Picture of 5.00 Ipod Amplifier
5.00 IPOD (portable audio whatever) Amplifier.

I found these at Big lots and picked up a couple, they are 5.00 and you can remove the portable battery powered amplifier to use on whatever you choose.

It runs off 4 AAA Batteries and you can make the lil battery powered speakers sound like a lil boom box.
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Step 1:

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Inside there is a lil amp ran to a single speaker. Its screwed in from behind.

Step 2:

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Remove the amp:

Carefully cut around the amp, once you can get your hand behind it you can unscrew it.

You also need to cut the wire going to the speaker.

The 1st time I did this I really over cut, you can just go around the amp and then have a descent carry case left over.

Be careful not to cut the wire closer then you want to, it runs up in the case. (up and left)

Step 3:

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I used a 3.5mm Stereo Plug and ran the wire the formally went to the speaker and soldered it to a 3.5mm Stereo Plug to run to portable speakers.

I also just rolled up the other wire that will run to the IPOD, it has the green shrink wrap on it.

There is a "share port" but it is not amplified.

The unit runs off 4 AAA Batteries.

Step 4:

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I have a lil case that holds my IPOD and the amp together, I have the speaker out so I can run it where its needed.
On my bicycle I hang it from the mirror and its a great lil wanna be boombox.

Step 5:

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Ive made 2 now, the 2nd just to clean it up and for 5.00 figured a back up is good. I saw similar units at Frys starting at 50.00. And I think Frys is usually the cheaper option.
 when you hook up the male to male to the speaker, couldn't you just strip the wires of a headphone or male to male and just solder the wires directly to the speaker?
 how loud would this amp being if I hooked it up to a car speaker?
i have the same little oval shaped black speakers as you do, so whats the point of the other amp if your running it into those black speakers which are an amp in themselves, just to make it louder? by the way, even though the black speakers have 2 speakers, it is actually only mono, not stereo, i've taken one apart before. just thought you might want to know this is basically wat the inside looked like
I got one today on the circuitry there are holes for right speaker since they only had it wired for left speaker
Corpy6 years ago
Where you Get That speaker What is Connected with amp?