Step 9: Water Dish Ant Barrier

Picture of Water Dish Ant Barrier
Ant problems?
Honey jar covered with ants?
Ants can't swim.
Put the honey jar in a dish with water in it. Problem solved.
To keep ants or other insects from climbing tables, beds, or other furniture, put the legs in a dish, can, or or bucket with water in it. If the water doesn't stop your bugs use bleach or other stuff bugs don't like. You'll also want to pull your bed/table away from the wall and keep the bedspread/tablecloth from touching walls and floor.
What about rats? That won't work.
to get rid of rats without mess or smell, you need a box that is easy for them to get into and hard to get out of. commercially sold traps will have an entrance that's like on a spring so they push it down to get in but it snaps up behind them so they can't leave.

Bait it with peanut butter. Rodent's can't resist peanut butter. Once your trap has a vermin in it you can take the vermin wherever you want, like animal control or something (I believe there are rules about deliberately introducing things like this into the abodes of people you don't like)
Paulus442 years ago
you can put some copperwire round the legs of a table again ants.
cynder7 years ago
In olden days, people used paraffin instead of water. Of course, this had its disadvantages, especially for smokers.
DiscoBob8 years ago
Stagnet water is where mosquitos breed. Be sure to check and change the water often. I hate ants, nice trick.
Add a few pinches of salt, and nothing will breed in there. :-)