Introduction: 5 Minute Reduced-fat Bacon

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Hello instructable-readers!

today i will show you how to make delicious reduced-fat bacon in about 5 minutes

these instructions are based on another recipe i've seen, as well as my own experimentation

*another disclaimer*
just because this bacon has less fat than pan-fried bacon doesnt mean it's fat-free, it still has a lot of fat.

Step 1: Paper Please?

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place at least 3 layers of paper towels on a plate. (you could also use toilet paper if you have to...)

Step 2: Da Bacön

Picture of Da Bacön

place some (high quality) bacon on the paper

Step 3: Moar Paper

Picture of Moar Paper

place another piece of paper on top of the bacon

Step 4: Makin' Bacon!

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place the plate in your microwave oven and cook on max for 1-1,5 minutes per piece of bacon

Step 5: Da Bacon Ls Done!

Picture of Da Bacon Ls Done!

take out the plate and remove the top layer of paper

Step 6: Yummy!

Picture of Yummy!

enjoy your perfecly cooked bacon however you want!

eat it as it is, with ramen noodles, or make one of those "BLT's" americans keep telling me about.


ringai (author)2015-02-20

Looks like a perfect match for ramen made in a Rapid Ramen cooker ;-)

BeachsideHank (author)2015-02-18

Tina Nordström would approve. New Scandinavian Cooking- great show, I don't think she or Andreas Viestad have done BLT's though. ;-)

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