Step 15: Stairway/Cabinet

Picture of Stairway/Cabinet
Need some storage space? Need a staircase?
This piece of furniture solves both problems at once.

photographed in the Shitamachi Museum, Ueno, Tokyo, Japan
They are beautiful to look at. If when I move, I have taller ceilings, I'd like to make a loft bed and this would be the perfect "staircase" for me. I couldn't risk the usual ladder type steps since I'm not a teenager anymore! Plus, this would be great storage!
gumby_kevbo4 years ago
Even with my size US14 feet that would not be a problem IF you back down it like a ladder.
There are a lot of those steep staircases in Japan. I saw them a lot, especially in older buildings when I went there. They're climbed a little like a ladder going up, but are scary coming down. It saves horizontal space.
urtlesquirt4 years ago
Good design, but wayy to steep. also steps must be woder.
egriff6 years ago
Wow that thing would be awesome with wider steps.
That's terrifying. I have nightmares about staircases that go nowhere, end in an abrupt drop, et cetera. Narrow stairs figure into that as well. It's a fantastic piece of furniture, but for crying out loud, the steps should be wider. D:
roosta7 years ago
no westerner could use that, japs have small feet! look how narrow theose steps are!
I've heard the Dutch have similar problems regarding stair proportions...
It's called a "Tansu chest," I think, and it's more like a step-ladder than a staircase. It usually leads up to a kind of crawlspace storage or sleeping area.