Picture of xm109 K'nex Rubber Band Gun
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there's things in this world that I hate. But there's also things i do like. Like a k'nex xm109!
you idoits.the barret 50 caliber is a type of rifle
The Barret 50. Caliber is a anti-person sniper rifle. The name itself tells you what kind of bullet it uses... 50 Caliber
pls6 years ago
I think 50. cal is a bullet, not a gun.
stale56 pls6 years ago
ya, he prolly got from the barret .50 cal, from CoD4, and .50 Cal is just saying the ammo it shoots...
spudling9 (author)  stale564 years ago
correct bro haha. thats where i got it back then
pls stale566 years ago
50 cal rubber bands?
stale56 pls6 years ago
no i mean in guns that have ".50 cal." in it, that means the gun shoots .50 calliber rounds, but i guess a 50 cal rubberband would be a 64 rubberband
spudling9 (author)  pls6 years ago
...crap ill fix that >=)
pls spudling96 years ago
nrowe24 years ago
XM109 Refers to a rifle which fires a 25mm(0.9 caliber) wide round, the .50 calibre round is 12.7mm in width.

Change the picture name to M107?
50 caliber is a specific type of bullet... see?

quoted from website that supplier the picture-

The bullet on the left in this picture is a .223 round from an AR-15 assault rifle. The bullet in the middle is a .30-06 hunting round. And yet the .50 caliber, the sniper rifle bullet on the right, towers over both of them.

nice pic i just want to remind u all that its called a .50 caliber round because the diameter of the round is .5000000 of an inch or half an inch
I shot a Barret with a .50 round, THAT THing KICKED LIKE A MULE!!!!
really. My friend shot it, and it wasnt properly shoulderded, so it hurt like hell for him. Now thats an LOL
spudling9 (author)  Oompa-Loompa6 years ago
knexguy6 years ago
That would sting... Not bad for your first gun.