there's things in this world that I hate. But there's also things i do like. Like a k'nex xm109!
you idoits.the barret 50 caliber is a type of rifle
The Barret 50. Caliber is a anti-person sniper rifle. The name itself tells you what kind of bullet it uses... 50 Caliber
I think 50. cal is a bullet, not a gun.
ya, he prolly got from the barret .50 cal, from CoD4, and .50 Cal is just saying the ammo it shoots...
correct bro haha. thats where i got it back then
50 cal rubber bands?
no i mean in guns that have ".50 cal." in it, that means the gun shoots .50 calliber rounds, but i guess a 50 cal rubberband would be a 64 rubberband
...crap ill fix that &gt;=)<br/>
XM109 Refers to a rifle which fires a 25mm(0.9 caliber) wide round, the .50 calibre round is 12.7mm in width.<br><br><br>Change the picture name to M107?
50 caliber is a specific type of bullet... see?<br/><br/>quoted from website that supplier the picture-<br/><em></em><br/>The bullet on the left in this picture is a .223 round from an AR-15 assault rifle. The bullet in the middle is a .30-06 hunting round. And yet the .50 caliber, the sniper rifle bullet on the right, towers over both of them.<em></em><br/><br/>
nice pic i just want to remind u all that its called a .50 caliber round because the diameter of the round is .5000000 of an inch or half an inch
I shot a Barret with a .50 round, THAT THing KICKED LIKE A MULE!!!!
really. My friend shot it, and it wasnt properly shoulderded, so it hurt like hell for him. Now thats an LOL
That would sting... Not bad for your first gun.