This Sniper Rifle reassembles the 25 mm Sniper Rifle by irWinner, which i give all the credit in the world to, except the barrel size and a few corners i cut =]

Major credit to everyone at spudfiles.com who helped me fix my sprinkler valve problem.
18in. Barrel

Modded Sprinkler Valve trigger
bike pump powered (easier for the most part)
Battle-Rifle type feel
Quick-load slide

No video yet >.< but I'll upload one as soon as I fix a leak in the bike valve and get the time to video it

Step 1: Materials:

I can't stress this enough

a rainbird or watermaster sprinkler valve.
apparently any other kind won't work because of a guide rod inside the others.
I bought one and I had to get the other watermaster 3/4

Good amount of
3/4in. piping
1in. piping
a 1ft. piece of 2in. piping
(all sch 40)

Main Body:
tire valve
2in. end cap
2in. coupling
2in. to 1in. reducing bushing
90 degree 1in elbow (2)
1in. Tee elbow
1in. to 3/4 threaded reducing bushing
small piece of threaded 3/4 on both sides to connect the sprinkler valve to the rest of the gun
3/4in. to 1/2in. reducing bushing (for barrel)
1/2in threaded piping (18in. long)

1in. coupling
1in. to 3/4in. reducing bushing
Tee elbow 3/4 in.
3/4in. 90 degree elbow (2)
3/4in. 45 degree elbow (2)

1/4in. barbs to connect sprinkler valve to blowgun
pressure rated hose
Teflon tape
PVC cement
PVC primer

Paper towels
wrench (to tighten barb into valve and other jobs)
drill bits (assorted)
bike pump w/ gauge
scope (not necessary)
laser (not necessary)
JB weld or hot glue
epoxy putty (to plug up the solonoid hole
working area (the primer is VERY messy)
Hacksaw (any saw)
tape measure

how far does it shoot
this sniper looks like nothing without a scope but it is strong

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