50 Watt Generator From a Simple Motor ( Alternator)





Introduction: 50 Watt Generator From a Simple Motor ( Alternator)

Step 1: Install Motor

Install a 150 watt motor. A sewing machine motor would be best. Install a dimmer to control speed . Also install an axel ( one with a screw ) on which the chain will spin.

Step 2: Installing the Alternator ( 24 Watt )

The alternator could be even a 24 watt common motor . I have installed a common 25 watt motor but its not reliable so using a alternator of maximum 24 watt would be best . It could be purchased from any electric store . The 25 watt motor that I have installed has the capacity of running three 12 volt bulbs and one 12 volt fan . It should be remembered that the motor or even the alternator should not be run on there full load as they would wear out quickly . A plastic or metal axel should be installed to spin the chain .

Step 3: Type of Chain to Be Used

You can either use a metal or plastic chain . I have used a plastic chain as it is convenient to take it on and off .

Step 4: Installing Both Motor and Alternator

Both motor and alternator should be accurately placed apart from each other . They should be installed in such a way that the chain is not so tight or loose . On w both are fixed they would look similar as shown in the pictures.

Step 5: How It Looks When It Runs

After every thing has been installed start in it . Please ask me in case of any trouble .



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    It's called Ward-Leonard system and yes, it was VERY useful on the time back when we hadn't semiconductor.

    Actually you can't as the amps are not always same and secondly the volts vary. But you can do it by making a voltage ragulator.

    13, 2:20 PM.jpg

    why are u using a AC powered motor to run a DC generator? while u can use a DC motor? by the way can we charge a 12 volt and let's say 45 Amps battery with this alternator?

    Soooooo........ Basically a really ineficient 12 volt power supply.

    Looks pretty unsafe to me. The motors are not aligned so you are likely to throw the belt off. The motors are not anchored properly and so are liable to move around, and using a 150 watts to make an output of 24 watts is a hefty deficit.
    While I can applaud your inventiveness at a young age, I must impress on you the value of safety measures!

    what this generator wud be used for? you r using electricity to generate electricity.