Step 42: Duct Tape Couch

Picture of Duct Tape Couch
Couch getting ratty?

Cover it with duct tape!

sighted in Alameda, CA
No thanks!
You have made an excellent instructable!!! Wowsers. thanks for sharing
Tekgno6 years ago
I tried this ages ago with my office chair (going to try the car-seat cover idea next). It worked for a while, but eventually the edges of the tape started to lift up and attach to clothing. Wearing shorts, several times it decided to pluck leg hair out. Your mileage may vary.
22tpring7 years ago
Talk about stain free furniture.....damn duct tape is great.
xirekaj7 years ago
i was thinking about trying it with my car. atleast until i thought about if i ever wanted to paint it it would be covered in a hard to remove goo..
SpinWard7 years ago
California? I'd expect to see that down here in Georgia! Redneck ingenuity!
geekdude7 years ago
how well does it hold up?