Ok no this is not a real tazer, i just didn't know what else to call it, its like one of those little prank toys that shock people, but more powerful  i built this in 5 minutes from stuff i had in the garage its dead simple too so if your not very experienced but want to have some fun then this is perfect.

Step 1: Parts

all you need is:
2 wires
a piece of PVC (about 3 to 6 inches long depending on how many batteries you have to put in it)
a PVC cap
AA's-i used 3 (doesn't matter how many, obviously the more you put in the bigger the zap you get out)
and wall transformer (this ones from an old battery charger)
common sense (this is not optional)
what's a PVC ?
PVC pipe or sprinkler pipe (Polyvinyl Chloride)
quick question, do i have to use AC votage, or could i hook a 9v battery up to it and get a lesser affect
don't need ac, look at how it works in the last step, should explain why

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