)
-a piece of small wood ( this will support the drills' battery)
-a bicycle hand brake ( this is for the throttle system)
-bicycle cable ( this also for the throttle system and goes into the hand brake)
That's It!!!

Step 1: Adding the drill

Picture of adding the drill
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nice instructables,maybe you can use a box for housing the drill

I like the idea of using the handbrake on the bicycle is awesome.
milesnorth1 year ago
Super cool instructable. Like how you kept it pretty simple and straightforward. wish you had a few more pics from different directions (panned out maybe). Very cool, thanks for sharing!
Papydom1 year ago
Great! This 'ible proves that you can make efficient hacks with few things and simple ideas. Everybody should forget the word "cordless drill" and replace it by "cordless electric motor with chuck". Drill is just one usage among many...
Bremer12813 years ago
Is the idea that the trigger on the drill will push the brake back out after you release? Because the spring in mine doesn't seem to be strong enough. Is there an easy way to replace the spring.
jackjackboom (author)  Bremer12813 years ago
Check out killerjackalope's answer down below.
jackjackboom (author)  Bremer12813 years ago
That'sthe basic premise. I am sorry to say that I do not know how to replace the spring in your trigger. I would suggest buying a cheapo harbor frieght drill. I got mine for $15 with a coupon. That drill has lasted me through multiple projects including replacing drywall on our living room ceiling. I highly suggest getting one.
If you loosen the nut and the spring screw of the brake it should move back very easily...
jackjackboom (author)  killerjackalope3 years ago
jackjackboom (author)  Bremer12813 years ago
again,to prove that drills mettle, i have attached it to one chain drive bicycle, a friction drive bicycle, a scooter, a lawn mower, i have used it to drill holes to put up a basketball goal, put together multiple wooden airplanes for my siblings, it has survived several drops, AND survived a torential downpour.
best use of $15 ever.
mcraghead3 years ago

I'm doing something similar (an 'ible is in the works, of course), using two of those exact same cheap HF drills, but with lawnmower wheels stuck to them... Here's the vid that got me going on that idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grcskPrbsvI

Mine will be completely removable (so I can pull it off the bike while I'm at work, for recharging & security), plus I'll be able to engage it on the fly so it's just power assist; can still coast and pedal. Only cost is $50 in drills and wheels, the rest is free, scavenged...
brutally cool!!
jackjackboom (author)  mcraghead3 years ago
That's so cool!
tell me when you get it posted!
Why not do sth so that when you pedal the battery gets charged? It would be even better like that!

jackjackboom (author)  rocketlauncher3 years ago
The chuck would spin and over ride the motor and destroy it.
No Coasting either. Its what a person gets for taking 5 minutes to build something.
charger253 years ago
Very nice circle. Led sensornye chasy kupit
triumphman3 years ago
I almost made an electric drill powered little bike from some tiny E-Punk Razor bike. I saw a how-to -guide in Make Vol. 21 2010 magazine. The only thing that stopped me was the cost to get the parts. It required a powerful Bosch Lithium drill (about 36 V.) approx. $300., a right angle gear box that cost $115., an E-Punk Razor bike (used $150.) and a few other parts. It goes 0-10 mph in 2 seconds and supports an adult (230 lbs.). Its fast and can go two miles on one battery. You can see this little beast on pages 108-113 of the Make magazine Vol.21 2010. Awesome stuff in the mag., but this is too much money for me to spend on a whim as my other half stated. I bought the little E-Punk Razor bike. Actually two of them. One for part. I got a bigger 9" rear wheel, then the cost of the drill and the right angle gearbox stopped me in my tracks. If anyone can help me with finishing this in a cost effective way please get back to me. You were heading the right way with your project. This one is too costly for the average instructable . Thanks for sharing. As ever, Triumphman.
jackjackboom (author)  triumphman3 years ago
you could try getting a 1/2 horsepower electric motor from a broken garagedoor opener (free) and hook it up to a couple of motorcycle batteries or a car battery (about $50) Then get a PWN throttle controller ($50 or so), weld a bicycle cog or mount a broken drill's gearbox to the motor, connect a cog, mount motor onto bike ($20), link chain, put together PWN throttle controller circuit and you are done. For only about $120.
That would weigh too much!
jackjackboom (author)  triumphman3 years ago
It probably would
ViperSniper3 years ago
hey buddy great instructable im also doing homeschooling (sorry for my bad english its not my first language)
Nannerman3 years ago
I have a little drill lying around somewhere, I just need to find it's charger.....
finnrambo3 years ago
I love this instructable! its extremly creative, its also just classic how 5 minutes on here I learn more than a day at school
kyle12123 years ago
I never would of thought of this, but wouldn't weight affect the speed??
jackjackboom (author)  kyle12123 years ago
yes i believe it would
HoldOnTight3 years ago
Very insightful alternative use of a tool!
Wow, that is really impressive! You did a great job! My son is also into electonics and science - it's so nice to see more kids coming up with terrific inventions! Keep up the great work!!! :-)
profpat3 years ago
nice one!
Thank you very much i will try to do as soon as possible on my bycicle.
From today you are my new hero.
epierce3 years ago
Impressive I must say!!
jackjackboom (author) 3 years ago
Great new username, same old dude!!!
jackjackboom (author) 3 years ago
There is a link to the video on the intro now. Hooray!!!
did u ever think about putting a small generator and a wired drill that way it might go faster and u wouldnt have to worry about battery life?
jackjackboom (author)  zackattack243 years ago
I was thinking of doing that but with a car.It would be very cool.
alverez983 years ago
awesome!!!!! put a video on that shows it in action!
DoDo7293 years ago
Wow, so young and so talented. You will go along way in life. Congratulations on a great instructable. Love the thinking outside the box. Keep up the good work.
jackjackboom (author)  DoDo7293 years ago
I really appreciate how highly you think of my project. Thank you so much!!
You very welcome.
Dr.Bill3 years ago
My Son Is Home Schooled.

He will grad university as a 19 year old Electrical Engineer this year !

Home School Rocks !
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