Introduction: 5 Minute Watertight Spy Message Capsule

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for the times when you need a waterproof way to send messages to your agents (no one likes soggy spy notes)

Step 1: Materials

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the materials for this instructable are proud and few
- two coke two liter bottle caps (I enter them on my coke rewards then put them in a box to use later)
- clear tape
- coded spy message, I use post-it notes

Step 2: Putting Your Capsule Together

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assembly is really easy, just look at the pictures
my image notes aren't working so here are the notes
picture 1- take out the caps and note
picture 2- fold the note so it fits in one of the caps
picture 3- place one cap on top of the other
picture 4- run a piece of tape around the edge for a seal

Step 3: Enjoy Your Message Capsule

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These capsules could be used as message carriers, or they could be an emergency cash stash, a tiny first aid kit, a water-tight container for when you are at the beach, or even an odd way of giving your buddy the quarter you owe him.


rhino21 (author)2010-02-27

It doesn't really seem like the tape is very waterproof.....

MerlinTheGreat (author)rhino212011-12-01

Exactly, but the title of this instructable says just that: '5 minute watertight spy message capsule'.
It's watertight for 5 minutes... ;)

rhino21 (author)MerlinTheGreat2011-12-01

Very good point sir!

bloke2022 (author)rhino212010-02-28

It wasn't, electrical tape works a hundred times better.

beehard44 (author)2010-12-19

idea: What if you cut the neck from the coke bottle, epoxy a cap to the non threaded part of the neck and you got a reusable spy canister! maybe paint it camo, add a few infrared LED lights here and there, you can hide it and you can find it using a camera!

bloke2022 (author)beehard442010-12-19

I like the idea, I used a similar setup on one of my mini spud guns. Good idea!

nutsandbolts_64 (author)2010-06-28

Hot glue seals the deal much better, but this'll be fine. This gives me ideas on how to communicate to other people when I'm not there. It's like following a map to where I am... map... MAP! GREAT IDEA!!! This'll ensure proper delivery (but I guess I can step it up a notch by using a small rubber band as an improvised O-ring. genius man, genius!!!

tim_n (author)2009-12-07

I like the idea - I'll be trying this out in an orienteering course for the scouts.

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