What to do with all those empty bottles?

Why not try bottle cutting!

In this instructable we are looking at 5 things you can make from empty glass bottles.

  • Drinking glass
  • Ashtray
  • Vase
  • Candle Holder
  • Egg Cup

There are different techniques to cut the bottles.

I personally do it this way.

I score the line with a bottle cutter and use candle and ice method to split the bottle in 2 pieces.

I heat the bottle on the candle and cool it with an ice cube, repeating the procedure until bottle splits in two pieces.

Hello I was intrigued by the candle holder in your video so I ended up making a chandelier with different size and color bottles today. It turned out quite nice feel free to ask how I did any of it!
<p>Wow, that's amazing!</p>
<p>i love this video tutorial. I AM going to do alll of these ideas. thhanks so so much. you have a great personality on video. </p>
<p>what did you use to score the bottle?</p>
<p>Ephrems bottle cutter</p>
<p> What'd you use to drill the hole in the glass?</p>
<p>Something like this</p><p>Ceramic/tile/glass drill bit.</p><p><a href="http://goo.gl/q03le9" rel="nofollow">http://goo.gl/q03le9</a></p>
<p>TY for posting the link to the drill bits....</p><p>I have been looking to buy some I was not sure what to get for my basic glass bits....now I do. 8-)</p><p>You just made my millinium!</p>
<p>You're welcome :)</p><p>I am sure there are better glass drill bits on the market. I got these from a dollar store/Pound land type of shop.</p>
Thanks. I think I might actually have a couple of those. Any tips on drilling? Should I use some sort of lube/coolant?
<p>This is what works for me:</p><p>Go slow and cool the bottle with the water. I usually put the bottle in the bucket of water. That will cool the glass and also prevent glass dust in the air.</p><p> Don't put too much pressure on the bottle. If I need to drill a bigger hole, I start with a smaller drill bit, then change it to a bigger one. In the video I actually used a smaller drill bit first, then changed it to bigger size.</p>
<p>AWESOME!</p><p>very well explained, easy to follow, &amp; I like how you kept showing over &amp; over how to cut the bottle...score, candle, ice. for someone who has never done this, that repetitiveness will help a lot I think.</p><p>I also like how you explained that there are many ways to do this, &amp; that this is just your way, not the only way. </p><p>Thank you for sharing Sir. 8-)</p><p>I have found that once the score line on the bottle is heated, place the bottle under running cold water, &amp; it will break apart in 2 seconds or less.</p><p>And as for sanding where the bottle was cut....</p><p>medium or fine sandpaper will do just as good(without the mess I saw in the video) and so will an emery board or emery paper. either of these items will make that cut area as smoothe as a baby's bottom.</p><p>One thing you forgot to mention...</p><p>you DID say this was only 5 things one can make from cutting bottles...</p><p>but in actuality, the things one can make from cutting bottles is limited only by one's own imagination.</p>
<p>Thanks You!</p><p>Yes indeed, there are many ways to cut/separate the bottles.</p><p>I am not sure why I have stuck with candle and ice method.</p><p>I have tried cold/hot water technique, but somehow I always come back to the candle and ice.</p><p>Maybe for the next project I will separate the bottle different way, so people can see that it's not the only way to do it.</p><p>Definitely bottle cutting is limited by your own imagination. So many things can be made.</p>
<p>I didn't know it was that easy to cut and polish a bottle. Thanks for shsrin</p>
<p>cutting a bottle is just a wee bit harder than polishing your nails....not much, just a wee bit.</p><p>but polishing a cut bottle is easier than polishing your nails...especially if you use sand paper or emery paper.</p><p>Using one of these two items, will may\ke that cut as smooth as a baby's bottom...no sharp edges, no burs, &amp; nothing else that would cause you harm.</p><p>Just a very sweetly smooth surface.</p>
<p>Yes, it's easy.</p><p>Cheers</p>
What's an ashtray?
<p>I wish more people had that attitude...lol</p>
<p>A place to put ashes from cigarettes/cigars.</p>
This is just a list of ideas. No instruction really.
<p>Well, it's not a picture instructable, but a video STEP BY STEP instructable.</p><p>Because I had 5 different things to show, I thought that a video will be the best option.</p><p>But now I see, that I should have done both - pictures and a video, so the crowd can choose. A lesson for the future :)</p>
<p>personally, I think you need to relax a bit....</p><p>I think the video explained everything perfectly....you did a step by step with each project, and in my opinion, the video came out fantastic! </p>
No video on the mobile version. Saw you've put a link on another comment though!
<p>Yes, thanks for confirming.</p>
<p>it does not take a rocket scientist to cut a bottle with a factory made bottle cutter...</p><p>personally, I fail to see where instructions are needed....unless you have never done this B4...</p><p>buy a bottle cutter, read the directions that are included in every package, start cutting bottles! oh! one more thing...</p><p>HAVE FUN!!!</p>
Where did you get your bottle cutter?
<p>TY for posting the link to the bottle cutter....</p><p>I'm in need of a new one, so thanks to yuo, know which one I'll buy now. 8-)</p>
Thank you!
<p>You forgot one thing: One-way club :-) </p>
<p>Yes, indeed :)</p>
<p>It's Great</p>
Awesome!! I use mobile version and i can watch the video.. Great idea!!
<p>Thanks</p><p>Great to know that video is visible on a mobile version.</p><p>Cheers</p>
There is no video.... :'(
<p>I see! There is a video, but It might not appear on mobile phones or tablets.</p><p>I just checked mobile version of instructables with my tablet and indeed, it was not visible. Not sure why it's like that.</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/k4tuEXx1iFk" width="500"></iframe></p>
<p>Love seeing it instead of reading about it personally :-) Looking forward to giving some of these things a try!</p>
<p>Thank You!</p>
This is a suggestion list rather than an Instructable.
<p>I know, because I had 5 things, I thought it's easier to show it with a video :)</p>
<p>True and I also prefer pictures and text instead of videos, but this is still impressive and you are shown how to cut and polish a bottle. :)</p>
+1 agreed

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