5 Things to Make From Bottles





Introduction: 5 Things to Make From Bottles

What to do with all those empty bottles?

Why not try bottle cutting!

In this instructable we are looking at 5 things you can make from empty glass bottles.

  • Drinking glass
  • Ashtray
  • Vase
  • Candle Holder
  • Egg Cup

There are different techniques to cut the bottles.

I personally do it this way.

I score the line with a bottle cutter and use candle and ice method to split the bottle in 2 pieces.

I heat the bottle on the candle and cool it with an ice cube, repeating the procedure until bottle splits in two pieces.



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    Hello I was intrigued by the candle holder in your video so I ended up making a chandelier with different size and color bottles today. It turned out quite nice feel free to ask how I did any of it!

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    i love this video tutorial. I AM going to do alll of these ideas. thhanks so so much. you have a great personality on video.

    what did you use to score the bottle?

    What'd you use to drill the hole in the glass?

    TY for posting the link to the drill bits....

    I have been looking to buy some I was not sure what to get for my basic glass bits....now I do. 8-)

    You just made my millinium!

    You're welcome :)

    I am sure there are better glass drill bits on the market. I got these from a dollar store/Pound land type of shop.