Step 41: Out of Toilet Paper? Use the Disposable Seat Covers

Picture of Out of Toilet Paper? Use the Disposable Seat Covers
They're meant to be flushed down the toilet, and they do the job.
espdp25 years ago
Most restrooms are either fully stocked and clean, or dirty and out of everything. Not too much in between.
pechka7 years ago
True, the "gaskets" are far superior to what we're taught to use. (Well, aren't we all cozy here?)
freedive578 years ago
Sort of OT but while we're on the general subject - Squat/perch on the rim as if you are using a japanese toilet. Not only do you not need a cover but its way more efficient anatomically. I tried it for the heck of it about 20 years ago and never went back. Freaks people out in public restrooms because they can't see my feet in the stall. No paper or seat covers but you do have paper towels? Wet them in the sink, add a little soap and it's a handi-wipe (DO NOT put it in the toilet! Paper towels will clog the toilet). Throw it in the trash on the way out. I use this even if there is tp - prevents swamp ass. you heard it here first, on Roller Derby.