The challenge was to create a puppet ... and that puppet had to be wierd.

So the Grey Alien was born

I chose a ventriloquist puppet – why?  Ventriloquist puppets sit on you lap which is cool, however, Grey Aliens do not talk (which makes learning how to throw ones voice obsolete).  Communication is still important for the puppet and I hear (according to alien abductee reports) that aliens communication is through telepathy ; so I decided to use LED lights in the eyes to illustrate mood and intention.  Red LED for anger, white for acknowledgment and alternating colors for hypnosis (that shuold take care of the telepathic ability portion).

Note:  I am not a sculptor or a puppet maker which would explain my choice of materials and techniques used for this Instructable. 

I used Crayola Model Magic Modeling Clay (foam clay).  On the plus side, it is ultra light weight clay which is easy to sculpt with.  On the down side - it takes a long time to harden. If you rush to get things done, the clay may start to crack and split in the assembly phase.  However a good quality white glue works great for repairs.

Step 1: Sculpting

Before sculpting I started with a rough sketch, depicting a typical grey alien with a large head and thin body

Parts list:
     1.  Crayola Model Magic Clay (used 1 ½ bags) for the head and 1 package for the hands
     2.  Round (4”) and Egg Styrofoam (slightly smaller) floral forms
     3.  Hot Glue
     4.  Sunglass lenses (oval shaped)

A.  Make the skull – the skull is just a solid base to work the clay.
    1.      Cut the round Styrofoam ball in half, it will be the top of the cranium.
    2.      Cut the egg at the widest part, this will create the cheeks and jaw.
    3.      Glue pieces together.

B.  Apply the clay to the entire from – be liberal.  You will need extra clay material.
      to from the face.
     1.  Push in the eyes to create cavities for the eyes (make them large because alien eyes are buggy).
     2.  Pushing the eyes will also form cheek bones and brow bones ao use your fingers to refine the shape.
     3.  Push in the sunglass lenses into the face.
     4.  Shape the brows and cheek bones around and over the lenses.
     5.  Pinch the clay between the eyes to create a small nose.
     6.  Pinch the chin to make a small angular chin.
     7.  Halfway between the bottom of the nose and bottom of the chin, cut in a mouth.
     8.  Form the neck, making sure the curve of the back of the head and neck is a
          smooth transition and not just a cylinder   holding up the head like a lamp post.
     9.  Let dry (may take a week or two maybe more depending on the humidity).

C.  Form the hands.  I should have made a wire skeleton for the fingers, but the clay is
      so friendly to work with that the formation of each finger was easy.   My design had two
      fingers and a thumb for each hand and a thin wrist.  Once created set aside to dry.
      Note: make the wrist long – this will help in the attachment to the arm
Aliens are awesome!!! Nice project.
Thanks :)
I so wanted to see the alien reading the book. THAT would have been awesome.
I believe the alien read it through osmosis.
As in reading aloud all the intimate details in that monotone, but oh so sexy voice.
I'm leaving that one alone....:)
Well done! Creepy enough to make a good Halloween prop!
Thanks! I was planning to dress up like an airman from Roswell and have the little guy on my lap. Kids would have to pass by me to get to the candy.
awesome! Thanks!!!! <br>

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