Please note: this costume is "50 Shades of Grey," not "Fifty Shades of Grey."
My husband wanted a simple costume for Halloween. This is what we came up with. Neither of us has read the book "Fifty Shades of Grey." While this makes it difficult to build a costume around the characters, we decided to interpret the title more literally and made a "50 Shades of Grey" costume.

Step 1: Supplies

This will produce one t-shirt with roughly painted blocks of color in fifty different shades of grey.

You need:
One T-shirt (preferably grey)
Wide Masking Tape (1.5 - 2 inches wide)
Paint Brush
Acrylic Craft Paints in white, black, red, yellow, and blue. 
Textile Medium (designed to be used with acrylic craft paints)
Permanent Marker or Fabric Marker
5 cups or bowls (for mixing paint)
5 plastic plates (for mixing paint)
Names for 50 types of grey (find my list in Step 6)
You, madam, deserve a medal. I love the ridiculous amount of Sci Fi refrences, as has already been commented on, plus the sheer wit. I bet your husband isn't going to be the only person walking around in that. xD
This was totally brilliant! I have a friend who is very literal when it comes to costumes. For example, his name is Jim...for a Cocktails themed party he carried a 2 X 4 with Jim's Beam written on it...He would appreciate something like this!
That's a very creative costume!<br /> <br /> <em>Official Nerd Cred</em> for naming out 50 shades of an achromatic along with Star Wars, vampires, Back To The Future, He-Man, Star Trek, and zombies in the same list!
... and Doctor Who
<p>The Picture of Dorian! LOL!!! </p><p>Love, love, love your wit and creativity. Best costume of the year!</p>
this is absolutely brilliant! from the idea of the tee to the names of shades (those names are really creative)... well done! :)
ah! dude!!!! awesome joke
ah! dude!!!! awesome joke
totaly awesome!!!!!
it may remind people of turning 50. :)
there's a weeping angel color on there! Just made my day!
Naming the colors was genius!
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can&rsquo;t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
Thank you!
OMG you made me both cackle AND snort!
Yanno... the book is a portrayal of one woman's ideal lover, named Christian Grey. <br> <br>Although many people, including myself, can't imagine dreaming of that type of guy, he in no way resembles paint chips on a sweatshirt. <br> <br>So although as a teeshirt it's really lovely, and I would wear the hell out of it-- as a Halloween costume it falls a little flat.
I know you are disappointed that it is not a costume out of a book but as I state in my intro, this is not a costume of the book &quot;Fifty Shades of Grey&quot; (or of Christian Grey). It is a &quot;50 Shades of Grey&quot; costume--literally. My husband wore it all day and it was a huge hit. You can't have a shade of the color grey without giving it a name. The names of each color were dreamed up to give it a geeky flair with the hope that this would be the best element. From the comments we've received, it seems to have delivered. I have one happy hubby and he is my dream guy.
I've seen a lot of versions of this idea today, yours is by far the best. I love the color names. I wish it were printable,but I don't think you'd get the subtleties in the various shades!<br><br>
I really appreciate all of the positive comments and the official Geek Cred! The references in the colors include: Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft, Hellboy, Futurama, A Game of Thrones, The Picture of Dorian Grey, Mommy Dearest, The Evil Dead, Mythbusters, Simon &amp; Garfunkel, Back to the Future, Star Trek, Muppets, He-Man, Doctor Who, Beetlejuice, The Dark Crystal, The Hulk, and Star Wars as well as some less specific elements of geekdom.
Beautiful!! You are very creative... and fun, too. What a great idea for a costume. (My son's most creative was large lettering saying, &quot;I Don't do Costumes.&quot;
Bloody brilliant!
I love the names you gave the shades of grey. Nicely done!
Do i see some Oliphant in there?
Excellent costume! To complete it, a water pistol will be required.
nice lol
Well, it wasn't what I was expecting when I clicked the link, but I gotta admit it's pretty funny. Nice job. :) <br>
That's puntastic. Great job.
Oh, I love this!
Oh my! (That's from the book)
hahahhaha love this!

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