500VA Inverter Cct





Introduction: 500VA Inverter Cct



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    2 years ago

    Also Nadh Dear!

    You could ask the PCB and schematic

    Welcome Oszi

    3 replies

    Sir I ha 500va inverter transformer in 500 watt make at home please sir their transformer primary coil wire gauge number in turns and secondary coil wrie gauge number and turns in core case size or formwrok size core case plastic or cardboard send my email address this data please sir my email address ma2604403@gmail.com

    hello isnadh, I need for your help.
    please help, I need a 12 DC to 220 AC inverter 1000 watt, modified sine signal at least.
    can help me to complete the circuit and details of the components used.
    The full series of images please send an email to me: ndo_sottoy@yahoo.com or suhendro_86@yahoo.co.id
    thank you before isnadh

    what is the primary voltage of the transformer i have an old ups transformer having voltage 6-0-6 can i use it in this circuit

    Hello Isnadh,
    what is the functions of the small LM358 circuits as it is in the diagrams. Please state its functions.


    Hello Isnadh,
    please did you have an idea of what changes can be made to the inverter circuit diagram above in other to use the same inverter transformer to charge battery and all over charge, low battery and overload shut down will be incorporated.
    Please enable to share with everyone in this forum.


    hello isnadh,
    thanks for sharing you circuit design,
    please can this inverter be used to power a refrigerator?

    hello isnadh...
    i have some question about your inverter cct.

    1.) in IC CD4047 pin 10 & 11, what is the value of the resistor? 120 ohm? is'nt?
    2.) what is the wave your inverter cct, is modified sine wave / square wave inverter ?

    thanks in advance.

    1 reply

    1)The resistor marked R should be 1kohms resistor for 500watts up to 850. reduce to 120 ohms specified in the circuit for 1000watts
    2)the output waveform is square-wave,can be filtered to resemble a sine-wave by connecting a 2.2uf/400v capacitor in parallel at the output of the transformer.dont expect much from this capacitor in shaping the outputwave form. but it reduces to a great extent the peculiar noise produced by square wave inverters in appliances