"50"/Fifty Shades of "Crocheted" Grey to keep your hands warm - Vintage Inspired Hand Muff / Warmer with Detachable Flower!

Picture of
Crochet Hand Muff / Warmer Grey without flower
Crochet Hand Muff / Warmer Grey
Crochet Hand Muff / Warmer Grey
Crochet Muff Outside View
Warm Hands = a Warmer Me! My hands are always the first to go freezing cold when it gets cold outside but when they are warm I am one happy lady.

We've all seen Muffs before, I had one as a child and I see them occasionally appear at winter weddings. What I hadn't seen through my years of crocheting were many crocheted muffs so I decided to give it a go. 

The title represents the use of three different shades of grey yarn which run 50 rows across & 50 rows downwards with grey lining.

I love experimenting with old ideas.

Hope you enjoy & thank you for visiting x

Step 1: Equipment & Materials

- French Knitting Dolly or I-cord measuring the desired length to hold the hand warmer
- Crochet Hook Sizes 4.00mm & 5.00mm
- Choice of Yarn - (for this project I used three different double knit yarns which I then doubled again)
- Tape Measure
- Sewing Machine with Stretch Sewing Needle
- Needle for hand sewing
- Invisible thread
- Lining
- Wadding
- Aligator Clip
- Glue gun
- Choice of embellishments to add to flower
- Fabric Scissors
- Pinking Shears
- Dressmakers Pins

Step 2: Creating the I-cord

Picture of Creating the I-cord
I chose the darkest grey to make the i-cord.

If you are unfamiliar with the French Knitting technique using a dolly please don't despair. There are plenty of video tutorials available online if you google "How to French Knit"  with a dolly. You can also knit your own i-cord or buy a ready made one from an online store.

To be honest it looks a lot harder than it actually is. I worked continues rounds using the transparent french knitting dolly & pin until the i-cord measured 40 inches.

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sunshiine1 year ago
Nice job on your first instructable and congrats on getting featured! Keep up the great work and have a super day!
lacrochetdiva (author)  sunshiine1 year ago
Thanks Sunshine, lovely welcome & comment (loving your name too) :-))) x x
lacrochetdiva (author) 1 year ago
Massive thanks to the "Instructable" Moderators for featuring my first Instructable in the Living Category Much appreciated x x x
Muffs really do need to come back in fashion! (Or have they already and I missed it???) Very cute and I love the flower :D
Thank you for the lovely comment :D xx Muffs sure are making a comeback!!! x