Take sweet wide angle pictures with your camera for under 10 €!

Step 1: You will need:

A stanley knife

A door viewer from the hardware store (mine was 9 €)

A 8cm piece of squishy insulation tube with a hole diameter of around 1.5cm
(This does not need to be a 100% accurate..)

And your camera of course
Nice prject bro
Very nice and a great idea, I wonder if theres a place to get a good, tiny fish eye lens with better image quality than a peep hole lens? I have one of those little Key Fob spy cams with a wide lens, not fish eye, just wide but you can buy just the lens on ebay for like $12.00 USD, It may be worth a shot! On the writing stuff, I didnt (lol) need the comma or the re to know what you meant. lol your, you're, youre if you were talking instead of writing, it wouldnt matter one bit.
Hi Zacker! Check out maxhuey's comment below. He found detachable lenses that should work for smaller cameras. <br>Link: http://dx.com/p/detachable-180-degree-wide-angle-fish-eye-lens-for-cell-phones-and-digital-cameras-red-black-120656?item=6 . <br>These are not tiny but quite a bit smaller the the instructable.
Not knocking but, better result at half the material price: http://dx.com/p/detachable-180-degree-wide-angle-fish-eye-lens-for-cell-phones-and-digital-cameras-red-black-120656?item=6
It's more fun to make it than &quot;to buy&quot; it :D
Yes! most definitely... After you have the &quot;fun&quot; buy that one, it is magnetically put on the lens. I have one and it works extremely well, take off anytime you do not need. by the way I am no way connected to DealExtreme. :-)))
Greetings, DX is a damn great place &quot;Ain't It&quot;.
Magnets.. had not thought of that.
The attaching point of the aftermarket lens has a magnetic ring. Kit comes with metal washer with self adhesive backing.
The tip of my camera lens is plastic. Nooo :)
Most of these aftermarket lens comes with a couple of metal washers that has self adhesive back. You simply stick the washer in the area surrounding the lens, then the lens will attach to the washer magnetically. Easily remove when not needed.
Unless you don't like making them in, and taking 10x the time of just buying it.
Your right... but like most people we tend to only think of other things after the event or when having it pointed out, some time later.<br> <br> I think sometimes that there is simply just too much to know, not enough time to think of it, and too many opportunities to let go by.<br> <br> Still if you just happen to have a stray door viewer laying around, it's an inventive bit of opticalometery.<br> <br> Lots of fun can be had with all sorts of lenses in all sorts of ways.<br> <br> Some great variety and effects can be gotten from all sorts of &quot;funny old lenses&quot; stuck on modern cameras.<br> <br> Tons of amazing cameras and lenses, tons of useful and amazing cameras and lenses, and tons of usless but interesting cameras and lenses.<br> <br> I once made one of the water drop microscopes, and if you get the water drop just the right width and thickness, you can actually get a really really brilliant image.....<br> <br> They really work well. Cheap, easy to make, impossible to break, offset by evaporation, failure by shaking, variable focal length by drop thickness, or wind resistant etc....<br> <br> <br>
Great!! <br>Sparks a few more ideas, underwater webcams? <br>I guess I must be posting too early. No knockers as yet. <br>Right. The ones that knock an effort but don't post there own. <br>Great thinking.
Very interesting. I recently joined a photo club and will have to try this and then show the resulting pics to my fellow club members. Incidentally, when you say &quot;you are done&quot; and you abbreviate the &quot;you are&quot; it should be &quot;you're&quot; not 'your&quot;. I see this error so frequently these days and wonder if it is intentional or the result of a poor school system.
I'm going to guess that English is not the poster's first language. I only surmise this because the general prices are listed in Euros. (Grammatical errors annoy me, too, but I've learned to look at them in context of who is saying them.)
Danke jdougherty2! And from now on you're ;)
Bitte Phipumate. (and no, I don't speak Deutsch [sp?]) :)
Actually it's yaw, gnotte you're.
I live this kind of simple (and genius) idea -- now I just need to figure out how to rig a door viewer to a phone camera.... sugru might do the trick though of course it has to be removable.... anyway, very inspiring instructable!
I meant to say &quot;love&quot; not &quot;live&quot; but some glitch is preventing me from deleting my comment and fixing it....

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