In this instructable,I will show you five ways of identifying pepsi.First I will show you the video,in this video,it will cover all the five ways.IF you still want detailed explanation after watching the video,proceed to the next step.

Step 1: First Way

You will need lightsource.Shine it over the bottle to see the colour of the Liquid.The lighter one with an brown orange colour will be Pepsi.See the picture.

Step 2: Second Way

You have to boil the 2 drink to see which is coffee and which is Pepsi.For Pepsi,it will leave a thick black stain on the surface.Caution,if you want to try this,do it on top of an aluminium foil because I just wasted my pan! Its dirty now.It will also release a lot of smoke when you boil it.

Step 3: Third Way

Salt test.

You will need to add salt to the 2 drinks and see which one reacts to it.Pepsi will let off gas when salt is added.So with this,you will know which is which..

Step 4: Forth Way

We will be using the one and only..the famous..mentos!

Nothing gets better than this.When you see the pepsi just blows up when you add a mentos to it.This is so far the best way to distinguish pepsi and coffee.Just remember to clean the place after that or ants will be marching!

Step 5: The Best and the Final Way

What better ways than to taste it yourself! I dont have to explain on this right? haha

Watch more good videos and instructions here,

Why not just drink it?
I only look at this to see the many people's insults/truths about this lame instructable. BEST EVER (sarcasm)!!!
i dont get it
i can identify any soda buy smell :). Everyone thinks its weird. i have to say, Dr Pepper and Coke are a <strong>lot</strong> alike by smell, lol! It just takes some practice<br/>
Lol, love the effort and the video music was fun. Gotta give ya a + lol
Instead of identifying pepsi...tell us that it's compared to coffee..so that I know not to click the link.
Now if only I had that Pepsi so I could drink it. I knew I shouldn't have boiled it!
Well! Thats another 2 minutes of my life I'll never get back...
I only regret that I can only rate it a - once.
Is this a commercial? I HATE pepsi. pepsi sucks.
smell them?
A light source? Salt? Boiling? Mentos? Here's a 6th way. Shake it and look for carbonation. Now isn't that easier?
Exactly..thats the point .Thats why I didn't put it here..shaking is too easy.You don't need me to tell you right? Anyway,its just a fun experiment you can try.

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