Picture of 5-minute water gun, 1$
You can make this water gun in 5-mitute , with less than 1$ . It's easy and funny for hot summer days . I like water games very much , so I make this gun for fun . Here , we have a small challenge in our house . I don't know who will become winner . It's emotion !
Also you can make this water gun and have fun similar my family !

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Step 1: 2 tools that you will need

Picture of 2 tools that you will need
- A sauce can
- Color spray (arbitrary , for paint the gun)

Step 2: Clean the can

Picture of Clean the can
Incise the can's membrane and wash the inside of it with water and dry it .

Step 3: Paint the can

Picture of Paint the can
Paint the can with your favorite color spray . This work is arbitrary , so you can use your water gun without color . I use Red spray for my painting . Color can give appealing to your water gun .

Step 4: Fill with water

Picture of Fill with water
Fill the can with water and close the cap . Remember the over cap should not close firm . You can see the caps - I point to them - in third picture .

Step 5: Ready to shoot !

Picture of Ready to shoot !
Your water gun is ready , for start shooting water you should press the can body . Water emit from can with high compression . Enjoy !
3james31 year ago
Best water gun ever!