50cc Fwd Drift Trike





Introduction: 50cc Fwd Drift Trike

this is very simple to make i got a 50cc bicycle motor kit (can be bought off e bay) and a drift trike and just mounted it to the front of the forks
start with some forks from any bike cut it down to size weld it up to the front of the forks on the drift trike just above the wheel so you have your main engine mount then make up some mounts on each side of the the engine now mount the sprocket make sure the chain is straight you may have to take out a few links then mount petrol tank to handle bars connect accelerator cable, throttle grip and clutch the engine kit comes with every thing you need.if you have pedals make sure the trike has a 3stage crank that way the pedals don't spin on you
it cost me $300 NZD $200 for the engine $100 for the trike



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Looks awesome man! A friend and I are planning on building or ordering a drift trike and doing this.

are these leagal on the streets?

show me a site where I can buy one of the trikes

Doesn't the exhaust smother your face?

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=519809224728001&set=vb.100000967844102&type=3 this is a link to a we demo of it

as you will see in the second picture the frame has been reinforced do this before you go slamming it round corners as the frame may twist if it is a cheap trike i will post a video of me on it in a 10ft bowl at my local skate park when i get the chance